Spartan Mower Reviews (For Faster And Comfortable Mowing)

From residential to commercial-grade, the Spartan mower has a solution for everyone. People who love American-made products, love these mowers!

But how good are they?

To understand this, you need complete Spartan mower reviews. Sadly, you won’t find many quality reviews on this brand.

So, let’s review some of its popular models and understand why you should trust this brand over other brands.

Spartan SRT Review

Spartan mower reviews

I must admit that Spartan is the newest brand to deliver high-quality commercial-grade mowers. But it’s killing the game with the SRT series mowers!

It has the Smart Ride Technology that you won’t find in other brands. This feature is not even available in the RZ and RT series Spartan mowers! Let’s see why you should have the Spartan SRT lawnmower:

  • Simple Yet Elegant Design

The mowing should not be a complicated job. So, the design of the SRT series very simple. The simplistic design features a simple belt design with large idlers and minimal angles. To ensure the long belt life, it has a constant belt angle.

All the wirings are simple plug and play! With a 12-v port, the cockpit has a cup and phone holder. And it has a simplistic push-start instrument panel to get it started easily every time.

  • Smart Ride Technology

It’s like mowing a sports car simply because of this unique riding technology. It reduces the jostling and shocks significantly and gives the rider a smoother driving experience.

Only the seats of the SRT series come with neoprene cushioning and back and middle elastomer Tecspak dampeners for maximum shock absorption.

For improved inclined traction, perfect balance, and utmost control, the SRT series feature GT Trac. The seat itself is adjustable for having a custom experience.

Apart from that, front and back tires and specifically designed in a certain way to ensure the maximum comfort of the riders.

  • Improved and Restful Mowing Experience

The SRT series mowers come with a turn-dial height adjustment control so that you can control and adjust the cutting height from the seat painlessly.

So, no! It’s not just about the smooth ride. Spartan always looks for an improved and simplified mowing experience in total.

For better performance, the SRT series feature 6-inches XTF (extreme turf flow). For increased durability of the mower, it comes with 7 gauge steel and a front and rear baffling.

  • Extended Warranty

All the mowers have long-lasting life. But for the safeguard of your investment, the engine has 3 years warranty and a lifetime warranty for the leading edge of the deck.

Other Noteworthy Features of SRT Series

  • 360 degrees floating seat system and you can have custom-built seat.
  • Ergonomic foot brake (patent-pending).
  • 11-gauge steel tube frame.
  • With minimal belt angles and a long-lasting belt design, the belt keeps a constant tension to maximize the belt’s life.
  • Precise deck height control with changing capability while mowing with shock-assisted deck foot lift. The deck has the perfect vibration control system.
  • For easy maintenance, they have ensured easy access too.

Spartan RT Series Mower

Spartan RT Series Mower

There are two editions for the RT series: RT-Pro and RT-HD. Both models come with some cutting-edge technologies and better than other brands in terms of value and quality.

This series is way much better than many traditional commercial mowers. With a state-of-the-art push-start instrument panel and so many other cool features, no other brand will offer such values.

The even and clean-cut, smooth ride, the traction on inclines, and ultimate comfort while mowing will simply make you go wow!

Apart from the great build quality, many lawn owners have confirmed that the RT series cut well than their previous lawnmowers. Give yourself an experience of a cowboy riding a bull! You won’t regret it!

Features of Spartan RT Series

  • The series comes with multiple engine options like Kohler, Kawasaki, Brigs & Stratton, and Vanguard with various Horse Power ranges from 24HP to 38.5HP.
  • Each model has 9.5 gallons of fuel capacity.
  • Completely floating 6-inch deep deck. On-the-go deck adjustment is possible too! The cut width ranges from 52 to 72 inches.
  • The 360 degrees floating full suspension seats come with TecsPak Elastomer supports.
  • The steering lever comes with soft-touch knobs and you can adjust those knobs forward, backward, left, and right.
  • Insane speed where these mowers can move forward at a speed of 11 mph and backward at a speed of 5 mph.
  • Awesome customer service.

Cons of RT Series

Some customers have trouble having a clean cut with those series. There are some incidents where it leaves stringers and does not cut close to the left side. It may also discharge the clippings towards the grass chutes.

Spartan RZ Mowers

Spartan RZ Mowers

RZ series mowers are suitable for people who love to have a commercial-grade mower but want to pay the price of a residential one.

