Why Are Adirondack Chairs So Expensive And Yet Popular?

When it comes to comfortable and recreational furniture, Adirondack comes to mind first. You have seen it everywhere – from the beach to the cinema, its popularity is unmatched.

But the cost is a little bit higher than its counterparts. And a lot of people keep wondering why are Adirondack chairs so expensive. That’s a good question!

So, I will explain why the price tag is so high and why you should still have yours from this brand.

Reasons Why Adirondack Chairs Costly

why are Adirondack chairs so expensive

Yes, they are widely popular for their quality and design. But let’s have a look at those real reasons of being it so costly:

  • Made from solid timber and high-quality material
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Utmost comfort with style
  • Great longevity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • And many more reasons!

Let’s talk about those reasons in more detail and I am pretty sure you will love to have their lawn chairs too!

  • Made From Solid Timber

You might be wondering what are Adirondack chairs made of, right?

Well, probably the main reason why the price range of their chairs is so high. You see, the true American classic chairs are made from solid timber meant to last long.

All of their timbers are oil-treated to prevent rotting, warping, cracking, and insect infestation.

That’s where it makes all the differences. That’s where it beats all the other brands!

Nothing but high-quality materials are used to construct their chairs. No other garden chair brand can’t beat them in this regard period.

Some of their materials are hard to find. For example, the teak Adirondack chairs are highly popular yet hard to find. And the reason is being that the teak is hard to find material!

That’s why people feel comfortable and confident sitting on their chairs. It brings them the much-needed peace of mind knowing their chairs gonna hold up for so many years to come.

  • Unmatched Designs & Styles

The designers of Adirondack Chairs are simply top-of-the-line and they have made all the differences to make their lawn chairs standalone from the rest of the completion.

That’s why its loyal enthusiasts call their chairs an art statement.

The wide range of various eye-catching designs and styles of their lawn chairs is incredible and no alternative brands can offer such vast varieties.

Many homeowners feel it to be must-have house items simply because of their unique designs. Because it adds extra value to their houses.

When your lawn chairs are simply good looking than your neighbors, it just feels good, right? When something looks good, people are willing to pay well as well!

Well, the designers have made it possible and they need to be paid well. So, that’s another reason for higher cost and the elegant designs of their chairs surely warrant such price tags.

  • Highly Comfortable

People with back problems love these chairs because of the extraordinary back support they provide!

They have done everything possible with their chairs to create an extremely comfortable seating position. To create that unique position, their chairs come with a high back and low recline.

You will find plenty of positive feedback on how good it feels on the back across the online forums. Highly stable for the outdoor environment. Years of comfort without any complaints!

That’s why it makes sense to pay the extra price. The level of comfort they offer is simply priceless.

Apart from being comfortable, Adirondack chairs are a nice addition to your outdoor spaces. They make your home lively and charming.

You do not spend even a little less amount of money on uncomfortable chairs.

  • Great Longevity

Lawn chairs from Adirondack last for generators. They last for 10 to 15 years with minimum maintenance. That’s why many people don’t mind paying the higher cost because of the great durability.

They know their investment will keep paying for a longer period than other brands. And why their chairs are durable?

Well, as I have mentioned earlier – all of their chairs are made from carefully sourced high-quality solid woods and materials.

They often spend much labor work on curving and staining to create rich and durable color coats. You can say the same for other brands with confidence.

It takes more labor hours to make durable products because it’s a time-consuming task. More labor costs result in higher cost of their lawn chairs naturally.

And it may not sound okay to you but Adirondack chairs are designed for people with high-end taste who can’t settle with low-quality furniture.

  • Can Withstand Abuse Better

You can leave their chairs outside anytime you want. The rain won’t even do any damages to them.  Their chairs are made with such sturdy and durable materials to withstand such abuses.

To enjoy the outside spaces of your house, you need to have that kind of furniture that you can keep outside to enjoy year-round. Adirondack chairs are exactly that kind of furniture!

  • Backed By Super Warranty

Adirondack chairs are backed by a lifetime warranty so that you can keep using them years after years without worrying even a bit.

They can offer such a bold warranty simply because they are confident about the materials used and the superior quality craftsmanship their designers offer.

They know nothing will happen to their chairs. Besides, the repair, return policy, and better service warranty is better than the rest of the outdoor furniture brands.

When you buy something that expensive, the after-sales service matters a lot!

And, when something is backed by a lifetime warranty and better services, the cost becomes a little higher naturally because of the increased cost of business.

So yes, that’s another reason for being expensive.

Adirondack Chairs Maintenance Tips

Adirondack chairs

You are paying a good sum of money to get these luxurious chairs. Yes, they last for generations but they need a little maintenance to serve you better year after year.

It’s not hard. Cleaning the chairs is easy. Get your garden hose and rinse those chairs down with soapy water. You can add liquid dishwashing detergent to get the stains removed faster as well.

Do the cleaning every week for the best result.

Apart from that, I would recommend refinishing your wooden Adirondack chairs after a few years to keep them new always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Adirondack chairs are so expensive?

Carefully sourced high-quality materials used, top-of-the-line designs, great comfort, and outstanding after-sales support are some of those reasons.

Why are Adirondack chairs so hard to find?

All Adirondack chairs are made from high-quality materials that are hard to come by. For example, quality teak is often used in their teak chairs and it’s hard to find quality teak!

How long do Adirondack chairs last?

Most of their chairs last at least 10 years when properly stained. But their chairs made from Redwood, acacia, and eucalyptus last for up to 15 years!

What is the most popular Adirondack chair color?

The original colors of their chairs were forest green and brown. But now, it’s available in many colors. However, the most popular color of their chair is white. The white color is available in neutral colors like greys and tans as well.

How much should Adirondack chairs cost?

A luxury wood chair from Adirondack will cost you around $1,000 but the cheap one may cost you as low as $50! But the most popular price range is $200.

Final Thoughts

I believe you have understood why are Adirondack chairs so expensive and why you should still buy your lawn chairs from this brand, right?

Spending a higher price is okay as long as you get the most out of it and the return from Adirondack chairs is simply priceless.

Share your experience with Adirondack chairs in the comment box and I will be sure to include them in this article!

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