Andersen 200 Vs. 400 Patio Doors: Key Features And Basic Differences

Looking for the best patio doors to get in your home? Then you have made the right choice of going with Andersen.

Although a confusion you may come across is with Andersen 200 vs. 400 patio doors as both of them are great.

To help you clear out all that confusion, I will be taking you through a bit of an in-depth overview of both the patio doors. So, by the end of it, you will know which one suits your needs the best.

Without wasting any time, let’s get right into it.

Anderson Patio Doors: An Overview

Before I dive deep into this, let me tell you that you end up with quality no matter which one you choose. It’s just they have different features that serve different purposes.

So, the choice you make is based on the feature that you prefer more.

Other than those features, all the doors from Anderson come with great color choices and hardware options.

And you can get these general components for any door you choose, so there is nothing to worry about that.

Let’s get into it then.

Andersen 200 Series Patio Doors Reviews

With Andersen 200 series patio doors, you will come across two variants of sliding doors. One is the Perma shield variant, and the other one is the Narroline variant.

They have their unique material and formation with some differences in the features.

Andersen 200 Series Patio Doors
Andersen 200 Series Patio Doors

The Andersen 200 Perma shield variant comes with a wooden core. It also has a vinyl surface alongside which protects the core from outer damages.

This makes the Perma shield a low-maintenance door that you can get for your convenience.

On the other hand, the Andersen 200 Narroline variant has wood interiors covered by a vinyl exterior.

Now, it’s a bit different from the Perma shield as there is no wooden core.

However, you still get protection from different insects and water damage, thanks to the vinyl covering them.

So, how does one differ from the other? Well, with the Perma shield, you don’t need to go through much maintenance to prevent rotting.

Whereas for the Narroline, you will still have to do some maintenance every once in a while to keep it safe from rotting and swelling.


Both the 200 series variant doors have their distinctive features. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Perma Shield Features

  • This door has a weather-resistant build that gives you greater efficiency and comfort.
  • With the weatherstripping design, you get excellent sealing towards wind, water, and drafts.
  • The whole view gets much better because of the slim bezels of the door.
  • For the seal, you get an aluminum track that has a stainless-steel cap as well. This can help resist rust, stain, and dents on your doors.
  • The seal is also resistant to wear as well for further protection.
  • These doors come with greater security measures from Andersen.
  • With the vinyl weatherstrip on the frame, you get great protection between the frame and the door’s panels.

Narroline Features

  • You can get this door type in either two-panel or four-panel formations.
  • These doors have a thinner panel, allowing more lighting to come in and a larger viewing area for you.
  • With the wood interiors, you will get that warmth in the doors, and for the protection, there is that vinyl covering.
  • Because of the wooden color and a vinyl finish, the door doesn’t require too much cleaning. So, you can consider it a low-maintenance door.
  • On the door sill, you get anodized aluminum in the exterior part, which is a great advantage against rust and stains.
  • There is a thermal barrier that can help in heat management quite well.
  • You get dual ball-bearing rollers on the bottom with leveling adjusters for smoother gliding on the doors.

Well, as you can see, none of them is superior. They both have distinctive features that set them apart. Now, let’s go through the overview of the Andersen 400 series patio doors.

Andersen 400 Series Patio Door Reviews

Andersen 400 Series Patio Doors

Unlike the 200 series, there are no variant options for the 400 series. You get the 400 series Frenchwood patio doors. So, let’s go through the overview of this one quickly.


The 400 series variant has a pretty similar build to the Narroline variant of the 200 series. You get the same type of wooden interior with a vinyl exterior.

So, it has the same protective measures and functionalities as the Narroline variant I shared above.

Something unique that you get on this one is the wood interior options. It has got more options for the wooden interior of the doors.

On the Narroline variant, you have 2 wooden interior choices, while on the 400 series, you get 4 choices.


Now, let’s check out the different features available for 400 series French wood patio doors.

  • There are factory assembled options that you can get for the two-panel doors in this variant. This makes the installation process super easy for you.
  • It comes with dual ball bearings on the door panels that give you the smoothest gliding doors you could ever ask for.
  • It has got a great interlock and weather-strip system for providing a great sealing where the stile meets.
  • On the panels, you see glazing of silicone bed, and the interior has a wood stop finishing on it.
  • The panel joints on this one are too powerful and very hard to break apart. They are mortise and Tenon joints that also come with patented construction.
  • You get an aluminum track sill that has a stainless-steel cap for rust resistance. It also keeps the door safe from dents and stains.

So, these were the features that you get in the Andersen 400 Series French wood doors. Now, let’s check out the differences between the Andersen 200 series and the 400 series.

Differences Between Andersen 200 And 400 Patio Doors

Andersen 200 Vs. 400 Patio Doors

There aren’t many differences that you can find on both the door types. All three door types have similar hardware styles and color options available for you.

However, there are some things you can still consider to make a choice.

First of all, the grilles options for the door have some differences. You can get your customized grilles designs for the 400 series doors, but you can’t get them for the 200 series ones.

So, if you are going for more of a personalized interior setup, the 400 series would be a better choice.

Also, there is a difference in the price of both the door types. Andersen 400 series has a higher price than the 200 series.

So, if you have a fixed budget for the doors, then going for the 200 series is your best bet.

One more thing about the doors is that on the 400 series, you get blinds between the glass-like Perma shield variant of the 200 series.

This means you get the build of Narroline with the blinds feature of the Perma shield. If you are stuck between those two, then the 400 series is just for you.


To sum up, you can choose a clear winner when it’s about Andersen 200 vs. 400 patio doors. Because no matter which one you choose, you end up with quality.

Now, which one suits your needs the most gives you the ultimate winner.

For affordability, the 200 series is better, but 400 patio doors are better for customization. Other than that, they come with pretty much the same features and build quality.  

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  1. thanks for useful info about the 200 series variants.
    My question: do the Perma-Shield and Narrowline sliders have the same rollers? For the Perma-Shield it says, “you get an aluminum track that has a stainless-steel cap” but it doesn’t say it has “dual ball-bearing rollers on the bottom ” like the Narrowline.
    So maybe the Perma-Shield has nylon rollers?

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