Alternative To Putting Plastic On Windows And Are They Any Good?

Before the winter keeps knocking at the door, it becomes crucial to think about window insulation for your home.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to window insulation, but plastic film insulation is the cheaper one.

Yet, there are other alternatives to putting plastic on Windows. Now, let’s dive into knowing the options you have for insulating the windows other than plastic.

Different Options To Avoid Putting Plastic On Windows

alternative to putting plastic on windows

Here is a list of various options to consider for avoiding putting plastic on windows:

  • Magnetic window insulation
  • Thermal curtains
  • Rope caulk
  • Weather Stripping
  • Cellular Shades

Without insulating the windows, during the winter you might need to depend solely on the heater. It is not energy efficient, and you will get a higher utility bill.

Hence, the above-mentioned options for the windows can save you big time just like modern glass block windows alternatives. So, let’s dig deeper into these options one by one.

  • Magnetic Window Insulation

You can easily consider removable magnetic window insulation for your home to keep the temperature tolerable during winter. 

Moreover, it would be indeed a convenient option for you for opening the window from time to time even in cold weather.

The installation process is not complicated either. You just need to coat a very insignificant amount of magnetic paint to the trim of the window you intend to insulate. 

This is not like those of impractical tapes for serving the same purpose. Instead, it is a solution mixed with magnets holding the insulating vinyl all over the window.

You can easily remove it according to the requirement.

At first, you need to measure the vinyl. Then, you need to cut it properly so that it can perfectly fit the window. After that, you can go for attaching the magnetic tape to it.

  • Thermal Curtains

A set of thermal curtains can prevent cold air, therefore, there will be a lesser electricity bill for the windows of your home will do more than you could think of. 

It would make your home more livable.

It will keep the indoor temperature normal and will save you money big time.

Furthermore, it comes with a special lining. This lining helps you insulate the window properly by covering the window. 

It prevents air coming through window frame from the outside, at the same time retains the warm air from inside the home.

However, the proper usage of it will depend largely on the user. By following some regular guidelines, you can utilize these curtains even more.

  • Rope Caulk

It is a pretty good option you hardly even think of. Rope caulk can significantly lessen the energy consumption of your house due to window insulation.

Therefore, there will be a lesser electricity bill.

It can prevent the leak of air through the window. So, it can serve well during the summer and winter both.

If your house is on rent, and you want a temporary solution for the window insulation issue, then Rope Caulk can be a significant alternative to other plastic options.

The installation process is also less complicated. But, make sure the window area of installation is clean, then start pressing the rope where needed. 

  • Weather Seal Tape

To properly seal your windows you can choose weather-seal tape.

Among all the available options of insulating windows, this one is cheap, easy to use, and very popular.

Measurement is a crucial point during installation with it. You need to properly measure the width and height of the window before cutting it for installation.

Once you place it along the edge of the window, it will keep serving you for a few months.

It is not a permanent solution and may the glue will remain on your window even after removing it.

  • Cellular Shades

You can consider picking it in place of curtains.

It amazingly insulates the windows of your home, mostly because of the honeycomb cells it has. It is enough to keep the atmosphere of your home warm by preventing cold air from outside.

So, it would be wise for you to install this cellular shade close to the windows of your home. This way, it will be able to serve the purpose well.

You can also consider installing both curtains and cellular shades. You just need to keep aside enough budget for this.

Putting Plastic on Windows: What Is it Good For?

putting plastic on windows

You can not predict in the summer how much cold this comfy, tiny apartment of yours would turn during the coming winter. So, it is better to get prepared much before it arrives.

Otherwise, the entire winter might turn into a nightmare for you. 

Keeping that in mind, you can think about win This will help you save energy and money as well as prevent possible damages caused by freezing temperatures.

And why should you be worried about such things? How many people have been badly injured because they were too lazy to open their windows or shutters properly?

Or even worse, fell out through them while trying to do some work inside? Let’s see what you need to know about window insulation.

Plastic insulation is just like regular window films.

However, these ones come with an additional layer of protection against frost damage which means you don’t have to worry about being frozen if the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius outside.

As long as the temperature remains above 0°C, you won’t feel any discomfort due to low wind speed. The only downside is that plastic doesn’t always go together with wooden frames.

There are plenty of window insulation kits available in the market if you are determined not to use plastic in the first place. These window insulation kits mentioned above are indeed cheap and effective. 

Again, plastic window insulation kits are not appreciated by many due to the look it brings to the windows. Lastly, few people consciously tend to avoid plastic products in their homes as it is not an environment-friendly option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need to avoid plastic?

It is indeed a cheaper option, yet it is not convenient for various reasons. Homes with kids and pets will find it difficult to keep the plastic kits firm on the window for insulation. After the hard work of installation, all the effort may get ruined in an instance.
The most important point is that plastic is not environmentally friendly at all. It is very difficult to perish and doesn’t get mixed with the soil.
So if there is some other option available, then you can go for it without having a second thought.

What could be the temporary solution if there is a hole in the window?

After noticing a small crack or hole in the window, you can solve the problem with the nail polish.
You can find it very easily in your home. It doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure to deal with. You can apply a few coats of nail polish over the crack or the whole.
You can pick the color that would look best. However, you can also pick a colorless nail polish.
Again, this is not a permanent solution. While solving the problem this way, you may need to consider some other solution to protect the window in a better way. In the worst case, you may need to.

Should you get window insulation kits?

Well, it solely depends on you. You know about your home better than anyone else, Right?
If you feel it is imperative, then you must go for it. You can also go for multiple window insulation kits to prevent the cool breeze come inside the home.
There might be situations where these kits may fail to do their job. Then, you will have only one option left. That would be, entire replacement of the window.

Final Thoughts

Due to the availability and cheap prices, so many people prefer to choose plastic-made kits for window insulation.

But there are plenty of alternatives to putting plastic on windows are there. All these kits can serve the window insulation purpose well during summer and wintertime. 

Having a tolerable and comfortable temperature inside your home can make the overall environment more livable.

It would keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy even there is unfriendly weather outside.

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