Spartan Mower Problems And Right Maintenance Guide To Avoid Them

Made in the U.S. and they are some sweet-looking mowers. Very stylish! But sadly, people are dealing with some Spartan mower problems that you should be aware of too.

The usual one is cut problems but if you follow some lawn forum sites, people are talking about some other troubles too.

Some angry Spartan owners are even calling that Spartan mowers are junk! So, let’s see what those common problems and what options you have to deal with such issues.

2 Common Problems of Spartan Mowers

Spartan mower problems

If you already are a proud owner of the Spartan lawnmower or thinking about having it, here is a complete review of Spartan mowers for you. Now, let’s have a clear look at those below-mentioned problems:

  1. Uneven Cut

Some Spartan owners have complained about not having a clean cut. It’s not the fault of the Spartan.

If you don’t keep the deck clean or check the tire air pressure properly, it may happen where the Spartan mower will be leaving streaks.

This often happens if the mower has dull blades. The same incident may happen if you don’t have a proper maintenance schedule.

  1. Spartan Mower Won’t Start

There are plenty of reasons why it might happen and it’s not absolutely exclusive to Spartan mowers. If you have a dirty or disconnected spark plug, clogged air filter – this is very much likely to happen.

To troubleshoot the problem, you should first start filling your mower with fresh gas. You should never ever use the gas from the last season. Old gas often fails to start the mower.

Now, pay attention to the spark plug. Clean off any debris. Re-connect and tighten the spark plug and test your mower.

If it does not solve the problem, clean or replace the dirty air filter. Lastly, make sure the fuel is reaching the engine. You can start by tapping the side of the carburetor to ensure the flow of the gas.

In some cases, you may have to replace the fuel filter.

Apart from the two above problems, you may face other mowers problems that basically happen due to not maintaining it properly. Let’s talk about it now.

Spartan Mower Maintenance Tips

spartan mower deck noise

The above problems may seem scary but that’s some common scenarios for other lawnmowers too. But you can prevent all of those mower problems if you follow those simple maintenance tips:

  • Checking The Air Filter

When the fuel burns less efficiently, your Spartan will underperform. The fuel will burn less efficiently if the air filter of your lawn is clogged.

When it comes to maintaining the mower, a lot of people only check and change the oil and spark plugs. They often forget about checking the air filter!

  • Cleaning Spartan’ Deck

The deck is the place where all the mowing action happens. Naturally, it invites debris and lawn clippings to build up. It’s crucial to keep the deck clean.

Let me explain…

Those grass clippings retain moisture that has corrosive agents. So, they can cause the mower deck to rust. The gradual accumulation of the clippings may also clog the discharge chute and restrict airflow.

I have seen some people are complaining about the Spartan mower cut quality. Do you keep the deck clean?

Without a clean deck, no mower can give you a clean cut!

Also, if you don’t keep the mower deck clean immediately after each use, pretty soon that debris and grass can cause more harm to the mower than your imagination.

  • Keep Mower Blades Sharpened

To have a clean mower cut, there is no alternative to keep the blades sharp always. Apart from keeping the deck of your Spartan clean, having dull blades is another reason why you may not get a clean cut.

Dull mower blades tear the grass. So, to have a clean-cut, you must sharpen the mower blades at least twice a year. Don’t try to sharpen the blades yourself if you have never done it before.

Take to your nearest mower repair shop or Spartan Dealer.

  • Check Tire Pressure

Both tires should be even. If one tire is higher than the other, you may not get the even cut you want. Even if only one tire is deflated, the deck will be uneven and you will get an uneven cut.

That’s why you need to check the tire pressure regularly.

  • Proper Mower Storage

At the end of the mowing season, you must store the Spartan properly. You can’t just let it sit outside or park it next to your home.

Water and other contaminants may get inside the mower and do irreparable damages. Rodents and other stray animals will make it a safe place to hide and live.

This will cause it not to start when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spartan mowers made in USA?

Yes. With American steel and workforce, the whole design and engineering of the Spartan mowers are done in the U.S.

How fast is a Spartan mower?

The Spartan RZ Series can go as fast as 9 MPH and the Spartan SRT XD mower can go as fast as 13 MPH.

Are Spartan mowers reliable?

Of course, they are reliable. The design and engineering are top-notch and should last for years.

Are Spartan Mowers any good?

Yes, they are. With simplistic design, they mowers cut smoothly and precisely and they will give you a smooth riding experience!

Are Spartan mowers commercial grade?

The RZ series of Spartan mower performs like the commercial-grade mowers.

Closing Remarks

Don’t be disappointed seeing so many Spartan mower problems. Almost every lawnmower brand has those problems.

If you are a fan of American-made lawnmower, Spartan is definitely a good brand. Just learn how to deal with those problems like I discussed above.

If you still have a valid warranty period, let them solve your problems. If the warranty period has expired, try the solution I talk about before you call any professional.

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10 thoughts on “Spartan Mower Problems And Right Maintenance Guide To Avoid Them”

  1. How is the ‘uneven/clean cut’ not the fault of Spartan? I had an Excel Hustler for over eighteen years. It never ‘gouged’ my yard nor left ‘unmowed’ streaks. I have checked all your boxes and my dealer increased the deck’s RPM – still happens.

  2. The brake rod broke underneath the seat. The dealership says they can’t find that part on any parts list to order a new one. If Spartan is building new mowers, where are they getting that part?

  3. Patrick Farrell
    I have a Spartan 54” RT With a Kawasaki FR691V

    32 run hours and won’t run. Dealer says parts are back ordered with no end date. Spartan Customer service was no help with resolution and told me to take it up with the dealer. Very poor support and reliability.

  4. The only problem I have encountered is I have had to reach the starter keypad twice in 4 years. And I keep inside when I am not mowing

  5. My problem is the program board. It takes the code but the start button doesn’t work.
    Purchased in 2019 and never left in the weather. Too many zero turns manufactured today to buy one of these. My mistake and it want happen again.

  6. I have had my Spartan for 3 years. I am approaching 600 hours. In that time I have had 2 issues. After approximately 20 hours my console would take code but nothing would happen when I tried to start it. Took back to dealer and they replaced the console. After another 10-15 hours I had the same issue. I contacted Spartan directly and they helped me immediately. The problem ended up being a stuck key (button) on the console. The rep asked me to go to mower and enter my code. After doing this he asked me if I had a flashing item on display and it did. He said I had a stuck button and to take an air hose and blow around all of them on the console. I did this and the mower immediately started working. I live at the beach so I deal with a lot of sand so I regularly use my air compressor to blow out around the buttons. It would not surprise me if that is what was wrong with the first console.

    My 2nd issue was with an accessory. I purchased and installed the electric Shute guard. Shortly there after it started working intermittently. It would quit working and not raise or stop halfway. This was a big issue because I could not load it back on my trailer with it stuck halfway up. I finally just took it off and installed a manual one.

    Other than that my mower has been great.

  7. I have a 48″ spartan mower with 26 hp kohler since 2018 and love it. I mow approximately 2 acres a week doing mowing season. I use leaf blower and blow my deck and hydrostatic pumps off everytime I use it.
    I always check oil, air pressure, air filter before each use.
    Sharpen blades and greased every 50 hrs.
    I believe high maintenance pays off in the long run on any equipment.

  8. I found that if the mower is having a hard time turning over it is the starter solenoid is bad. Once I replaced that I had no more starting issues and battery lasted longer.

    Tires do not hold air very well. should check before every mowing.

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