8 Lawn Mower Brands to Avoid [And Why You Should Avoid Them]

A lawnmower is an integral part of every lawn. A quality grass cutter or mower is your go-to tool to cut grass at the desired height.

But if it’s not from a trusted and good brand, having a lush lawn will be a nightmare. That’s why I have a made a list of 8 lawn mower brands to avoid to prevent future disappointments.

In this write-up, we will discuss those least-trusted brands avoid including the reasons why. Also, you will find which brand you can trust.

8 Lawn Mower Brands You Should Avoid

lawn mower brands to avoid

If I were you, I would avoid these below-mentioned brands:

  • Craftsman
  • Earthwise
  • Troy-Bilt
  • Cub Cadet
  • Stihl
  • Swisher
  • Wright standard
  • Yazoo kees
  • Dixie Chopper and more

Now, we are going to focus on the 8 worse brands that are the most avoiding in today’s market.

1. The Craftsman 

To many people out there, it’s a good brand. In fact, I wrote a hillside mowers review where I have included this brand. But it has some disappointing lawnmowers as well.

The reason I had to put this on the list is because no one doesn’t want to invest his/her valuable money to waste and NOT all of their model is doing great.

If you buy the Craftsman mower model no. 37420, you will be disappointed like the many. The main disgusting thing is that the Craftsman 37420 doesn’t come with any clipping bag.

Without using the bagging system, you have to walk behind this mower and need to accumulate grasses or objects again. It’s a bad experience for every gardener.

The reasonable price of the Craftsman is not enough when you are dissatisfied. Alternatively, you don’t get the long-lasting feature is offered by other brands.

So, why do you buy the low-performance mower of that particular model? If you increase the budget, you can get high-quality mowers from this same brand too.

2. Earthwise

According to many experienced mower owners, the Earthwise 60318 and Earthwise 60220 are quite low-quality lawnmowers. But, this brand is not bad at all times.

The Earthwise mower is a little expensive and it doesn’t include an electric push that is easier to use. The Earthwise 60220 mower has one drawback, not good for work quickly.

More so, it doesn’t include modern lithium batteries, just use outdated normal lead-acid.

So, these types of mowers are not capable of cutting grass properly for long hours. If you don’t want to waste your money, you can get an electric mower instead of any battery-powered mower.

Alternatively, due to its battery issue and low performance, a lot of customers expressed their disappointment in many forums.

Perhaps, the manufacturer company should pay attention to these disappointments and act accordingly to increase their game.

3. Poulan Pro

They have been delivering gas-powered strong lawn mowers for some time. Yes, they are durable and the engine performance is great and durable.

But those are the only good things about this brand. At least that’s what the homeowners are talking about on several forums.

Some homeowners faced trouble mowing their bumpy lawns. Let me explain why…

The mowers from this brand are said to be made of cheap materials and it’s incredibly difficult to make any smooth movement.

Cheaply made wheel adjuster, too much vibration on the deck, and eventually losing cutting precision have made it a least-favorable lawn mower brand among homeowners.

When you lose the cutting precision, it can cut too short and damage the lawn grass. Eventually, it will damage the look of your lawn.

People love affordable stuff but not something cheaply made! And it makes sense about the quality of their mowers. Just look at their customer satisfaction ratings and you can judge yourself.

4. Sun Joe

It’s a good brand for other home improvement sectors. Their power washers are really good and have made a name for the brand!

But the lawn mowers of this brand are something to avoid if you are buying your first lawn mower. Let me explain why…

Yes, lots of first-time lawn owners prefer this brand because of its lower price range. It’s not true always but lower cost also means lower quality most of the time.

So, you can find lots of complaints about the poor construction of Sun Joe lawn mowers on various lawn forums. I even checked some e-commerce sites and read some reviews.

The poor construction was a major concern for lots of people!

Because of the poor construction, the performance of their lawn mowers is not up to the mark according to various review sites. They are very prone to break!

5. Troy-Bilt TB100

Though Troy-Bilt is a well-known brand and produces numerous quality products. But, its TB 100 can be a bad choice because of not having the essential clipping.

