Andersen 10 Series Vs. 4000 Series Storm Door: Key Differences

So, you need a new storm door, and you don’t want to budge about acquiring the best. However, the dilemmas increase when it’s about the Andersen 10 Series vs. 4000 Series.

To be frank, no choice amongst these two is superior to the other. Therefore, a bit of comparison should elaborate on which one you could opt for.

The differences will let you decide which one will suit you best.

Differences Between Andersen 10 And 4000 Series

Andersen 10 vs. 4000 Series Storm Door

Choosing an Andersen series depends heavily on your taste and preference. It will also have to be in sync with what you want your doorway and finish to look like.

Hence, let’s check out some of their differences that could guide you in the right direction.

  • Material

You will essentially get nine hardware finishes to choose from in the 10 series. The hardware styles also come in antique brass or brushed dark nickel for the handles.

The 4000 series comes in a thick aluminum frame with five-door handles in traditional and modern materials and eight overall colors to choose from. In fact, there are some differences between 4000 and 3000 series Andersen storm doors in this regard too.

Both the series are made with grade-A materials, which are sturdy and durable.

  • Glass Options

In the 4000 series, you can maximize your savings by acquiring low-E energy-efficient glass. It saves more than 29% of energy compared to standard glass.

With the 10 series, you can get tempered low-E dual-Pane insulated clear glass, tempered dual-pane insulated clear glass, tempered low-E clear glass, and tempered clear glass, which is five times stronger than any other standard glass.

  • Durability

The durability of these Andersen series is top-notch and extremely impressive. They get their durability from the materials that have been used for years.

These doors are built with such materials so that they last for years to come and even come with reinforced corner brackets to keep them safe, sturdy, and for the smoothest operation.

For extra assurance, the products come with 5-year warranties.

  • Appearance

This feature is entirely up to you. Some users love the antiquey and rustic look and appeal, whereas others opt for a neater and modern look and finish.

Which one are you looking for?

The 4000 series provides a classic blend of craftsmanship and engineering with an exclusive appearance and feel. However, the 100 series isn’t far behind either.

The doors come in fresh and bold colors with preferred color and finish on the hardware details as well.

The best part about both of these Andersen series is that you get to design your own interchangeable storm door. Simply explore and select from their wide range of hardware styles, colors, styles, and designs.

There’s a pretty clear choice to go with here, once you’ve decided on what color and style you want your door to be.

  • Cost

The Andersen 100 series is an affordable edition; however, the price ranges are pretty broad when you skim through all the options. This means that there’s a price range that’s suited for every user.

The similarities lie mainly because of the time-saving installation procedures. Both the 4000 and 100 series promote convenient and hassle-free installations. On average, both the models take around 45 minutes to an hour to install.

Still, having difficulties coming to terms about which Andersen door to pick? Let us help you more about it by telling you what to consider before the purchase.

How To Choose One Andersen Storm Door?

So, if you’re confused about which one to choose, here’s how you can get started.

Before you begin, consider the budget that you have to work with and the extra costs associated with it.

However, if budget and cost aren’t an issue, you can move on to the next step.

Next, you must have a target term of usage for the doors. In this case, both of these Andersen doors will arrive with a five-year warranty.

Therefore you’re at least set for that range. The make and finish on both make them ever so long-lasting.

In terms of appearances, you get a lot of choices for both of them. And when you consider the feel, you can go with a rustic or plain modern feel for both. The decision on this criteria is entirely upon your liking.

If you go about this way, it should help you to choose one of the Andersen storm doors in no time. Hint: Always maintain to check on your budget restrictions first.

Luckily, with both these Andersen editions, you can customize the doors according to your budget.


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Andersen storm doors that you might want to skim through:

How to check which Andersen door you’re using?

Andersen’s screen and storm doors come with silver tags applied by the factory on the hinges of the doors. These contain a unique number series that can’t be repeated with any other model, edition, or style.
You’ll be able to locate the number tag once you open the door.

Do Andersen storm doors have low-E glass?

Andersen offers a wide range of storm doors, along with which they offer thermal low-E, low-E, and thermal glasses. These are all energy-efficient models and benefit the users in numerous ways.

Do storm doors need two closers?

Storm doors and closers are effortless to adjust and install. Pneumatic closers are necessary to prevent doors from opening or closing too far, too fast, and also to optimize firm and slow maneuverability. Although most storm doors come with one pneumatic closers, having two means extra precautions against a strong gust of winds.
Therefore, adding a second closer is a good idea.


To sum it up, now you’re sure how you can choose between Andersen 10 Series vs. 4000 Series. Once you’re sure about your cost limitations, the rest should come easily.

Moreover, you must also consider your desires of look and appeal based on the entire ambiance of the environment. The best catch with Andersen storm doors is that you can customize them according to your liking.

So, don’t miss out on it!

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