Elfa Vs. California Closets: Key Differences And Features To Consider

If you are in search of modern closets, you will have hundreds of brands to choose from. What makes a closet system perfect?

Unique and flexible design and optimum functionalities. Now, you have to choose between Elfa vs. California Closet. 

But how will you decide which brand to go for? In this article, you will have a detailed analysis of these two brands. It will help you opt for the right one.  

Let’s get into the details!

Differences Between Elfa Storage And California Closets 

Elfa vs. California closets

From bedroom to hallway and from garage to laundry, every corner of your home needs adequate attention. A closet not only enhances the entire look of the home but also makes your home organized and clean. 

Let us consider a few things and choose the right closet for the right purpose. 

  • Style 

Elfa is the epitome of style and excellent finish. Their closets are excellent to compliment your entire home décor and interior.

Their specialty is walk-in closets that offer a cool look to your bedroom. 

For California Closet, the style and colors are unique with a classic tone and incredible finish. As the manufacturer produce a various range of custom closet collections, customer has the choice to pick from the wide variety. 

Their tailor-made material is more durable than regular wood. Their versatile design and elegant look is a perfect choice for all types of interior design.

You can choose among their exclusive range Dakota, classic, Tesoro, Lago, and more. All these designs have made California closets different from Closet Factory too. 

If you are looking for sophisticated color, here you will get a wide variety of options like cream, peach, cotton white, and many more. 

  • Material 
California Closet

If the closet includes a good material, it will have better durability.

Thus, it is very important to ensure high quality for whatever brand you choose. 

Elfa’s closets are the perfect solution for a modern home. Most of the Elfa closets are made up of durable epoxy-bonded steel. 

California closets are made up of reclaimed fiber, sustainable woods, and wood grains. In fact, to add a shining gleam, they also coat the finishes with melamine. 

  • Installation 

Elfa offers the quickest and safest installation. Their products are designed to be installed quickly.

Once you request them for a quotation or planning, they incorporate everything in their terms of service. 

The installation of California Closets comes within a single package. They have a broad category of in-house employees.

Hence, based on your home location, they assign the services. Starting from planning to installation, you will receive their service within a single package. 

  • Cost

The price of the Elfa closet depends on the style. For example, for a walk-in closet, you have to pay around $4300, while for a hallway or bedroom closet, you have to pay at least $5000. 

The average cost of the California Closet ranges from $2,500to to $5,000. However, the costing completely depends on your choice of design and customization.

Most customers are likely to invest around $3500 for regular size and standard design.

 However, for maintenance and surplus customer service, you have to spend around $400 to $500.   

  • Warranty 

Installing a closet is a long-term investment. So, it is important to check how well these brands support you if anything goes wrong. 

Elfa offers a 10-years guarantee on manufacturing defects. To be more precise, if you witness any problem with the system, you should take a picture (discoloration, surface damage, fading, staining), narrate your issue to the customer service executives. 

They will immediately get in touch with you and resolve the issue within 1-2 working days. 

In the case of California Closets, they offer a lifetime warranty with unmatched customer service. However, the company might charge for surplus maintenance.

And they don’t take responsibility for smoke exposure and light burning. 

I would especially recommend you guys know all the terms and conditions applied to their products and services. For further details regarding the warranty, you can ring up at 888-336-9709.

  • Sustainability 
elfa closet
Elfa Closet

Elfa’s official website captioned their products as ‘A sustainable closet.’

The manufacturer guarantees shared responsibility to fabricate the products from sustainable steels and woods.

With a legacy of long 70 years, this brand is committed to sustainability and durability. 

California Closets are also great as a sustainable product.

Their environment-friendly sustainable options reflect a close commitment to the customers.

Keeping sustainability in priority, they manufacture the closets from recycled wood and fiber.

In fact, all their products guarantee impeccable durability.

Moreover, their UL certification guarantees better air quality and helps to reduce human exposure to chemicals and pollutants.

How To Choose Between The Tow Closet?

I hope you have understood the basic differences these two brand offers. If you choose aesthetics, then it is wiser to choose California Closet.

And if you can compensate look over durability and sturdiness, there is no better option than Elfa.

However, that doesn’t mean they are bad-looking. What I mean here is, California Closets are fancier.

To understand more about these two brands, read the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much Weight can Elfa closets hold?

Elfa closets are with the capacity to hold 100 lbs. per linear foot, based on the spacing between supports measures 24 inches.

How much time does it take to install an Elfa closet?

Typically, the entire built-in process takes not more than two hours. So, it is fairly simple for the service employees to install storage.

Can I remove California Closet for refurnishing my home?

Yes, you can! However, you have to take the charges of their in-house employees. Every closet is designed in a way to remove from the space easily.

Can I return California Closet after a few days to purchasing?

Yes, you can! For more information, call (844)8459303 or send your request to customer.service@calclosets.com.

To Wrap Up 

It’s time to choose between Elfa vs. California Closet for your home. My intention was to show you the clear differences between these two brands.

Now, it’s your take to do a bit of research and opt for the suitable one. 

If you have a good budget, you will definitely have a unique design. Talk to the service executives and find what suits you better! 

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