If you want to have bagging clippings, you should avoid the Troy-Bilt TB100. Most of the customers don’t like to spend time collecting their clippings due to bagging problems.

Its other characteristics are not awful but all features and benefits are useless when you have to walk behind the mower and leaves & grasses scatter the ground.

Think hard and take your time before you decide to get this model. Before going to purchase, you must check the reviews from other people.

6. Troy-Bilt TB240

The TB240 is another poor-performing lawn mower that comes from the same brand Troy-Bilt. Like the Troy-Bilt TB100, it is another kind of gas self-propelled mower.

The price is not less than other brands but you face the bagging clippings problem.

On the other hand, if you like to walk behind the mower and don’t be bothered, you can try this. For a small yard, it can be a good chance.

But, large areas are not suitable for use in this TB240 low-speed mower. In this case, gardeners should avoid this type of mower.

7. Stihl RMA 370

Stihl RMA 370 is too expensive but the poor quality of the mower, although Stihl is my favorite and good brand. It is not too ugly looking.

The manufacturer made this using the poor grade electric push that is not qualified to use for a long period.

Plus, the deck size is not wide enough to mow comfortably in the yard, almost fifteen inches. This is because you have to invest extra time to do this work.

If you are an active & busy person, you can avoid this brand. The good side is it’s containing a lithium-ion battery that is not sufficient to cover the all bad conclusions.

High-price but poor performance is the main problem.

8. Cub Cadet SC500Z

The Cub Cadet SC500Z is another avoiding mower because of the walking behind the system. And, this low-quality lawnmower comes gas-powered.

Another problem is its lack of effective bagging clippings. It is one kind of bad feeling for a busy person.

People don’t like to spend more money to buy any product where quality is not promising. In this case, the Cub Cadet SC500Z is a little expensive.

My Observation

I want to make myself very clear. Not all the models from the above-mentioned brands are not bad. Some of them, have some very popular models.

And the list is made based on my research on what most lawn owners are talking about in the major forums and in their reviews on major e-commerce platforms.

That being said, there are numerous brands and products you find in the market today. Some are nice but some of the brands are not good enough. It’s easy to get lost!

If you don’t have the right information, you will end up with a bad one and suffer for a very long time.

When most people recommend a brand, you should trust that.

What Are The Main Characteristics of Least-trusted Lawn Mower Brands?


Two types of mowers are available in the market such as gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered mowers are very common and work with engine oils. Contrary to the electric mowers work by battery-powered.

For the large areas, the gas-powered mowers are better. Battery-powered mowers are also better but not suitable for providing proper backup if you have a vast yard.

As a smart Gardner, you always try to keep the mower neat and clean. That’s not enough to get a long-lasting impression.

Because some brands are not user-friendly and are good for mowing. If you buy one of the worst brands, you never enjoy it and your working time.

So, the best way is to learn the main factors in the bad quality lawn mowers before going to buy.

  • Excess Colorful Design The bulky

Who doesn’t like to get attractive colors and designs? But, for selecting lawn mowers, homogenizers should avoid the excess colorful machines.

Over-design makes mowers poor quality and they don’t work perfectly and fast. They are probably worse brands.

This is because you should look at the simple designs but more effective lawnmowers. That helps to work with confidence.

  • Bulky Or too short 

The bulky or too short lawn mower is not suitable for the homeowners. And, this type of mower brand is unpleasant and disheartening.

For bulky and heavier machines, you have to need to provide more force. By investing more force, sometimes you don’t get clear mowing from these weighty mowers.

Alternatively, too short deck size is not comfortable for walking behind. So, you should avoid this type of lawn mower brand.

  • Hard to Start

If the mowers don’t start quickly, you should also avoid them. Because their engines may be backdated and traditional.

Don’t think that this problem can be solved a few days later or while using it regularly. However, there are some solutions when lawn mower bogs down in thick grass.

  • Not Good Warranty

No warranty, no security! If your favorite brands don’t give a great warranty, you should avoid them.

