How To Get Rid Of Weeds Permanently From Driveway?

It is quite unpleasant and boring to see weeds in our driveways. It kills the overall landscape and the beauty of your home.

Not just that! It’s quite a nuisance to see them in pave-stone cracks, side of the driveway, and in the walkways, paths, and so on.

But if you know how to permanently get rid of weeds in the driveway, you can keep your home nice and clean. In fact, you can apply the same methods to solve the weed problem in your backyard too!

How To Get Rid Of Weeds Easily From Driveway?

how to permanently get rid of weeds in driveway

These are the following methods to apply to get rid of them once and for all!

  • Spraying Vinegar
  • Spraying Salt
  • Pouring Boiled Water
  • Using Horticulture Vinegar
  • Pulling Out After Rebirth
  • Sealing The Crack
  • Using Geo-Mesh Before Hardscapes
  • Using Chemical Herbicides
  • Mulching
  • Using Simple Agro Tools

I will talk about them all one by one, but let’s talk about the two most frequently applied methods first.

Here are the two methods that are effective to kill the weeds from the driveway:

  1. Chemical method.
  2. Non- chemical method or environment friendly method

You can easily remove weeds permanently using natural processes or using chemicals like commercial weed killers. All non-chemical methods are environmentally friendly.

But I will show you some easy-to-follow guides so that you can get rid of weeds from your driveway permanently.

Here are some effective tips to kill the perennials and annuals from the driveway or walkway as well as the yard and agro farms:

  • Spraying Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid which can easily kill all kinds of weeds or plants. It works like a magic naturally.

It is not a chemical but is popularly known as a natural herbicide. You should be careful spraying it as it can kill your necessary herbs.

Collect any kind of vinegar and make a mixture with water and a small amount of dish wash.

Now it is time to spray with a simple plastic bottle having a hole in the bottle cap. Again, you can use any kind of sprayer.

You should repeat the process daily for a better result until the death of the upper part. The weather should be sunny for the days after spraying.

Watch this video to learn how to do this the right way!

  • Spraying Salt

To kill the weeds of your driveway, another natural tip is to spray salt. Spread some salt over the weeds helps to interrupt absorbing water.

It has no environmental risk factor. Use more and more salt to permanently stop their regrowth of.

  • Pouring Boiled Water

It is also a very easy and homemade remedy for weeding out. Hot water can easily kill the weeds in your driveway or walkway cracks.

Just pour hot water over the weeds and do it for a few days. It will magically remove the weeds with roots.

  • Using Horticulture Vinegar

Horticulture vinegar is more effective to remove weeds from the driveway. Any vinegar is perfect for killing but you can use horticulture vinegar for better results.

Add some water and a small amount of lemon juice to make a mixture of it. Then spray over the weeds for several days until the upper portion dies.

It will radically and rapidly kill the weeds permanently.

  • Pulling Out After Rebirth

Whenever the weeds are in small amounts, you can easily pull them before getting seeds. That’s the right way to stop weeds from growing in driveway cracks.

If they are seeded one time, it will be difficult to kill them permanently from the surface.

You have to be more careful while carrying them into a bin so that the seeds never fall. If it is so, they will grow again in the next years.

  • Using Simple Agro Tools

Cape cod weeder, v-notch weeder, or soil knife can be used in removing weeds from the driveway.

These very items are common in farming and very easy to handle.

  • Sealing The Crack
sealing cracks in driveway to prevent weeds

It is very much common to see the weeds in the crack of your driveway.

Whenever the paving stones are not set properly or the gap between two slabs is more than the normal size, weeds can come out anywhere, any time.

To permanently get rid of the weeds in the crack of the driveway, seal the crack with a cement or cement crack filter. It will prevent the future growth of the weeds.

Again, to easily do this, you can use a caulking gun to seal the crack simply.

  • Using Geo-Mesh Before Hardscapes

Geo mesh hardscapes can be another tool for permanently getting rid of weeds. But it is a part of planning to kill the weeds.

Whenever you think to kill the weeds permanently, you can think to use geo mesh hardscapes. It must be installed before hardscapes.

  • Using Chemical Herbicides

Chemical herbicides are available in the local market in regard to killing the weeds of your driveway.

You should select this item thinking the side effects, using the method, types, etc. you can call an expert to consult.

Herbicides are also a spraying material, should be sprayed with the sprayer. Here, it is to be noted that it also can harm the other necessary plants if used in a wide range.

The permanent solution of getting rid of weeds is effective, but you need more and more caution.

  • Mulching

Mulching is a protecting cover which is placed on the surface around the plant. It can be made of plastic, straw, sheets, etc.

It can protect the driveway or walkway from the annual weeds. It is also quite a popular way to obstacle the weed growing.

  • Keeping All Tools Clean

Weed seeds are responsible for the rebirth of weeds though they are different types. Whenever we use tools needed in weeding, it must be cleaned well.

Otherwise, the seeds inclined with the tools can fall on the surface and cause a new problem of weeds.

Now It Is Your Turn!

You have just learned multiple ways on how to permanently get rid of weeds in the driveway! Not every one of them will be effective and suitable for equally.

So, the choice is yours and it depends on your environment, ability, and availability of your time.

I wish your free, healthy, clean, and hazard-free life with no weeds in the driveway and in the walkway.

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