Sliding Screen Door Installation Problems: How to Fix?

Those of you who have sliding screen doors know how frustrating it is when you face some common sliding screen door installation problems.

It’s very disturbing and frustrating when they get stuck while opening or make annoying noises while opening.

That is why the installation of sliding screen doors needs to be done properly.

There are many things about installing a sliding screen door that we often do wrong. Hence, we face many problems afterward.

If you are also tired of dealing with your doors, read along to know about some common problems and ways to fix them.

Installation Issues of Sliding Screen Door

sliding screen door installation problems

We often take the decision to install sliding screen doors for our houses or patios to make them convenient for us to use.

But an opposite scenario is seen when these doors arent functioning properly.

It is not convenient rather frustrating when the sliding screen doors do not install correctly.

So let’s explore some of the common problems you may face while installing your sliding screen doors.

The Sliding Screen Door is Too Tall

While installing your sliding screen door, you might find that frame in which your door is supposed to fit is very small for the door.

You might have taken the right measurement before purchasing the door, but the frame might have gotten damaged or distorted somehow, or the measures were not correct.

Not just sliding screen door, it is another common issue with any retractable screen storm door too.

For this, the door needs to be trimmed into the shape of the frame. Here the sliding screen door is supposed to be too tall for the frame.

So, to fit the door into the frame, the sliding screen door needs to be cut according to the measurement taken from the frame.

The trimming of the sliding screen door too tall is a hectic job. Cutting the door and adjusting it again take immense physical labor and also your valuable time.

If the door is too small or too short in length, the installation won’t be smooth. And problems might arise when you are using it later on.

That is why, while installing the doors, you should keep in mind the right measurements.

The Sliding Screen Door has Damaged Screen

damaged sliding screen door

Sometimes, when you buy the sliding screen door, it won’t fit in right. You will see that the sliding screen door keeps coming off the track.

In such a case, the screen that comes with the door from the manufacturer may be faulty, or it may have got damaged during the period when it got shipped for delivery.

If the screen is way too damaged, you can take it to the servicing shops or fix them yourself. Fixing the damaged screen is not a tough job to do.

The tools to repair these screens are usually always available in the hardware shops nearby.

If the screening materials inside are not damaged yet, you can easily get them reused. In this case, the spline of them should be taken out and replaced with a new one.

The sliding screen door won’t fit right in if it does not have a proper screen. It will also create problems in the long run.

The screens might come out of the frame or maybe broken if it is not installed properly.

The Sliding Screen Door has Bad Rollers

After installing your sliding screen doors, once in many cases, you might see that your door keeps getting stuck or falling out of its frame.

This happens because, while installing the doors, bad rollers were used to attach the doors. That’s also why your sliding screen door keeps coming off track.

The rollers used in the sliding screen doors are usually made of plastics that are not very costly. These rollers are not very durable, and they easily get rusty or jammed, so they might break.

In this case, you would need to replace the rollers just within a few days or months of purchasing the door. That is why you have to check if the rollers used to attach the door are better.

Changing the bad rollers every month might not be too expensive, but it’s a hassle if this continues to happen. And don’t forget to watch this video on how to fix this tracks problem.

The Sliding Screen Door has Faulty Locking System

While buying the sliding screen doors, be very careful about checking the locks that come with them. The lock system concerns the safety of you and your house.

Not examining the lock system is one of the common mistakes the buyers make. The locks might work completely fine while the salesman shows you in the showroom but not fit in smoothly after installation.

While the locks concern the security, it also involves protecting your house from the windy weather and storms.

If the locks aren’t installed properly,  they may hamper the safe and sound environment of your house.

That is why, before installing your sliding screen door, always remember to check if the locks are working fine with it.

Also, make sure to replace the locks immediately if they are faulty and won’t work.

These were some common problems you may face while installing your sliding screen door. Keep in mind these issues, and you will be able to avoid them.

Some Tips for Installing Sliding Screen Doors

Although there are no set of rules to follow before installing your sliding screen door, these tips might help you overcome the potential barriers that many owners of a sliding screen door have faced while installing it.

  • Remember to take accurate measurements of the frame where you’ll be installing the door.
  • Make sure to check if the screen of the door is functioning properly.
  • If your door needs to be cut, measure the lengths again and again.
  • Make sure to use good rollers for installation.

Final Words

Installing your sliding screen door is not rocket science. You just need to be careful of the mistakes that are usually made and avoid them.

Now that you know about the installation issues of sliding screen doors and how to fix or avoid them, good luck installing one yourself.

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