Why Is Stanley Furniture So Expensive And Are They Any Good?

My entire bedroom furniture and car seat are from Stanley and I did my research before I pick the brand. So, yes, I can explain why is Stanley furniture so expensive!

Only a few furniture brands have manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Stanley is one of them. But not just that, the solid wood quality, reliable metal hardware, superior quality fabrics, etc. also have made it a trusted furniture brand.

Anyway, I will try to explain why it’s costly and why you should still get your furniture from Stanley.

Reasons Why Stanley Furniture Is Costly

why is Stanley furniture so expensive

Here is a list of the reasons:

  • Produce in the U.S.
  • Top-notch quality from top of the line designers.
  • Incredible longevity
  • Middle to higher target customer groups.
  • Trusted by other leading brands.

When you need a fashion statement for your living room or even for your car with their plush automotive car seat, Stanley is something you can trust without any hesitation.

But let me explain why furniture from this brand still cost so high:

  • Made Within the U.S.A

Almost all of their furniture line is made within the U.S. That’s a good reason why their products are expensive.

As you know, the production cost in the U.S. is insanely high due to higher labor costs, utility costs, and so on.

Because of this higher production cost, most of the leading manufacturing companies have production facilities in other countries like China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

But that’s not the case for Stanley!

They have manufacturing facilities across several states of the U.S. So, can’t lower the cost due to the increased manufacturing cost.

But that may change pretty soon as the ownership of Stanley has changed in 2017.

If the new owner decides to relocate their production facilities to other cheap labor countries, you may notice a significant decline in their production cost.

  • No Compromise With Quality
Stanley furniture

Is Stanley furniture good quality?

Yes! That’s probably the most important reason why the price tag of their furniture is so high.

You see, when it comes to craft upholstery, the designers make all the differences. Stanley uses only top-of-the-line designers to craft all of their furniture.

Apart from high-quality materials, the top-notch designers of Stanley have made it possible to create the luxury brand image delivering fine-crafter sofas and other urban lifestyle furniture.

You don’t get those top-of-the-line designers cheap. So, the cost of the designers is added to the furniture and they must set the price high to keep them still profitable.

  • Durability

The longevity of their furniture is another reason why the price tag is so high. Stanley brand loyal pay the higher price simply because they know it’s gonna be a very long-term investment.

You can find plenty of people nearby you and online where they will confirm that their entire Stanley bedroom suite has been serving well for 15 to 20 years plus!

During the entire lifetime of this furniture, they hold up really well and look still new!

  • Customer Base

I don’t know how you will take it but Stanley doesn’t make furniture for low-income people. They are not their target customers.

Their target customers are middle to high-income groups who can afford their furniture. That’s the reason why the price tag is so high when you compare it with other generic brands.

  • Trusted By Leading Brands

Stanley is an automotive upholstery OEM client for several automotive brands. Among many, Ford, Aston Martin, etc. are top-rated clients.

There are fairly good reasons why those leading brands trust Stanley. First of all, customized car seats are made from top-quality leather.

These leathers are normally used widely to make European furniture. And they source their leathers from countries like Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, etc.

They only source their leathers from eco-friendly tanneries.

When those world-class brands trust Stanley, you should realize that it’s basically for the quality and top-notch craftsmanship Stanley offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do they still make Stanley Furniture?

Yes, they have been making Stanley furniture since 1924. So, is Stanley furniture still in business? Yes, they are! They have just changed the ownership recently.

Is Stanley Furniture Made in the USA?

Yes, they have manufacturing facilities in the U.S. But be careful because they also import some of their product lines from China as well!

What happened to Stanley Furniture?

Well, apart from ownership change, nothing big has changed. Since they were struggling to make it profitable, they sold the brand to a Vietnamese industry group called Churchill Downs, LLC in November 2017.

Does Stanley make good furniture?

If you compare it with other brands, all the furniture from Stanley are still good in terms of longevity and super quality.

Closing Remarks

I believe you understand why is Stanley furniture so expensive and why you should still trust this brand, right?

It’s something you will never regret. I know some people have regretted buying their furniture from Broyhill and other brands.

Share your experience with Stanley furniture in the comment box and I will be sure to update this article accordingly.

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  1. Stanley Furniture does not make anything the US.
    They haven’t for quite sometime , they also closed down the company in April 2020.

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