Bad Boy Mowers Problems: With Ultimate Troubleshooting Tips To SOLVE!

It’s a trusted and renowned brand. So, if you have a plan to have it or you are already dealing with some Bad Boy mowers problems, just keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with the brand.

Such common problems happen to all brands!

Bear with us as — we are here to let you know about some of the common troubles and how to fix them. Just read along and satisfy your curiosity!

Common Problems of Bad Boy Mowers [With Fixes]

bad boy mower transaxle problems

Here are the commons problems:

  • Transaxle Problem
  • Electric Deck Lift Problem
  • Steering Problem
  • Belt Problem

Now, let’s get back to the main business. Bad Boy Mower provides the best kinds of Zero Turn mowers, no doubts. But definitely, they are not flawless.

There are a number of problems that have been complained about by many reviewers several times.

Of which, some most common ones will be shared by us here along with the best solutions. Hence, Keeping reading!

  • Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

In case you’re not familiar with the term “transaxle”, let us tell you that it’s a very crucial part of a motor vehicle. A transaxle plays the inevitable role of transferring power to the wheels from the engine.

So, now you know that it is not possible for a vehicle to move properly without the transaxle functioning properly.

The Bad Boy mowers bear an exceptional suspension system. It’s intriguing how it makes the ride very smooth by keeping the mower deck steady even while mowing on an uneven surface. Besides, it also ensures a clean and uniform cut.

But all these great qualities only stay as long as the transaxle works properly. So, what happens if the transaxle is problematic?

If the transaxle becomes problematic then, even if your mower will move but all its good qualities like a smooth ride and clean cutting will fade away. And thus, the rides will get rougher and the cuts will be of poor quality.

This can severely damage the sensitive turf grasses such as Bermuda grass that require a clean-cut and tolerable mowing height.

Therefore, you have already understood that it is very important to fix it sooner.

The problems that most of the time take place in the transaxle are that either the hydraulic fluid starts leaking or the charge pump/ hydro system is damaged or defective.

Hence, the best solution for a leaking hydraulic fluid would be to install a new seal kit. And if the hydro system is defective, then showing a mechanic for investigation and repair is all you can do.

Watch this video to understand how to disengage the transaxle.

  • Bad Boy Mower Electric Deck Lift Problems

The electric deck lift of bad boy mowers can be many times problematic like the actuator might not be able to lift properly.

Why so?

Maybe because of the failure of the shaft in screwing in and out while the actuator is spinning.

But how would you know if that’s the case?

Here’s how…

You will have to check the actuator of your mower by unscrewing it. Once you open the actuator, check whether the actuator housing is moist and if it is perfectly sealed. If not, then that is the case.

Again, the problem can be the screw shaft’s sleeve being too rusty. And for that case, it is required to be cleaned up well immediately and then, to apply grease on it.

If doing so, your deck starts to lift up and move down properly, then congratulations! You have solved the problem.

But what if the case of poor house sealing? Then, to solve the problem you may apply a sealant gasket. And then, check if it works. This time it should work. If not, check this guide on leveling the deck of any lawnmowers.

  • Bad Boy Mower Steering Problems

There’s this issue that you most like to face with your Bad Boy mower. That is, handling it properly and moving it in the desired direction.

Bad Boy mowers often show these kinds of steering problems. And trust me, it’s the worst and most annoying kind of problem you will be facing with a Bad Boy mower.

Often, while riding the mower, you will feel that the mower is pulling itself to one side and is getting easily off the track.

This will feel more like driving a vehicle from a crash car game.

Here, it doesn’t matter what direction you are trying to take the mower, it will get completely disobedient to you and will consistently move in the wrong directions.

This absolutely irritating problem that will test all your patience might be caused due to several reasons. Of which, the most common are-

  1. maybe some of the tires of the mower have a better grip than the rest of them.
  2. or the dampener which absorbs shock is might be defective at one side.
  3. or else the mower has poor adjustments.

To solve such blood boiling issues, you need to at first check if the wheels are all inflated evenly. If not, then even them.

You can check the tire pressure as well to make sure that each of the wheels of the mower bears the required PSI.