You have to appoint those lawnmowers whose manufactures offer at least one year to two years guarantees as well as benefits of free servicing.

It doesn’t matter if you desire to purchase electric or gas-powered lawn mowers. Without minimum one-year confirmation services, you don’t go through that worse burden.

  • Inferior Battery

Last but not least, the battery is also considered to buy any battery-operated mower. If possible, check the type of battery.

Most of the customers don’t like to use the poor-quality lithium battery. So, you can avoid that brand.

  • Too Low Price/ Expensive But Poor Quality 

Price is a vital issue when you want to buy high-quality lawnmowers. The standard cost of the maximum brand is 40$ to 100$.

For this reason, if you notice less than 40$ mower brands, you should avoid them. Because something wrong is presented.

You have to also ignore the too expensive but poor quality brands.

  • White Color Smoke

Another important thing is that you will check whether the smoke from the mower is white or black. Try to avoid a little white color smoke that is harmful than black smoke.

White smoke contains a corrupt burst. So, these mower brands should be ignored.

High-Quality Brands You Have To Know

how to stop lawn mower from smoking

At this moment, we are going to discuss some high-quality and well-known lawn mower brands perfect for your gardening functions.

Before going into details, we present here the name of the well-regarded brands. Be sure you also appoint these favorite lawnmowers.

  • Greenworks
  • Yard Force
  • Honda
  • Power Smart
  • Toro

See the below details.


EGO is another popular brand, you know. EGO LM2135SP Mower is a combination of battery-powered and self-propelled. This model is quite special for its strong and powerful battery life.

There is no doubt that you can use at least one hour after one time of charging.

Instead of gas-powered lawn mowers, it is too easy to maintain and drive. For smooth cuts, it provides two sharp blades and manageable speed controlling ways.

Price doesn’t factor in when you enjoy all kinds of benefits from the  EGO LM2135SP Lawn Mower. Its customer review is also good. You get a great warranty from the manufacturer.


Experienced lawn owners prefer this brand for the incredible durability and reliability of the lawn mowers the brand offers.

Most of the lawn mower models of the brand have a 21-inch cutting deck for excellent cutting capabilities. Also, the cast-aluminum build body is simply rust-resistant years after years!

For the engine performance, many have confirmed that it runs smooth and you can actually feel its power! Many have expressed their satisfaction regarding the bagging and mulching capabilities as well.

And don’t worry about mowing hillside lawns. The strong rear-wheel drive is just perfect for those hilly terrains.

When the drive bar is pushed, their mowers go faster. Thanks to the personal pace system of those lawn mowers!

Black + Decker

Well, I am not a fan of all of their mowers. In fact, some people call it a least-preferable lawn mower brand too. Most of the time, they are not wrong.

But their 3-in-1 lawn mower is making a huge buzz among the lawn enthusiasts. Due to its minimal footprint feature, it’s portable and you can mow even narrow flower beds!

So, people who have lawns with problematic grass love this brand. Because the lawn mower does not get stuck while handling such grass and weeds.

What is so interesting about this lawn mower is that you can have either the cordless or the corded version of the lawn mower!

Both of them are lightweight and have 2 adjustable cutting heights. Also, the 20-V Lithium-ion battery is very powerful and long-lasting. The battery gets recharged quickly as well.

Lots of least-reliable lawn mower brands are out there and people are having serious trouble with the transmission problem with their mowers from these brands.

What I have gathered is that the gear-driven transmission of the mower offered by Black and Decker can constantly maintain the speed along with automatic line advancement.

American Lawn Mower Company

I am not a big fan of all of their mowers but the push reel mower is something you can consider if you have a smaller lawn to mow.

This lawn mower is only recommended when a gas mower will be overkill.

But don’t underestimate the push mower!

With a scissor cut action, the 5-blades mower comes with 12-inches of cutting and great maneuverability. Thanks to its 8.5-inch polymer wheel as well.

You can adjust its mowing height too. Yes, the American Push Reel mower comes with an adjustable mowing height of 1 to 1.75-inches.

