How To Clean Eze-Breeze Windows (A Step By Step Approach)

Among many reasons, protection from dirt and debris is a good one to have Eze-Breeze windows. And they will provide you service years after years with the right care and maintenance. 

To keep it properly maintained, you need to know how to clean Eze-Breeze windows the right way. As you are dealing with something delicate like that, you need to be careful too!

And I will show you how to keep it nice and clean the right way in this article and be done with your spring cleaning. Stay with me for a while.

10 Steps To Eze-Breeze Windows Cleaning

how to clean Eze-Breeze windows

Among some prominent cons of Eze-Breeze windows, higher maintenance is just one of them. But, this is something you need to do twice a year!

With any sharp object, you can puncture the vinyl-based sliding panel or cause other damages. So, before you start cleaning, remove your bracelet, watch, or ring. 

And I need you to go through these below-mentioned steps completely before you start anything (And make sure to watch the attached video):

  1. You need to cool down the windows first before you start cleaning them.
  2. Next, start vacuuming the window frames (interior side) to remove the loose debris and dirt. You need to use a soft brush attachment for vacuuming.
  3. To remove the loose dirt and debris from the exterior, use your garden hose to rinse off that dirt.
  4. The top panel has pressure and you need to release the pressure, you need to raise the bottom 3 panels to the top. Now, sharply pull down the 3 panels all at once. Make sure to lower these panels to the bottom panel position. 
  5. This is a critical step and you need to be careful. To tip out the windows, you need a chap to rest them on. You will see slide latches on the front panel. Release those slide latches and you should tip the top part of the panel toward you resting it on the chair where the bottom part of the panel will still remain on the tracks. Do the same for all the remaining panels. 
  6. Now, you will clean the outside of the top panel. To do this, rinse with clear water first. You can use a soft cloth and mild soap for this step too. If you see any hard water spots, use warm water and mild soap to remove them.
  7. Next, slide the panels back into their tracks and lift them up to their previous positions. Before you put them back, make sure they are free of spots.
  8. Now, use the clean soft cloth with water and use that dampened cloth to rinse the inside of the window panels.
  9. For the frames and tracks, use a soft cloth and clean water to wipe them down.
  10. Lastly, dry the panels and tracks with a soft cloth. And You are literally done restoring the clarity of your Eze-Breeze windows!

You can get a better and faster result using Woolite. Here is a video explaining how to do it.

Do not use your window cleaner to avoid damaging the vinyl. Your warranty may become void if you do so.

Also, avoid any ammonia-based cleaner, dishwasher soap, or alcohol. Just clean water and mild soap should do the trick!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best way to clean easy breeze windows?

Start from the top and work your way down. Use any mild soap, clean water, and a sponge/soft-bristle brush only.

What do you clean vinyl windows with?

You don’t need anything other than mild soap, clean cloth, and water for most of the cases. For stubborn debris and stains, you can use Woolite® or vinegar.

Can you use Windex on vinyl windows?

Yes, you can. No problem with that.

How do you fix sticky vinyl windows?

You need to remove the window sashes first and clean the vinyl tracks next. Then you can use a silicone lubricant to lubricate those tracks using a clean soft cloth. You should do this once every year.

Do Eze breeze windows have screens?


Final Thoughts

I know Eze-Breeze windows cleaning may seem like a lot of work but it’s worth the work to enjoy your porch. Restoring the clarity of these windows is a must to maintain their true beauty.

And now that you know every step on Eze-Breeze windows cleaning, it should not be a problem for you, right? Let me know if you have any more questions regarding this in the comment box.

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