Problems With Eze-Breeze Windows (With Some Pros Too!)

If you have a screened in porch, there are lots of reasons to have it installed. Among so many advantages, I like how well it keeps the house bug-free!

But like everything, people face problems with Eze-Breeze windows too. It’s not ideal for everyone!

So, I will talk about the most important pros and cons of Eze-Breeze windows. Then you can decide yourself whether you need it or not.

Cons of Eze-Breeze Windows

problems with Eze-Breeze windows
Image Credit: Eze-Breeze

Here is a list of its disadvantages:

  • Lots of failing moving parts.
  • Declining quality control.
  • Not enough protection.
  • A little bit difficult to clean them.

They have a great return policy. So, some problems are ignorable. But let’s talk about these problems in detail.

  • Failing Moving Parts

It comes with lots of plastic moving parts and small springs. That’s not the problem. But they are the weakest part of the panels.

 The problem is these parts and springs keep breaking or failing constantly! When they do so, you are in real trouble!

Eze-Breeze had tried hard to solve these problems over past few the years and brought some changes to their mechanisms. But according to many people, those changes have brought designs flaws and further issues instead.

  • Struggling Quality Control

When the popularity gets skyrocketed, it’s hard to maintain quality due to the soaring demand. For the past few years, the quality control has declined greatly.

From poorly made panels to too tight or loose screen installations, people often get deliveries with missing parts, dented frames, or sometimes with the wrong panel sizes.

May be you won’t notice but the professionals who install this for their living have confirmed the fact that frame materials from its counterpart like Sunspace is much stronger.

Overall, the Q.C. went down from what it used to be a great one and Sunspace is killing it in this regard.

  • Protection Level Issue

I have seen many people discouraging from having it. Their issue was that it was not proving them enough protection against heat and cold.

More so, some bugs like Japanese Lady beetles can easily slip through the plastic windows and screens. When you have bugs in there, there is no ways to enjoy your porch.

Many of them even regret for not having the traditional glass windows with screens!

  • Cleaning Issue

I am not saying it’s too hard to clean but it’s definitely a little harder to clean if you compare Eze-Breeze with Sunspace.

And there are valid reasons behind that!

There is no easy way to clean the clear film without fogging. It’s inconvenient and a little bit difficult to clean for some people.

And when it comes to cleaning the Eze-Breeze windows, you need to remove the panels. Since the panels of Eze-Breeze are not of the same size like the Sunspace, it’s a little bit inconvenient to clean them.

Pros of Eze-Breeze Windows

advantages of Eze-Breeze

Here is a list of advantages explaining why you should have it:

  • Looks great. In fact, it’s phenomenal! A perfect choice for any three season room.
  • Without it, you would have to use Plexiglas panels or plastic sheeting every year. Sometimes, several times during a single year. With Eze-Breeze, you just install it once and forget!
  • It’s easy to install and very easy to set their windows in position.
  • Looks like grass but these clear or tinted windows are vinyl. Besides, they cost less than glass. More so, they won’t break like glass!
  • Say good bye to spider webs and other bugs. No more pollen cleaning too!
  • They are not insulated but you will notice at least 10 degrees or more temperature difference between outside and inside.
  • They will return any damaged products without asking any question.
  • To turn your porch into a usable space during the cold winter, it’s simply superb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Eze-Breeze made of?

They use 10 mil polyvinyl and aluminum frames to make their windows.

How much do Eze-Breeze windows cost?

That depends on the size of your porch but for a modest size porch with two sides, it will cost you around $6,000.

Are Eze-Breeze windows expensive?

When you need a lot of screen, it’s the most cost-effective solution you may have.

Are Eze-Breeze windows insulated?

No, they are not insulated but this is a great way to get the most out of your outer space.

How do you clean the screen of an Eze window?

Once the windows cool down, vacuum the frame with a soft brush attachment. To remove the loose dirt and debris, hose off the Eze-Breeze’s exteriors. To clean the frames and tracks, simply wipe them down with clean water and a soft cloth.

Closing Remarks

To me, the advantages outweigh the problems with Eze-Breeze windows greatly. So, don’t let the drawbacks prevent you enjoying your porch with Eze-Breeze.

You may go for other brands like Sunspace, but no brand is out of common problems. One way or other, the problems are pretty much same.

Share your experience with Eze-Breeze in the comment box.

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10 thoughts on “Problems With Eze-Breeze Windows (With Some Pros Too!)”

  1. We had Eze Breeze windows installed this past spring. We already had a screened in porch. Now we are thinking of adding a mini splitt HVAC unit. Do you know of others who have done this? Any recommendations on brand of mini-splitts or how effective with Eze Breeze windows?

  2. I’ve had EZ Breeze windows for 20 years and they start failing after 10 yrs. All the plastic moving parts start to disintegrate from sun wear and the center expansion bar dislodges on its own and rips the vinyl sheeting. So far the company in Florida sends me replacement parts but the local dealer doesn’t want to honor the lifetime warranty on the frames, but the frames are DEFECTIVE.

  3. I have a problem with the pin that hold the windows in the track. During a recent windstorm three of the panels blew in and broke the pins off. Where can I get replacement parts? At this time the panels are being held in place with scotch tape.

  4. EZ Breeze vinyl windows and frames are pure junk.
    They don’t last, they are hard to clean, they always look foggy or dusty, the frames break and punch holes in the vinyl. Don’t buy this product.

  5. William Franklin

    I cannot find anyone to repair ripped vinyl in these windows.
    Even the local installer does not do repairs.

  6. I just bought a home with these windows, as well as a door. The windows are filmy looking, very hard to open & close. The door lets in rai , as well as snow. I wouldn’t wish this product on my worst e emy. They are awful!

  7. Please do Yourself a favor and do not use easy breeze windows. there are terrible windows.Kathryn is awful. The windows are defective! don’t make the same mistake I did!

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