Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs. 4000 Series: Which One Is Suitable?

There are many storm doors in the market, including customizable ones. Andersen is a popular brand with many storm doors from which you can choose.

This article will go over Andersen Storm Door 3000 vs. 4000, two of the more common models they offer.

Differences Between 3000 & 4000 Series Andersen Storm Door

Andersen 3000 vs. 4000 series storm door

You have already learned the importance of having a storm door and probably made up your mind about getting one for yourself. Andersen has a couple of great offerings that you can pick from.

Let us take a look at Andersen Storm Door 3000 and Andersen Storm Door 4000 and explore the differences.

  • Design

The 3000 and 4000 models both feature a ventilating insect repellent glass and wood design.

The first thing that’ll jump out at you when you are comparing these two is the appearance.

The 3000 has an almost full glass front. Only a frame in the middle separates the large glass panel that dominates the front of the door.

Users can get several different colors of frames and screws, and even customize the design of the glass to a decorative one.

The 4000, on the other hand, looks more traditional. The storm door has clear glass only on the top quarter of the frame.

It also comes equipped with insect screens to avoid them. The smaller glass portion means that you get a narrower view, although that also applies to those on the outside.

Up until this point, it may seem that they have little to no differences other than the amount of glass in the design.

However, the Andersen Storm Door 4000 adds a few enhancements and design elements that set it apart.

For starters, the 4000 series has mechanical locking tabs inside the frame of the door.

This means that with a simple push of a safety button, you can remove the entire glass panel and when it is time to put it back on, repeat the same process.

It is important to note that both of these models feature Low-E energy efficient glass, which is great news for all environmentally-conscious buyers.

  • Features

The 4000 series of storm doors are an iteration of the 3000 series, and they both share a lot of the features as a result.

For instance, both the Andersen 3000 and 4000 storm doors come with double-layer weatherstripping for a tight fit and seal in all conditions.

Metal corner brackets also come standard in both models. This ensures that the door operates smoothly even in the long term. Both of these doors are well known for their durability.

We start seeing a few differences when it comes to customizability. The 3000 series doors have glass panels that cannot be replaced or removed easily.

If you want to replace the glass screen with an insect screen, you have to spend a good amount of time.

On the other hand, the 4000 series of storm doors introduce the quick-change system, which allows you to swap the glass with the insect screen in a matter of minutes using the handle.

This is a huge improvement in user-friendliness.

The 4000 also introduces the SpineLoc insect screening system, which is much better at keeping the insects at bay and has up to 3 or 4 times stronger retention than the traditional screen.

So, not just the 3000 series, Andersen 3000 is better than the 10 series storm door as well.

  • Price

The price difference between the Andersen 3000 and 4000 series doors is not massive. 4000 typically costs around 50 dollars more on average.

The typical price of the 3000 series tends to hover around 250-300 dollars, and the 4000 series retails for about 300-350. You can find either at home depot.

While the lower price makes the 3000 looks like a better option, our consensus is that you are better off paying the extra money in exchange for the extra features.

Why Do You Need Andersen 3000 Or 4000 Series Storm Door?

The first question that ought to pop in your head is, “why should I get a storm door in the first place?”.

It is a good question as you may assume that your regular door is already doing its job protecting the house. But a storm door can add a lot more.

Want your house to have more protection on stormy nights? Or perhaps you need more cross ventilation to allow the breeze in.

A storm door can perfectly solve your needs and allow you both protection and ventilation.

Following are a few reasons you should consider buying either the 3000 series or 4000 series Andersen storm door:

  • Added Protection

Your regular door obviously provides protection from intruders, bad weather, rain or storm, or warm air. A storm door simply adds a lot of functionality on top of the main door.

Storm doors come with interchangeable glass panels or windows made of fiberglass. This coupled with the wooden or metallic/plastic frame gives you added protection during bad weather.

You simply need to adjust the panels and set the door in place when you are expecting bad weather.

  • Better Ventilation

Our regular doors don’t offer much in the way of ventilation. The strong wooden structure does not allow for openings to let air pass.

If you are looking for better ventilation, your primary option is to keep the door open, sacrificing security.

With a storm door, you can simply move the glass panels to allow the screens to be open, thus letting air pass through. You can even install nets on those screens to prevent insects from entering your home.


Going over all the pros and cons of Andersen 3000 series vs. 4000 series storm door, we can say that they are both very competent at what they do, and you won’t be dissatisfied with either.

However, taking price and features into consideration, we feel like you should opt for the Andersen Storm Door 4000. Its extra features bring usability improvements that justify the additional price.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the benefits of having a storm door and pick the right option to fit into your home.

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2 thoughts on “Andersen Storm Door 3000 Vs. 4000 Series: Which One Is Suitable?”

  1. After reading this review, I tend to disagree. The only real difference that I can deduce is the ease of switching from glass to screen. Everything else appears to be nearly identical.

    I know I’m not the only one who never uses the screen option. In fact, if I could find a better quality storm door that didn’t have window/screen interchangeability. That’s the one I’d buy.

    Still shopping for something that allows in the sunshine in the winter, and not a lot of cold air. I’m really interested in high-performing seals… especially along the bottom.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Eddie L Parkhurst

    How do I get instructions on how to use the screen and window for the 3000 series. How do you change one to the other? I believe my door has the parts installed?

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