Power Air Fryer XL Won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips

When you use any electrical kitchen appliance regularly for a long time, some trouble may appear every now and then. When your Power air fryer XL won’t turn on, think of it as one of those air fryer problems.

Yes, it’s frustrating but it happens and it can happen to any trusted air fryer brand. There could be several reasons behind this issue and it’s not hard to fix it yourself.

So, in this article, I will talk about those issues and see how we can fix them. Just stay with me for a while.

Troubleshooting If Power Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Power air fryer XL won't turn on

Many things can go wrong when it comes to electrical equipment. So, as a rule of thumb, you need to start from the basics to troubleshoot your Power air fryer.

It may sound childish even ridiculous, but follow the solutions exactly in the order I mentioned here. 

  • Unplug and Plug It Again

You have seen it already where faulty electrical equipment gets fixed by simply unplugging and re-plugging again. Try these basic troubleshooting tips before you look for something serious.

Wait for at least 10 minutes between unplugging and plugging the air fryer again to give it enough time for resets. I have tested it myself. It works sometimes.

  • Check Power Cable

We forget the basics quite often. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with your air fryer. You just forget to make the electrical connection first!

Imagine taking your air fryer to the repair shop to find out you forgot to connect the power cable only!

So, the first thing you need to check is the cord connection of your Power air fryer. Double-check whether the power cable is connected to the socket and your air fryer.  

After establishing the fact that you have the right cable connection and it still won’t turn on, you need to make sure you are not dealing with a faulty power cable.

You can simply swap out the power cable to be sure about this. It’s easy to get a new power cable from the manufacturer than the entire new air fryer!

Most of the kitchen appliances have the same power cable. You may have one in your collection as well. For testing purposes, you can try a power cable from another appliance.

But for an extended period of time, this is not recommended. You should buy one or get a new power cable replacement from the manufacturer if you are sure the cable is faulty. 

  • Check For Faulty Fuse

This is something you should try if you don’t have a spare cable to test it out as mentioned above. Not just the air fryer, no electrical appliances will turn on if you have a blown fuse.

You do not want to return your air fryer to the manufacture just because you have a blown fuse. It’s quite embarrassing!

There are several ways to test a fuse and if you are not sure, watch some YouTube videos to learn how to check a fuse.

But the easiest way to check for a blown fuse is by checking it with another functional appliance. If the fuse does not power up that appliance, you do have a blown fuse or blown circuit breaker problem.

  • Check The Basket

As a safety measure, your air fryer won’t turn on if the basket is not placed properly.

Sometimes if you misplace the basket or did not place it properly, it will prevent the air fryer’s door to close properly as well.

When the door is not closed properly, your air fryer won’t start. This is just a safety measure for almost all air fryers from top brands

So, this what you should try…

Place the basket properly in its rightful place. Close the hatchet. Now, try to power up the air fryer.

  • Let The Service Center Fix It

If none of the above basic troubleshooting can’t get the air fryer to power up, the air fryer itself may be damaged. 

You have no idea how complex wires run through it to relay the power throughout the air fryer.

For several reasons, those wires may get damaged or the air fryer may have any damaged internal components. Only a trained electrician should be able to fix it.

Now read carefully…

If you try to fix and repair any parts of your air fryer, check your warranty periods. If it’s within the warranty period, contact their customer service.

Because, if you try to fix any damaged air fryer yourself, you may void the warranty. You won’t get your replacement. They may even decline to repair it for free!

Contact the seller or dealer ASAP and follow the instructions to get a free repair or a new replacement you receive from them.

Now, before you contact the seller, watch this video troubleshooting guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why will my power XL Air Fryer not turn on?

Your Power XL Air Fryer may not turn on turn on due to many factors like a faulty power cable, blown fuse, and so on.

Why does my power XL Air Fryer keep turning off?

There may be something wrong with the breaker or the power connection. Also, faulty components of the air fryer may cause the problem. The auto shut-off feature may turn it off to prevent overheating.

Why is my Power air fryer not working?

Unplug your Power air fry and re-plug it in again. You may have a faulty power cable connection issue as well. If possible, check the fuse also.

Why does my air fryer keep beeping?

It should beep whenever it is heated up. Also, when there is an error code due to many reasons, it may beep too.

How do I fix my air fryer that won’t turn on?

Most of the time it happens due to a damaged power cable or a blown fuse. Make sure the fuse is okay and try your air fryer with a new power cable again.

Closing Remarks

So, you have learned why your Power air fryer XL won’t turn on and what you should do to fix the problem yourself. 

I just hope that before you try any troubleshooting tips above, make sure to check the warranty period first. That is really important!

Let me know if you have anything else to know about your Power air fryer trouble in the comment box below. 

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