Note that, such steering problems might also evolve due to the hydraulic or transaxle faults. Hence, if you find out that to be the case, then try following the solutions mentioned above to repair the transaxle problems of the mower.

  • Bad Boy Mower Belt Problems

electric deck lift problems

If you have a mower, many times, you will see that after using the mower for a long time, the mower deck starts to shake. This is not something too unusual.

This is very possible to happen if you keep running your mower for a long time, at a stretch, and without any rest.

But why does it happen?

It can happen for a number of reasons. But the most common and probable reason is that maybe the belt at the back of the drive pulley of your mower became loose.

It can happen if any of the screws from the pulleys or lock collars had loosened and fallen off. Or else, it simply, maybe the spindle key is worn out.

Now, such issues are not something too difficult to repair as all you have to do is to tighten the belt tension of the mower. For that, you need to check if there are any missing screws, then add them.

Or if there are any loose screws, then, tighten them.

Moreover, check if you can find any spindle or bear worn out. If there is any, then replace them. Now, check if the deck is still shaking.

If it is not, then for sure, the issue was only with the belt of your mower. But if you find it still shaking, then the belt might not be the culprit.

If such happens, then you might need to check the blades of your Zero Turn mowers, whether they are balanced or not.

And even if that doesn’t work, then honey, the best solution would be to reach a mechanic for checking up and repairing this problem.

Zero Turn Bad Boy Mower Reviews

Of course, there are some least-trusted lawnmower brands to avoid, but Bad Boy is not one of them. It has already thousands of happy users across the whole U.S.!

Now, you definitely want your lawn work to be as fast as possible, right?

Here’s why…

you don’t want to waste so much time trimming your lawn. After all, time’s money! And you already will be spending a good amount on the mower.

Therefore, if you want your mower to work faster, then all you need is a Zero Turn mower. Since Zero-turn mowers are exclusively designed for speeding up the very time-consuming task of mowing for you.

The Bad Boy Zero Turn mower comes with great power to help you accomplish your task in half the required time. Amazing! Isn’t it? They are designed and re-engineered to make the mowers as suitable as possible to satisfy your desires.

Many reviewers claim the Zero Turn Bad Boy mower is built like a tank. Funny! But here’s why it offers extraordinary quality and durability. Also, bears the ability to clean and trim up your lawn like a pro. What else can you ask for?

Moreover, when it comes to Zero Turn Bad Boy mowers, you will get a wide range of options to match your need and desire. Such as, looking for a mower for your small residential field, get the mowers from the residential unit like Bad Boy MZ or MZ Magnum.

Again, if you’re looking for a very powerful yet comfortable and ergonomic design of Zero Turn mower, Bad Boy ZT Elite is just what you need.

Why so?

It is specially re-engineered only for your complete convenience. It is not only tough and powerful but also easy and ergonomic to drive. You definitely want to take thought about it. Don’t you?

If that’s not enough, in addition, all these ranges of Zero Turn mower models are available in two to three options of engines and cutting widths.

Exciting! Right?

You have the complete freedom to choose any of the engine or width options matching your budget and requirements.

But like we said before, along with all these super convincing features of Bad Boy Zero Turn mowers, there are some cons and issues you might have to deal with.

Lastly, the reason you can trust this brand is that they have made a name delivering fine quality commercial mowers across the country and they don’t have many complaints!

Bad Boy Mower Maintenance Tips

Bad Boy mowers problems

When it comes to trimming the lawn grasses, nothing beats the ease that a mower provides you. But we all know that the convenience of a mower comes at a hefty price.

And thus, you don’t ever want to spend such an amount of money if it’s not worth every penny.

This is why one of the most reliable brands for mowers that are totally worth the money is Bad Boy Mowers.

And why not?

The top-notch quality of products they offer and the fact that they’re all made in the United States make it the best-loved by many.

You might want to know if there’s anything you can do to reduce the possibility of facing the above issues often.

The good news is, there are some maintenance tips that you can follow to maintain the fitness of your mower that will help to reduce problems in it. Keep reading to learn about them.

  • Keep Changing Oil

Oil is no doubt the most important element to run a machine as it provides energy to work. But you might be thinking, what is the necessity to keep changing the oil.

