Why Are Ledge Loungers So Expensive And What Are Its Alternative?

Your pool has multiple features like fountains, lights, fire, tanning ledge, umbrella, towels, and so on. But without some in-pool lounge chairs, something seems incomplete.

You decide to buy some and find out the truth. It seems to flood the budget! So, you keep wondering yourself, why are Ledge Loungers so expensive, right?

So, in this article, we will try to figure out reasons why these in-pool lounge chairs for sun shelves are costly and what Ledge Lounger alternative you can have instead.

Reasons for Ledge Loungers Being Expensive

why are ledge loungers so expensive

So, you just filled your pool with water and now you are thinking about in-pool furniture for maximum comfort.

Almost every pool company puts the Ledge Loungers in their design. But the cost of those may shock some people. 

But to be frank, only Ledge Loungers can give you the true and perfect partial in-water experience that none other of its counterpart can offer.

You can just lie back and relax. Forge the hectic life while you enjoy your pool steaming your fingers through the pool water.

Apart from better quality and comfort, they offer you a better warranty than most of the in-water furniture brands. Now, let’s see why they are so expensive and why you should still get them:

  • Highly Durable

Outdoor furniture goes through a lot of abuse. It’s even worse for the in-pool furniture. Chemicals, water, sun, etc. contribute to damage of such outdoor furniture.

As Ledge Loungers are made of strong high-density polyethylene, they are resistant to such harsh chemicals and all such adversaries. 

This is among the few outdoor furniture that is designed to stay in your pool without fading all year round.

To make it durable and sustainable for a longer period against all such odds, Ledge Loungers went through 2 years of research to make their first chair. It takes around 2 hours to make a single chair even at the present day!

Now, you are getting why the price tag is so high, right?

Because of the durable performance of the Ledge Loungers, this brand is widely popular among commercial applications like hotels and resorts.

  • Accessories

Ledge Loungers come with a lot of accessories to give you the true feeling of a pool paradise.

So, along with the Chaises and Chairs, you get shades with TVs, side tables, pillows, cushions, umbrellas, cabanas, so on. All these accessories add up the cost. 

All of these accessories are made of quality materials. For example, the headrest pillow is made of Sunbrella fabric and EZ-Dry foam core. The same goes for the cushions.

The shade has everything to pass your time great. You can watch your favorite shows, listen to music, or even read your favorite e-book!

When you add up all the cost of those accessories and think about what luxurious experience you are about to get, the cost of Ledge Loungers won’t seem too expensive. 

  • Long-lasting Color 

Fading color is a big concern for any outdoor furniture. It’s even serious for the in-pool furniture. 

Ledge Loungers use UV16 rated resin to stabilize the color. It can withstand up to 16,000 hours of direct sunlight. UV16 is the highest standard in the U.S. for longer outdoor performance.

To explain simply, 16,000 hours of color performance means the color of your chairs won’t fade for at least 8 years!

  • Easy & Great Usability

Once you have placed them on the sun shelf, they are designed to hold water inside so that they don’t float away or move. So, you need to fill them up.

Filling your Ledge Loungers is fairly easy and you can do so within a few minutes. Like filling with water, it’s easy to drain them as well. It’s not as difficult as draining the entire pool!

Just remove the plugs and the water will begin to drain automatically. Of course, you don’t want to drain them regularly. 

You need to get the right one depending on the depth of your ledge though.

Ledge Lounger Alternatives

ledge lounger alternative

So, if your budget does not support the costly Ledge loungers for the Baja shelf, you can still enjoy your pool to the fullest capacity with some cool alternatives to Ledge loungers. 

Here is a list of those alternatives:

  • Plastic chairs
  • Wooden chairs
  • Aqua chair 
  • Use nothing!

The truth is, there are not so many options when it comes to finding the Ledge lounger competitor. That’s why the pool company put the Ledge lounger in their design.

Putting plastic chairs will kill aesthetics and wooden chairs will rot over time. Apart from being cheap, those are not something you wanted in the first place!

To me, Aqua Chair in-pool lounge chair is the best alternative to the Ledge lounger if you have to balance the budget and quality.

Aqua Chairs have spent years designing comfortable and elegant-looking in-pool chaise lounge chairs. These are the closest to Ledge loungers and you can have them within your budget keeping your original pool dream intact.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is a tanning ledge worth it?

Of course! Apart from you, your kids will enjoy those tanning ledges extremely. You will feel better knowing your kids can safely join you in the pool. Besides, every one of your family can use them as a resting space!

Are ledge loungers comfortable?

Being comfortable is their secret to being so popular. Apart from soaking up the sun and being immersed in the water to stay cool and wet, it hugs the body in all the right places to make you comfortable.

Why are in-pool lounge chairs so expensive?

Well, if you go for the expensive lounge chairs made of molded plastic, the color won’t fade anytime soon. They will give your pool a modern and upscale feel for a longer period of time.

What are Ledge loungers made of?

To withstand the pool chemical, sun, and water, ledge loungers are made of high-quality marine-grade fabrics and UV16 rated resin.

Final Thoughts

After figuring out their key features, accessories, and materials used, you are not still wondering why are ledge loungers so expensive, are you? If you have a budget, they still worth it!

You get the most luxurious watery experience and your investment will pay off for many years to come.

But not every pool enthusiast has that kind of budget. For them, the Ledge Lounger alternative for a new tanning ledge is still a good idea to complete their pool paradise.

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