How To Clean Wood Cabinets And Make Them Shine AGAIN?

Let’s face it! Wood cabinets are so attractive, just like the other furniture of your house. But they may turn out dirty or greasy so quickly and require frequent clean-up.

Probably you’ve started scratching your head after thinking about how to clean wood cabinets and make them shine!

No worries, I’m going to share all the secrets with you through this write-up. And guess what? You’ll find the whole task as easy as ABC!

3 Methods To Clean And Shine Wood Cabinets

cleaning wood cabinets

Here are the 3 most effective ways to clean your wooden cabinets:

  • Cleaning Up the Surface
  • Using White Vinegar
  • Utilizing Baking Soda

Like interior designs, appliances, and other household furniture, wood cabinets require extra care, especially if you’re conscious of cleanliness.

And, of course, the grimy and greasy wood cabinets can ruin the whole aesthetic of your house!

Don’t panic! You’ll get to know everything about cleaning and shining wood cabinets. And guess what?

I’ll also help you know which ingredient is strongly capable of cleaning grease stains within a snap.

Right now, I’m going to break down the secrets behind cleaning wood cabinets with ease and quick. So take a pen and try to note down the following methods given below:

Method-1: Cleaning Up the Surface

Cleaning Up cabinet Surface
  • Your first and most important duty is to clean the whole surface of your wood cabinets since they get stains or stubborn marks more often with dirt and grease.
  • We believe that wood is a wee bit difficult material when it comes to cleaning up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Make sure to collect a single piece of dishcloth or brush to utilize it on the rough surface.
  • By using a hand brush or stuff like that, you can get rid of tough-to-remove marks or stains, making your wood cabinets so aesthetic.
  • As for cleaning up the walls, using a soft cloth will be just fine. Soaking in lukewarm water and wiping the boards are what you’ll perform to eliminate stains.
  • Paying equal attention to your varnish layer will be needed on the wood cabinets. During the whole cleaning task, the proper maintenance of that varnish is crucial that you should keep in your mind.
  • I’d suggest using a dry towel that’s soaked in beer. Afterward, you can wipe over the wood. The last step is to utilize a piece of rag or dry cloth for cleaning purposes.

Method-2: Using White Vinegar

Cleaning cabinet with vinegar

Hands down, this is one of the bests, if not the best, picks for getting rid of stains or stubborn marks; ask me why?

This is because the white vinegar includes water and acetic acid as primary ingredients, removing greasy spots in the best way possible!

And needless to say, acids are liable to make white vinegar extremely powerful in terms of cleaning.

The effective bleaching properties play a vital role in eliminating all types of hard deposits or stains.

Nevertheless, white vinegar may damage or ruin the surface of wood cabinets because of its strong acidity. Consequently, utilizing it properly is a must!

  • To get the maximum benefit from your white vinegar, be sure to mix up around 100ml along with 2L lukewarm water. Utilize the method straight away for wiping both outside and inside of wood cabinets.
  • Anyone can use the solution every day, and that too without dealing with cabinet corroding or peeling!
  • Feel free to add any flavored oil to your solution if you get any odor or bad smells from that white vinegar. By doing so, you’ll be able to bring aesthetics to your wood cabinets as well as leave a pleasant smell!

Method-3: Utilizing Baking Soda

Indeed, baking soda includes Sodium Bicarbonate that plays a significant role in deodorizing and naturally cleaning something.

That’s why if you’re planning about cleaning your wood cabinets, trying this super-effective ingredient won’t be a bad idea at all.

  • When it comes to eliminating stains from your wood cabinets, ensure to add nearly 200gm baking soda into the freshwater (4L).
  • Once you’ve applied the solution to the surface of your kitchen wood cabinets, wait for up to 10 minutes or so. The chemical reaction will result in removing the stubborn spots or grease stains, hopefully!
  • Keep in mind; the entire process may take longer than usual if the spots or stains are incredibly stubborn.
  • If everything is done, get a piece of soft rag or towel for cleaning purposes. But in case the wood cabinets appear less clean, feel free to collect a rubbing brush to get rid of the remaining stains once and for all!

The Effective Idea on Shining Wood Cabinets

Now that you know how to clean wood cabinets in an appropriate way, it’s time to get familiar with the idea of how to shine wood cabinets.

Let’s move forward:

Using Polishing Wax

To polish your old furniture properly, using polishing wax will be a great idea. While wiping wood cabinets, this particular solution will assist in leaving no moisture.

And you’ll find the surface spick and span!

In addition, this can offer long-lasting protection against dirt and stain.

These days, you’ll find wood wax as thicker cream or something like a paste. They can be found anywhere between carpentry stores and local shops.

  • Speaking of the usage, it’s a snap! Make sure you utilize adequate amounts of polishing wax by following the manufacturer’s guide to a piece of a clean and soft cloth.
  • Always remember to use the polishing wax directly and as evenly as possible onto your wooden cabinets, and let them get completely dry for up to 10 minutes. I’d suggest using a soft rag or cloth and rub pretty much gently over that surface.
  • Performing gentle movement is mandatory as wood may get scratched so easily. And I’m 100% sure you won’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your wooden cabinets, right?
While using such polishing products, try to perform the task carefully as they unexpectedly can damage your skin; bear in mind!

Final Words!

Cleaning wood cabinets seem to be a piece of cake now since I’ve shown you 3 ways to clean wood cabinets and make them shine through this single article.

Spread the knowledge to your friends and families and ensure to apply every technique I’ve mentioned above.

Plus, don’t forget to get a super-duper polishing wax as it can shine your cabinets and take their beauty to the next level!

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