Florida Gem Vs. Diamond Brite: Which One To Pick To Refinish Your Pool?

If you ask the same question to your pool contractors, they will strongly recommend the Diamond Brite. I am damn sure about that!

But let me tell you something…Florida Gem is great as well! There are not many differences between Florida Gem vs. Diamond Brite in terms of quality and durability.

But people are asking the same questions on several forums. Because it’s kind of a permanent thing and renovating exterior living spaces is tough and expensive.

So, I have decided to talk about it. Stay with me for a while.

Diamond Brite Vs. Florida Gem: Key Points

florida gem vs diamond brite

The main ingredients of both Florida Gem and Diamond Brite pool finishes are quartz aggregates and cement. Both of them use similar additives as well.

So, which one to pick?

Well, let’s see what the pool contractors and pool enthusiasts are talking about.

  1. Diamond Brite is more expensive than Florida Gem. But according to many pool owners, this is has nothing to do with quality or aesthetic reasons. It’s just the brand name that’s what is making the difference!
  2. People who have experienced the both have confirmed they feel same on their foot. No difference between the two!
  3. Based on quality, they work and perform similarly. But due to budget issue and what the distributors offer, people try to pick a particular brand.
  4. People with a good budget seem to prefer the Diamond Brite over Florida Gem. Because they have seen the finishes remain exactly like the new even after 10+ years.

My Personal Understanding

Except for being more expensive for the brand value, Diamond Brite is not any better than the Florida Gem. 

You can read as many Florida gem pool finish reviews as you wish but you won’t find many disappointing reviews.  

This is my personal opinion for most of the colored quartz finishes!

So, don’t pay too much attention to whether to get Flordia Gem or Diamond Brite. Pay attention to the applicator’s previous work. The applicator makes all the difference!

Check out their recent re-surfaced work and make sure you are happy with their works before you hire them.

Acid washing the surface after proper installation is a critical part. Unless you hire someone who does not know what he is doing, your pool finish will look terrible!

But I would acid wash my pool finish only if the finish is super blue with white cement. I would not recommend acid washing if the pool finish is dark blue or black or any color that has dye in it.

Closing Remarks

Determining the pool plaster color is tough. There is no point denying it.

But as you have seen above, the key difference between the Florida Gem vs. Diamond Brite pool finishes is nothing but perception.

Diamond Brite is already an established brand and Flordia Gem is way behind the contractor’s recommended list.

But quality-wise they are the same!

If you are indifferent price-wise, go for the Diamond Brite. It’s been here for a while and it’s already a trusted and proven brand.

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  1. Contractors here in South Florida Florida Gem for its ease of use, reliability, and great contractor support.

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