How To Get Burn Marks Off Ceramic Stove Top And Keep It Shiny?

Well, everybody hates it but only a few know how to get burn marks off ceramic stove top. That’s how they keep it shiny and polished always!

And let me assure you something first…it’s not that hard to achieve. In fact, I will show you several highly effective ways to keep the ceramic stove top clean and remove the burn marks.

Stay with me for a while…

Getting Burn Marks Off Ceramic Stove Top

how to get burn marks off ceramic stove top

You can keep it shiny and remove all those burn marks using the following methods:

  • Rubbing the mark with silicon spatula
  • Spreading baking powder
  • Using baking soda paste
  • Wiping with cloth
  • Razor scraper
  • Magic eraser
  • Specially formulated cleaner
  • Avoiding ammonia based cleaner.
  • Using soapy water

To apply those above-mentioned methods, you will need the below-mentioned items:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Towel or Micro fiber Cloth
  • Dish washing liquid
  • Sponge
  • Stainless steel spoon
  • Silicon spatula

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get to work one by one! But safety comes first!

So, switch off your stove and make sure that it is cool or warm with comfort. Otherwise, you cannot maintain the instruction easily.

Again, you need to cover the firing area from which heat comes out. It will lead you to some extra difficulties if water or other ingredients enter.

  • Rubbing The Mark With A Silicon Spatula

Silicon spatula helps to loosen the mark on your tops. Just move it on it circularly. Then wipe them with a cloth.

This will scrape off the mark on the ceramic stove top make the color fade.

  • Spreading Baking Powder

Baking soda is popularly known as a natural cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda with your finger. Rub your finger roundly on the mark.

Then wait for about 30 minutes. Wipe with a towel or cloth. It will clear all kinds of marks from the stove top. Watch this video on how to achieve this easily.

The good news is you can use baking soda to clean cloudy stove glass top as well!

  • Removing Burn Marks With Baking Soda Paste!

If sprinkling baking soda does not work 100 percent, you can make the paste of it. 4 tablespoons of Baking soda and 2 spoons of water should be mixed to make a pest.

Just spread the pest on the top, especially the on the marks, then cover the affected area with a wet cloth. Here it is best to use a cloth covering the full size of the stove top.

Then, wait for thirty minutes and wipe the stained rubbish with a cloth. Then your ceramic stove top will be crystal clear as a new one.

  • Wiping With Cloth

What kind of cloth should you use to wipe the stove top? It’s a matter of thinking.

When you wipe, it may scratch the ceramic stove top if you cannot select the proper clothing.

Microfiber or full cotton type towels or cloths are perfect to wipe. They have no records of scratching. You can use a scrubbing pad to wipe also.

Pressure the stove top with the clothing lightly. But make sure that your pressure is not so strong to break down the top of the stop. It will be a great loss to have broken your tops.

Never use hard or synthetic type clothing. It will harm your ceramic stove top making it hazardous out looking.

  • Razor Scraper

After the use of baking soda, wipe out the debris of the stain. But if it is not completely working with your ceramic stove top, don’t worry.

You can use Razor Scraper to achieve the same result. It is a kind of small tool having a razor blade and small handle

Run the razor blade with a sharp angle very close to the ceramic stove top of the stove.

  • Magic Eraser

The marks which seem to impossible to wipe or clean can be easily removed by the magic eraser. It is a special kind of sponge that is made for cleaning the surface or the ceramic stove top.

If the stove top is resisted for baking soda, you can use the magic eraser for a better result in the term of tough burn marks.

Here, it is to be noted that you should wipe it out with a soapy sponge to start scraping with a magic eraser.

It is a risk of having a new scratch if you run it in parallel with the surface of the stove top.

  • Specially Formulated Cleaner

Ceramic cooktop cleaner is available in the local market. Use it directly with a scrubbing pad.

Move the pad entirely around the burn mark. To clean completely, wipe it till the last.

  • Using Soapy Water

Water with soap is quite effective to wipe out the marks from the ceramic stove top. A mixture of Dishwashing liquid, a small amount of vinegar can remove marks easily.

You can use warm water to get a better result.

Use a towel or microfiber cloth in soapy water. After some time lay it entirely on the stove top. Wait for about thirty minutes, then wipe out.

When it becomes dry fully, you will see your top fresh, clean, and charming to look at.

  • Working With The Warm Surface Top

In the term of serious or tough burn marks, if you can work with the warm stove top, it is quite easy to remove. But, it is not like the hot stove and is in a tolerable heating position.

To get a strong mark off, it is your feeling to feel comfortable to work in favorable warm conditions.

Think that in the very cool condition of the stove surface, the marks or the stains become more difficult to get off.

Natural Cleaning Or Chemical Cleaning?

keeping ceramic stove top clean

The expert says that it is more effective and easy to use natural cleaning rather than chemical cleaning.

Natural cleaning is environment friendly and never harms your hand or your ceramic stove tops.

Chemical cleaning is quite expensive and excessive use is very harmful to you and your kitchen appliance. In fact, a chemical-based oven cleaner will harm your kitchen countertop and other stuff.

Avoid Ammonia Based Cleaner Or Oven Cleaner
Ammonia based cleaner and oven clean does not work on the ceramic stove top.

The cleaner formulated with ammonia can never wipe burn marks or any other tough marks on the ceramic stove top.

It can reduce the light dirt but causes more scratch which is difficult to remove.

Keeping It Clean Always

Who does not want to see the stove top clean, descent, and residue-free look?

Is it dirty?

Just simply follow some easy methods as mentioned above and become comfortable with your tops like the new, fashioned, shiny and polished ones.

Ceramic stove tops are now the most popular parts of your modern kitchen. After some days of use, it becomes a dirty and unpleasant look to see.

Burn marks whether it is more serious or tough, is not that much difficult to clean as you have already seen. It is a common scenario in the kitchen.

No need to get worried or frustrated with your loving ceramic stove top! Just follow any of the above methods that work best for you and see how it works!

Closing Remarks

Now that you have just learned how to get burn marks off ceramic stove top, what do you think?

Let me know in the comment box.

But let me remind you again, to get burn marks off or any other marks, it is very much needed to care your stove daily basis.

Don’t let it sit there for a long time. You will make it more difficult to remove such stupid burn marks.

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