Riptide Vs. Hammer-Head Pool Vacuum: Which One To Pick?

Thousands of pool vacuums are prevalent in the current market. Now, the question is, how will you know which one is the best? From the pool of pool vacuums, we have come down to two of the best.

And when you know all the details and differentiating factors between Riptide vs. Hammerhead pool vacuum, you will know which one to choose.

We would say that both function perfectly, but there still remains some differentiation. Let’s check out which pool vacuum is the best for you. Stay with me for a while.

Differences Between Riptide And Hammer-Head Pool Vacuum

Riptide vs. Hammerhead pool vacuum

I will talk about both of them in detail, but first, let’s see how they are different from each other very first:

  • Portability

In terms of portability, Riptide has some ultra-portable models like the Riptide XL.

  • Cart Design

Riptide pool vacuums have carts that allow them to remain on track. Hammerhead pool vacuum has no side-to-side battery connection. Thus, connecting a cart becomes tough at times.

  • Color

Hammerhead has a white body with blue pipes wrapped around it. On the contrary, Riptide has blue pipes and a blue body.

  • Vacuum head

The vacuum head of Riptide pool vacuums has endplates made of stainless steel. Whereas Hammerhead has a vacuum head composed of stainless hardware.

  • Battery access

While Hammerhead has an easy battery access system, Riptide has no such part. Thus, Riptide is prone to corrosion, overheating, and possibly explosion.

  • Other features

Both have some distinctive features. For instance, Hammerhead has a chem-caddy accessory tray. It stores liquid or dry chemical bottles or any other thing you can think of.

Riptide has a high torque motor that makes it the most powerful pool vacuum to date.

Riptide Pool Vacuum

Riptide pool vacuum

Riptide pool vacuums have taken the market by storm. Pulling the grass through surfaces – grass, sand, dirt, or even gravel – is no less than a breeze.

Some of them are portable, boasting carts and hitch mounts to get carried on a truck or trailer’s back.

Riptide cleaners come with a battery load tester, which can enhance battery life. Even more, it gives a warranty of 10 years on a long cord, stainless steel knuckle, and vacuum head sides.

Imagine your life with this fantastic equipment. Move around the pool deck and other complex spaces with a riptide pool vacuum.

Reason To Choose Riptide Pool Vacuum

Here are some good reasons to pick Riptide over Hammerhead:

  • Locking Bag Method

On the plastic lip at the top, the pool vacuum has a special locking bag inserted. The bags tend to remain firmly closed. Initially, you might come across some problems that will fade away easily later.

The locking bag comes out automatically when one of its side tabs is held. Furthermore, the bag has a 100-micron screening ability.

  • Vacuum System

If you want an easy solution to put away debris from your pool, its side, or any corner, Riptide has your back. It has a vacuum system that removes debris.

Its high battery-powered cleaner gathers using a small micron bag.

While traveling, the vacuum head will not break off. Just it changing the handle of the cart to a bottom place, you can remove the vacuum head.

Therefore, there’s no need for you to fret over the vacuum while walking to a pool or driving.

  • Part Replacement

The pool vacuum’s motor functions without any power cord. Without any hardship, you can install a power cord. Using this feature, users can easily replace a part as the motor shortly.

  • High Torque Motor

For making this cleaner the most efficient vacuum, the high torque motor employs the most differentiated metals present in the market.

  • Cord Reel

As the cord reel is 45 feet long, it provides enough space to retain the entire cable. Twist the cord in such a way that it stays side-by-side in 2 rows.

You will ace this skill after several practice sessions.

  • Quick Snap Pole Coupler

Connect the pool pole to the vacuum using this quick snap pole coupler.

Hammer-Head Pool Vacuum

Hammerhead pool vacuum

Another popular pool vacuum that works for all public pools is Hammerhead Pool Vacuum. It can be easily set up. Debris pickup becomes a breeze with its easy-to-clean bags and high capacity.

If you would like to clean up the mess in your pool, giving less effort and time, the Hammerhead pool vacuum is a wise choice.

This pool vacuum arrives with sharp edges. You can easily maneuver through the tight spots using this tool.

In any water park, condos, and pool, this hammerhead pool vacuum can be used.

Reasons To Pick Hammerhead Pool Vacuum Over Riptide

  • Vacuum System

It cleans the little branches of trees, debris, and sand from the floor of the swimming pool. The vacuum system boasts a 30” wide vacuum head and a 60 feet long power cord.

  • Parts

Using easy hand tools, you can replace any of the parts. Moreover, many cleaners parts can be exchanged among the vacuum carts and heads.

  • Battery Box

The Hammerhead pool vacuum comes with an HH5056 battery box, which also contains a unique 3-piece structure.

Its battery terminals are exposed, pushing it towards corrosion, burning, and even explosion.

Shield the battery from rain, sun, snow, and pool water using this battery box.

  • Two Blade Propellers

Hammerhead has a twisting blade that offers more vertical room around the edges to collect larger debris than Riptide pool vacuum.

It helps to clean a bigger surface with a 21” wide vacuum heaf having a thurst motor of 20 lb internal pressure.

  • Storage Bag

In this storage bag, you can hoard debris, liquid or dry chemical bottles, or test trips.

  • Battery Meter

It provides an LED battery meter. Figure out the power and performance issues if you get to know about the battery level using the amazing feature.

  • Material

The Hammerhead vacuum frame is really lightweight and coated with powdered aluminum.

Final Words

That’s a wrap for now. Now that you have seen Riptide vs. Hammerhead pool vacuum, you can select which pool vacuum is the ideal one for you. Choose the one that tailors to your purpose and need.

Pool vacuums have made cleaning a lot easier. No matter which one you go for, it will facilitate your work. If you still face some difficulties, go through the features again and pick the best one.

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