Closets By Design Vs. Closet Factory: Key Differences And Features

Both are great brands to trust, but there are some close differences between the Closets By Design vs. Closet Factory.

To find your perfect closet match, let’s take a look at the two most well-known closet brands on the market pointing out their key features, pros and cons.

Difference Between Closet Factory And Closet by Design

Closets By Design vs. Closet Factory

Closet Factory started its journey three decades back and is the pioneer brand to start custom closets in the industry. To learn more about the brand, read Closet Factory Vs. California Closet too.

On the other hand, Closet By Design began its journey just a year after Closet Factory. It also gained massive response from people for its customized services.

Both the closet brands are leading in the industry and have earned a reputation as trusted brands for customized services.

To have a better understanding of both brands, let’s have a look at their details and compare their similarities and dissimilarities. This would help you choose your desirable closet.

  • Quality of the Closets

Both the brands have a vast range of materials they use, starting from economical to high-end designs. It is very difficult to tell which of the two brands might have the better quality.

But when it comes to customization, Closet Factory provides a vast collection.

Being the pioneer brand to start this venture, they put a lot of effort into making their customization process fruitful and satisfactory in every way.

Closet by Design also provides customization options, but their consultancy is not as efficient as that of Closet Factory.

Otherwise, Closet Design has several modern and fashionable designs from which you can choose your desired one.

  • Variety of the Closets

Both the brands come in with a big list of options for you to choose from. But that also depends on the location where you want your closet to be.

Both the brands have options for personal wardrobes, offices, garages, etc.

If you are looking forward to setting up closets in your bedroom, Closet Factory would be a better option to consider as they work more with these closets.

On the other hand, office closets are usually demanded from Closet Designs. It gives a very formal look to your room.

That does not mean Closet Factory is a bad option for offices or Closet Design is only suitable for offices.

  • Price of the Closets

The prices for any closet would matter based on their designs, size, what materials are used, what specifications are included, etc. But it varies from brand to brand.

The prices for closets in both Closet Factory and Closet By Design are quite the same. However, still, there is a minimal difference between the pricing system of both brands.

The closets customized by Closet Factory usually start from around $700 and go up according to many specifications and features added to it by the customers.

Whereas the customized closets of Closet By Design begin from about $1000 and starts to rise according to its features,

How To Choose One Closet?

Closet Factory
Closet Factory

Organizing your closet can be difficult, particularly if it is inconvenient for you. It takes a long time and is a stressful job.

Having a well-organized closet, on the other hand, will brighten your day. It feels good to look at an organized closet and get ready for work or the day.

There are many varieties of closets in the market. You might think that they are all built with the same functionality, but actually, they are not. Different closets serve different purposes.

It is a very difficult task to determine which brand to choose for making closets.

But, if you have to decide which one to buy, you can list down your wants or expectations from the brand or for your closet and choose accordingly.

Closet Factory comes in with a wide range of variety when it comes to closets. It includes reach-in closets and walk-in closets as well.

It has this amazing option available for a one-to-one consultation, where you can explore designs you want in your closets and sometimes something beyond your expectations.

Closet Factory also uses high-quality materials like engineered wood with melamine and solid veneers, which come in a wide range of colors.

Coming to Closet By Designs, it also has a wide range of options available. Every day, Classic, Regency, and Brio are the four product segments offered by Closets by Design, each with a different price point.

It is simple enough to keep your belongings organized but can easily be refitted with drawers and reshaping if necessary.

It is still a tough decision to make. If you want to have a simple look in your closet that would fit anywhere in your modern built-up house, Closet by Designs should be your first choice to select.

But if you want a lot of specifications with customized features in your closet and also want it to have a fancy and fashionable look, we suggest you choose Closet Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about these two brands.

How much do Closet Factory closets cost?

The average cost of the closets by Closet Factory depends on the features of your order design. Therefore, it is not a fixed amount. But for customization, the price usually starts from $700.

Are the designers of Closet Factory well-trained?

All the designers are professionally trained to understand the mindset of their customers and design the closets perfectly.

How many does it take to install Closet Factory closets after the appointment?

After a designer has had a meeting with you, it would usually take 10-15 days to install a closet. But if the order has complex specifications, it might take a few days more depending on the design.

What is the average cost of a Closet by design?

The average cost for the closets from Closet By Design would cost around $3000- $7000, depending on the designs.

What material does closet by design use?

The materials differ depending on how you intend to use the closet. Usually, wood is used to make most of the closets of Closet By Design. Besides that, plywood is a popular choice for closet design because it is both durable and light.


Closets that are well-organized and appealing alter the entire ambiance of a room. That is why people prefer it to be both beautiful and functional.

This article was a comparison of two different types of closets on the market. But, before you buy your one, remember to do as much research as possible. After all, no one wants to settle for less than the best.

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