Well, if the oil is not changed quite often, the mower gradually loses its efficiency. And you don’t want that to happen right?

So, to ensure that the engine of your mower lives long and you don’t need to make costly repairs frequently, you need to keep changing the oil in a scheduled manner.

Also, check the manual for the right proportion and oil type.

  • Keep Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter

The air filter is an underrated but very essential part of the mower. Therefore, it is important to take good care of it as well.

And so, the first and foremost thing to do is to keep it clean. Because if the air filter is not kept clean, then proper airflow gets obstructed.

So, to make sure the air filter of your Bad Boy mower is clean, keep on checking whether it looks dirty.

Also, if your mower has a paper air filter, it will have to be replaced frequently. But, in case it’s a foam air filter, you can just remove it and wash it every season to keep it clean.

  • Cleaning and Sharpening the Blades

If you are using your Bad Boy mower for a long time at a stretch, there is a fair possibility of the blades getting dull.

And if this happens so, then the mower will cut the grass unevenly or will shred the grass tips.

Therefore, to prevent that, all you have to do is simply clean your blades after every use so that dirt can’t be stored.

Also, if possible, sharpen them frequently so that they cut well. That’s it!

  • Treat the Fuel

Fuels are a very important factor for the Bad Boy mower to function properly. Generally, the fuels we seem to use our gas cans.

But the gas has a great possibility to get stale within 30 days or less. Now the question is, whether there is anything you can do to make it last longer.

Well, for that, you can use a fuel stabilizer and treatment so the gas remains fresh and the engine in a good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes the Bad Boy mower?

Bad Boy mowers are made by the American company Bad Boy Inc., the owner of which is Phil Pulley.

Is Bad Boy a good mower?

Except for a few common problems, Bad Boy provides some of the top-notch mowers you can get in the market.

Are Spartans and Bad Boy mowers the same?

No, Spartan and Bad Boy are two different companies of mowers founded by the same person.

Are Bad Boy mowers reliable?

Definitely. The structure and design of most of the Bad Boy mowers are made of steel which makes it more tough and reliable.

What is the best Bad Boy mower?

The Bad Boy mower that is best for you depends on your choice, preference, and mowing area. But if you ask us about one of the best-reviewed Bad Boy mowers, that can be Bad Boy ZT Elite among the Zero Turn mowers.

Final Words

Despite all these errors and issues that might take place in a Bad Boy mower, it is still one of the best Zero Turn mowers.

Because it is hard to find something flawless. There are always some problems associated with a product that you’ll face after a certain time of using it.

Therefore, we would advise you not to take the above-mentioned problems as a reason to not buy them. Since there are several more reasons to buy it and it’s better to focus on those.

We hope this article could help you solve the Bad Boy mowers problems you might be facing if you have one.

And if you don’t but are planning to buy one, then, you can bookmark this article for future assistance.

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  1. I have a 2007 61″ lighting series, with a 26hp pro water-cooled Kawasaki engine. When starting it initally sounds and feels like it’s missing on one cylinder and within a minute or less it revs up smooth and runs fine. As soon as the mower deck is energized it goes back into the same running problem barley able to pull itself with the deck energized. I installed new plugs, but didn’t help?? Any suggestions??

  2. I have a badboy mower that i’m getting ready for the season. It will only start(and run) with jumper cables attached to the battery terminals. As soon as I remove one of the cables, it will die. Any thoughts?

  3. Bought a brand new maverick from tractor supply couple years back the blades will not engage quit mowing one night go to crank it up the next day nothing PTO switch seems to be good tested it the only way I can get the clutch to engage is a hot wire to it checked all the safeties if anybody could please help me with my issue would be greatly appreciated I have bought two of these machines they are great never had any problems till now thank you and have a good day.

  4. Janette Marie Sivertson

    I have replaced the brake cable but it does not hold the mower
    in park. it will start but the mower moves over the trailer when the park brake is on. How do you fix this?

  5. I HAVE 3 BAD BOY Revolt zero turn mowers. We keep breaking the Turn buckles WHY? Is there a design problem? Are others having the same problems.

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