Closet Factory Vs. California Closet: Which Brand Is Better And Why?

If you are looking for a custom closet, you will realize plenty of options are available in the market.

Considering all the major checklists, the most justified brands are California Closet and Closet factory. Now, the battle is between Closet Factory vs. California Closet. 

Choosing the best one from the wide categories can be daunting. This guide will highlight all the key pointers and help you out with the best choice. 

Let’s dive in! 

Comparison Between Closet Factory And California Closets 

Closet Factory vs. California closets

Well, there is no superior choice. As these top-quality brands ensure pretty much everything you need for having a custom closet. 

However, the varied choices of the consumers impact the buying decision. For example, if you prefer melamine, both these brand comes with this material.

However, there are some distinctive features that offer greater advantages to different customers. 

  • Style 

Look, custom closets are truly fashionable. In fact, they can substantially increase the overall look of your home. Closet Factory can really do justice to your personal preferences.

They have a hoard of creative designers who fabricate every style with a unique demeanor. 

The outlandish style and detailed finish are a great choice for every household. Moreover, keeping in mind the interior of your home, they offer a variety of colors and stylizations. 

In the case of California Closet, the manufacturer never compromised with style. Various ranges of product lines make for a wide variety of options.

You will have access to a wide range of finishes and styles based on your regional location. This wide variety of styles have made California Closets better than Elfa closets too.

  • Material 
California Closets

The most crucial component to opt for a closet is its material. If the material is not suitable for the environment, you live your investment would not have any value.

Hence, one should be very careful about the material they choose. 

The closet factory uses solid melamine-faced particleboard and woodgrain melamine–faced particleboard. You can have the choice to pick textured or non-textured wood.

Among the various range of material, custom painted and stained plywood are great for contemporary closets. 

Based on your cost and preference, the manufacturer suggests different thicknesses and quality grades. Apart from these materials, if the consumers want to have solid wood, they can make it. 

California Closet, in contrast, offers tailor-made material that is more durable than wood. Their timeless and versatile collections range is Dakota, Tesoro, Lago, Luxe Matte, classic, and more. 

  • Color pattern 

Color and pattern play a crucial role in determining the final look of the closet. Talking about the Closet factory, they predominantly have two options, solid color and wood grain pattern.

Based on your preference and budget, they substantially use the patterns. 

Another great option is textured woodgrain which is a great specialty of Closet Factory. 

On the other hand, California Closet offers distinctive patterns like classic, contemporary and more. Moreover, they are eager to customize the color as per the direction of the customers.

The most demanding colors are white, Ivory, cashmere, dove, Capri, Sorrento, etc. 

  • Installation 

Closet Factory offers a full-service package that starts from design, manufacture, and installation. Even after installation, if you find any difficulties in maintaining the system, you can get their help any time.

California Closets install the closet system using in-house employees. You have a better chance of having greater facilities for them.

From design to installation, all services come in a single package. However, for further maintenance, you have to reach their customer service. 

  • Cost

When it comes to the pricing of the Closet Factory, the costing can be classified into three distinctive sections.

The walk-in cost ranges between $750- $3,000, reach-in cost $250- $1,500, and finally the built-in wardrobe cost ranges from $1, 500 to $ 6,000. 

Depending on your usage, further maintenance charges may apply. 

Moving to California closet, the nation’s average cost of custom closets is $2,500to $5,000. Of course, the price is completely dependent on your customization.

Most people tend to spend around $3500 for standard size and popular design. 

Apart from the cost of material and design, some installation charges may also be applied to the final costing. For say, the installation charges can range between $400 to $500. 

  • Warranty 

From 1983 Closet Factory had been catering to high-end furniture systems. Moreover, they believe in strengthening long-term relationships with their valued customer.

In fact, they provide a limited lifetime warranty for their closets. 

The warranty substitutes against any defects in workmanship and materials provided by the regional owner.  

Talking about California closets, the term of warranty is pretty much the same. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their manufactured products.

However, they don’t cover any components manufactured by any third party. And the company doesn’t take responsibility for smoke and light exposure. 

During the design process, the team would narrate every term and condition related to their products. If you want to know more details about the warranty services, you can get in touch at 888-336-9709.

  • Sustainability 
Closet Factory
Closet Factory

Talking about sustainability, Closet Factory is a LEED-certified product. The manufacturer’s use of sustainable materials can contribute points for material resources and environmental quality.

Moreover, the decorated resins of the closet Factory used R4 recycled resin.

In addition, the manufacturer collects local facilities to process wood materials from sustainable forestlands. 

California Closets are also great as a sustainable product. Their environment-friendly sustainable options reflect a close commitment to the customers.

Their products are sustainable and durable at the same time. Manufactured from recycled wood and reclaimed fiber, the drawers and doors represent great vitality. 

Moreover, their UL Greenguard certification improves indoor air quality and reduces human exposure to pollutants and chemicals. 

How To Choose The Best Closet?

Before choosing a closet, you need to list down your priorities first. If you are keener on the look and finishes, then the final cost would be lesser. 

However, if you want a spacious closet with fine material and durability, it’s going to cost you around $5000, if not more. Take your time. Do a bit of research. Then opt for the final one! 

One more thing, you should also consider the resale value of the closet before investing in one. 


Do California Closets use melamine?

Melamine is the most common laminate used for custom closets system. Tops brands like California Closets, Closet factories use this material in their storage system.

Does California Closet use real wood?

The California closets are made up of laminated composite using recycled wood fibers. Basically, it complies with LEED credit for recycled content.

Do custom closets increase home value?

Yes, of course! It dramatically enhances aesthetic value to your home. Even they also have good resale value with a high return on your initial investment.

What material does the closet factory use?

Using a specialized heat-based process, closet factories use melamine coating in their storage system.

Now, It’s Your Take

Now, you have to choose between Closet Factory vs. California Closet. My duty was to highlight the pointers and show you a clear comparison of the top two brands.

In addition, I would suggest you visit the nearby stores. Indeed, installing a fancy closet is a lot of investment! Hence, it is better to check the materials properly.

Or, put your first step down by scheduling a consultation with the designers. It will definitely help you to choose the perfect fit for your home.

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