The push reel mower comes with everything to keep your lawn neat and you will get a pleasant mowing experience. The comfortable grip and long handle ensure your utmost comfort while pushing.

As for the blades, they are made of high-quality steel, and once sharpened; you don’t have to re-sharpen them for the next 3 to 5 years.

It’s suitable for lawn grass up to 3-inches taller and it’s completely environment friendly. So, no restriction wherever you live!


Most of the Honda brand’s products are excellent for all types of customers, especially Honda HRX217VKA Mower comes with much amazing usefulness.

This twenty-one-inch self-propelled mower is used to cut at an accurate height. Blades are sharp and strong so you can keep your lawns healthy and lush.

It offers an adequate price but is made from first-quality ingredients. Its bagging feature helps to do this quickly and easily.

Even no one can ignore its large and effective 200 cc engine. This is because you can set up and drive with ease.


Greenworks is one of the most popular brands in the market and my beloved Greenworks 25223 and Greenworks 25142 Electric Lawn Mower.

Where the Greenwoods 25223 lawn mower comes with ten inches rear tires, enough to large. It ensures smooth riding and helps for removing lots of obstacles without any problem.

Dual batteries and three valuable fitness make it more user-friendly. Another thing is that its price is not high or not low, just standard according to the quality.

On the other hand, Greenworks Electric Lawnmower is also ideal for cutting through the more thick grass. It is super easy to use and adjust at any height.

Another thing is the easy setup system. Due to its light in weight, any gardener can transfer and store the Greenworks mowers without any hassle.

Yard Force 

Another outstanding model name is Yard Force YOLMX225300, which comes to provide high-power and strong batteries. A single change will give you the power of running for at least 100 minutes.

Its twenty-two inches steel deck is perfect for maintaining & cutting grasses properly. The manufacturer designed it to clean cut.

You can’t dislike the bagging process that supports working quickly. The handle of this model is the folding system, so you can store it anywhere after using it. It is not heavyweight and not expensive.


The PowerSmart DB2322S model is also a self-propelled and higher quality lawn mower that especially works for mowing the tallest and toughest terrace within a short time.

Plus, you don’t need to apply more power to start this machine. It also provides a comfortable handle.

It comes with four strokes & a single-cylinder engine. So, homeowners have not mixed oil with gas while cutting.

The most highlighted thing is, you get the three years warranty and long-term customer service from the company. Five situation height adjustment system makes it fantastic than others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the worst lawn mowers?

Earthwise, Stihl, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, etc. are some of the worst lawn mower brands out there.

What is the most reliable brand of lawn mower?

John Deere, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Greenworks, Toro, etc. are some of the most trusted lawn mower brands.

What are the most reliable push lawn mowers?

Troy-Bilt TB105, Cub Cadet SC100HW, Yard Machines 11A-B0S5700, and Lawn-Boy 10736 are some of the reliable push lawn mowers.


Not-so-good brands can’t provide you satisfactory results. You will end up with disappointments for sure. Even some popular brands sometimes produce the worst lawnmowers.

To save yourself from harassment and save your money, get it from trusted brands that most homeowners recommend.

The top-quality lawn mower is the best choice for every garden lover. But, sometimes people make the wrong decision without knowing all about it. So, it is fundamental to check the poorer brands.

Already, you have understood some of the lowest quality of the lawnmower brands that should be forgone.

So, you should be aware of those above-mentioned 8 lawn mower brands to avoid and get yours from the recommended brand.

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  1. I notice you recommend the Greenworks brand! I had a bad experience with that company, and will never buy any of their mowers. I have a 2014 lithium battery mower, worked perfect, in fact, the motor still does, but company quit making the batteries, and when mine quit taking a charge, my mower is now a useless piece of junk!. I called the factory, they sent me a battery they found in the warehouse they thought might work. It did not. I took the old ones to a regular repair shop, no help there. Bottom line is Greenworks, decided when my the life of my mower was over, and that was that. I will NEVER buy any of their junk again.

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