Washing Machine Drain Pan Alternatives To Get The Job Done

A washing machine is perhaps one of the devices or appliances you use on a daily basis. It is essential that it work well.

Since there is water involved, it is especially important that you don’t mess it up and flood your room.

The drain pan removes the water without a fuss, but it is not the only way to remove the water. There are quite a few viable washing machine drain pan alternatives, which will be discussed in this article.

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Alternatives To Washing Machine Drain Pan

washing machine drain pan alternatives

A drain pan, when fitted well and maintained well, does its job perfectly well. But that does not mean that it’s the only option.

There are quite a few alternative ways of preventing leaks from your washing machine to avoid flooding.

Here is a look at some of the best alternatives to Drain Pan for washing machines:

  • Automated Valves

This is perhaps the most high-tech solution on the list, but also the most versatile and useful. These are also known as Automated Shut Off Valves.

The name is pretty self-explanatory. The Washing Machine is connected to the water source through certain valves, and the used water is disposed of using similar valves.

Generally, a leak happens when the valve can not deal with the additional water pressure, or there is a leak in the pipes. This is where an automated shut-off valve comes in.

The valve works in a couple of ways. There is a sensor mounted on the floor, which detects the level of water. If there is sufficient water indicating flooding, the sensor detects it.

When the sensor goes off, it immediately shuts off the water valve. Hence, no water can escape the washing machine, and more importantly, you won’t face severe damage.

The prices of Automatic Shut Off Valve vary from brand to brand. There are also distinctions based on features.

However, you can generally find an entire kit for $150. Installing it is not usually a difficult process. You just need the right tools and instruction.

  • No Burst Braided Hoses

Moving on, we have a less high-tech, but still very effective solution. Most of the flooding that occurs is caused by leaky pipes or hoses.

The valves are used to transport the water in or out of the washing machine, and the pipes/hoses are the media.

Normally, plastic or rubber hoses are common for their availability and lower price. They certainly do the job adequately. But they are not the most durable. Or at least as durable as braided hoses.

How are braided hoses different from non-braided rubber ones? In rubber hoses, the entire lining or coating is made up of a smooth lining of rubber.

The problem with the smooth lining is that it can develop micro-cracks easily. As a result, even a seemingly undamaged hose can have leaks and cause spillage.

That’s where the braided hoses thrive. These have braided and woven lines all across. As a result, the structural rigidity is much higher.

These braided no burst hoses are able to withstand a lot more pressure. As a result, there is less chance of leaking and flooding.

  • Automatic Laundry Shut Off

This is quite similar to the shut-off valve, but in this case, it will turn off the entire system or the washing machine.

There is a sensor placed on the floor. If it detects unwanted moisture on the floor, it assumes that there is a risk of flooding and shuts off the entire washing machine.

There are a few perks of this kind of system. For instance, many of these automated systems can be tied to smart home applications.

Smart home applications often allow users to connect all their home appliances from their fingertips on the phone.

As a result, if there is any setting that the user wants to change, or maybe even turn off the washing machine in case of flooding, they can.

These kinds of systems are, however, on the pricier side. But considering that they make the whole experience smoother and more pleasant, they are worth a shot.

What Purpose Does a Drain Pan Serve?

washer drain pan

Before delving deep into alternatives and assessing them, it is perhaps more logical to understand what the drain pan does and why it is important.

We want the alternatives to fulfill the same purpose too.

The Drain Pan, as the name suggests, is a crucial part of the drainage system of the washing machine. This is a safety measure. While a drain pan has its way of removing the water, there can be occasional spills and leaks.

It can be quite problematic if water spills out in great quantities and damages furniture, causing slippery floors.

Another big problem is that if the flooding is too extreme, it may cause severe damage to the floor or furniture around.

This is especially a concern if the washing machine is on the second floor. The water may leak downstairs, and you may have to spend a lot to fix the damage.

To avoid such hazards, a drain pan is used. It is a simple pan slid under the washing machine. It simply collects all the excessive water without letting it spill.

Usually,  Drain Pans are made out of durable plastic or metal.

A con of drain pans is that they are not very high-tech. They cannot stop the overflow of water after a certain point. There are more modern solutions that can stop flooding more effectively.


Washing machine owners often have to deal with the anxiety of flooding. Flooding can cause massive damage.

This is why most users opt for some method of preventing flooding or blocking out the source of water causing flooding.

Drain pans are a common method of preventing flooding, but they can overflow, and there are simply better alternatives. This article explored some washing machine drain pan substitutes.

We hope this article will help you find the best alternative to save your floor and furniture from flooding.

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