With a simplistic design, this series comes with some smoothest mowers ever made! The RZ has 4 series: RZ-C, RZ-Pro, RZ, and RZ-HD with 42-inches to 61-inches deck size.

The RZ-C comes with 4-inches deep deck to allow you to maneuver on tight spots easily. The same series has HP ranges from 21.5HP to 25PH with engines from Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton. All the engines have 5 gallons of fuel capacity.

The RZ is also a great residential mower with Tuff-Torq 400 transmission and 22″ Carlisle Turf  Armor Bias Ply Tires.

With Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki engine, you can choose your HP from 23 to 25HP.

The same goes for the RZ-Pro but it has 450 transmissions with steel gears. For improved traction on inclines and level ground, this series feature 22″ Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires too.

If you love the smoothest hydros, you will love the RZ-HD with Parker hydraulics. With radial tires and Parker hydraulics, you will have more grip and control you have never experienced before.

Spartan KZ Mowers

They call it the king of the grass and there are some obvious reasons behind that. It has combined all the best features of all the zero-turn mowers to give you a faster and smoothing mowing experience.

The sit-behind seat is just awesome with an angled bolster to place your knees comfortably. Let’s check some of its noteworthy features:

  1. KZ series features either Vanguard or Kawasaki engines with HP ranges from 24HP to 37HP. All the engines have 12 gallons of fuel capacity!
  2. 10 CC or 12CC Parker HTJ hydraulic drives.
  3. Both steel and aluminum rear wheel types available.
  4. Forward speed up to 9 to 11 mph and backward up to 5 mph.
  5. Adjustable suspension seat system.
  6. Features steering lever with adjustable speed stops
  7. Up to 3 cup holders.

Reasons For Having Spartan Lawnmower Over Other Brands

Spartan mower problems

It’s an American-owned company and completely made by the Americans. But that’s not the only reason you should buy it. Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Record Time Mowing

These are fast! Definitely faster than other mowers available in the market! But exactly how much faster they can mow your lawn.

Well, I don’t have any exact data but they can cut the mowing time by half! That’s not me, that’s the word from people who have already owned multiple mowers from various brands.

All the Spartan mowers are designed to deliver even cuts and moving faster. That’s the reason the brands become so popular among lawn care businesses for commercial lawnmowers.

Even their most budget-friendly RZ series mowers are faster than other lawnmowers from various brands.

So, instead of spending your precious time just mowing, you can now enjoy those extra time doing your other extra outdoor activities or spending time with your pets and kids!

  • Greater Maneuverability

Apart from their commercial mowers, even their basic zero-turn mowers can move left, right, forward, and backward effortlessly.

Since they can move freely in all directions, you can navigate common obstacles like stumps, trees, and flowerbeds smoothly and quickly.

Because of this great maneuverability, you can mow your lawn very close to the edges. That will save you tons of time from trimming the driveways, edging walks, patios separately.

  • Extra Comfort in Riding

When you have to mow for hours, you need a comfortable driving experience. This is the reason why people choose the Spartan mowers.

The comfortable seats and ergonomically designed cockpits let you enjoy the physically demanding task like mowing. Their SRT and RT models come with dampeners too.

All the models of Spartan zero turn mowers come with lever-based steering. This is why you will feel less stress on your back and shoulders while mowing for hours.

Ask your neighbor about running a mower with conventional steering wheel navigation. Very painful experience!

If you have a higher budget, I recommend getting the premium SRT series of Spartan. These mowers come with Smart Ride Technology to absorb shock and jostling to give you the utmost mowing experience.

You can take it one step further by ordering your custom-built seat for your SRT mowers!

  • Cost Saving On Fuel

Not just time, you will be incurring less fuel cost due to the faster mowing time. Not just spending less time mowing, you will be spending less time filling up the fuel tank too.

When you have to mow several acres of land at a time on a regular basis, you need one of these high-efficient mowers. These mowers have higher fuel efficiency than other comparable brands.

  • Fewer Troubles

Compare to other brands, Spartan mowers have fewer problems that you may face in the future. These problems come naturally over time.

Final Thoughts

I truly believe you should have one of these speedsters. That’s the reason I wrote this in-depth Spartan mower reviews for you. You should have better trust one of their mowers because of the supreme tech and materials of the U.S.

I have seen fewer issues with their mowers. So, you will have pleasant mowing experience years after years without having any worries and repair costs.

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