Kobalt 80V Mower Problems: Common Reasons And Troubleshooting

It is more essential than ever to have a lawnmower that suits your yard as well as your budget. Kobalt 80V mower has both features.

It is one of the most trusted self-propelled lawn mowers in America.

But once in a while, you may face some problems. There are many tips and tricks we’ll let you know today to help you solve your Kobalt 80V mower problems.

You will also see why it’s a good one to have! Keep reading!

Common Problems of Kobalt 80V Mower

Kobalt 80v mower problems

Before I dig deep, have a look at its common problems first:

  • Starting problem
  • Beeping issue.
  • Cuts grass unevenly
  • High vibration
  • Mulching problem

Yard mowers must be treated with caution. It would be best if you read the user’s guide before using it to learn more about the software and its operating system.

However, you can encounter some difficulties or issues while using it. The following are some of the most popular Kobalt 80V Mower issues:

  • Kobalt 80V Mower Not Starting

When your lawnmower doesn’t operate, the first thing you can do is check the batteries.

It’s possible that you forgot to charge your battery after the last time you used it or that your battery’s switch is defective.

So, before you use it, check your battery gauge to make sure it’s fully charged.

Another possibility is that your mower’s blades have been clogged with grass. In this case, remove the batteries and clean under the deck to remove the grasses that have become stuck.

Your batteries might also need to be replaced. So, it would be best if you changed your batteries as soon as possible for your mower to start working properly.

  • Kobalt 80V Mower Beeping

Another common issue with lawnmowers is that they can make beeping noises. Your mower might be clogged, or the battery may be faulty in this situation.

Examine the blades and deck to see if they are clean. You can also inspect your mower’s electric connections.

Your mower’s connections can become clogged at times, resulting in strange noises coming from it.

You can clean the copper windings and connections of the motor by spraying it with an electronic motor cleaner.

  • Kobalt 80V Mower Cuts Grass Unevenly

You may notice that your mower is not cutting the grass uniformly on occasion.

This can happen if your lawn is uneven or has rough grass or if your mower’s cutting height isn’t set correctly.

If your yard is not uniformly scaled, you can inspect it for rough or irregular areas and have them leveled. Again, if the blades’ cutting height is incorrect, they must be adjusted.

Your blades do not need to be positioned at a precise height. You’ll have to change them to suit your yard’s height.

The average lawn should be between 1-1/2 and 2 inches tall during the cool months and between 2 and 3-1/4 inches tall during the hot months.

  • Kobalt 80V Mower Vibrates at High Speed

You can note that your mower is unexpectedly vibrating at a high rate. Typically, gas-powered mowers vibrate in this manner, but self-propelled mowers are better because they lack this function.

If your mower vibrates like this at high speed, it’s possible that your blades aren’t balanced or that your motor shaft is bent.

If you feel like your blades are not working fine, examine the blades and understand the causes.

If the blades are damaged, then make sure to replace them immediately before using them. If you think your blades are not balanced, then sharpen them or replace them.

If you suspect the motor shaft has been damaged and is causing unnecessary vibration when running the mower, stop using it right away and have it professionally serviced.

  • Kobalt 80V Does Not Mulch Properly

Mulching blades are built to finely cut grass and return it to your lawn to help feed it. These blades may become ineffective due to various factors such as wet grass in your yard, dull battery, tall grass, etc.

If the wet grasses are causing your mower to not mulch properly, wait till the grasses dry before you start to trim your yard again.

Wet grasses are heavier than dry ones. That is why they tend to jam the blades and cause problems.

Again, tall grasses are not for trimming, whereas the job of a mower is to trim grasses. Tall grasses are more like to clog the blades.

Why Kobalt 80V Mower Is Still A Good One?

Kobalt 80v mower

Knowing a product’s features allows you to determine whether it is a good match for your needs. You might make the mistake of buying a lawnmower solely based on its ratings.

However, the mower may not be appropriate for your yard. As a result, issues can occur when using it.

Kobalt 80V Mower is a decent buy if you want a battery-operated mower. In terms of the mower’s consistency, it appears to be very fine.

We are providing you with some of its detailed features.

  • On a fully charged 6.0 Ah pack, your mower can get up to 80 minutes of runtime.
  • The mower is a rear-wheel-drive self-propelled vehicle, and it has variable speed control, which would help you set the perfect pace.
  • The collapsible handle allows you to store it almost anywhere vertically.
  • Based on changing grass conditions from area to area, its auto-sensing technology lets you automatically adjust the motor output for greater power or runtime.
  • It has single-lever height adjustment, allowing you to select from seven different height settings; the brushless motor provides more power and torque.
  • It has three different ways to cut but only one design option: rear container, mulch, or side discharge. The onboard indicator allows you to keep track of the remaining battery charge.

These were some common Kobalt 80V mower problems. Maintain the mower with care for it to give you its best performance and for your safety as well.

Maintain the sharpness and cleanliness of the mower blade. Mower blades are razor-sharp and capable of cutting.

When servicing, use extra care to clean the gloves and always wear your gloves. Check them for proper operation regularly.

You would be able to overcome the majority of the issues, as mentioned earlier this way.

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11 thoughts on “Kobalt 80V Mower Problems: Common Reasons And Troubleshooting”

  1. Lowe’s no longer carries the 80-volt cordless mower, at least in the Chicago area. The coil tension spring that holds the height adjustment in place broke on mine and I called the 1-888-356-2258 number. Since my mower is still under warranty they told me to go to Lowe’s and they would replace the mower. I was surprised they would replace the mower instead of the spring. At the Lowes store, they told me the 80-volt mower was no longer sold. They checked with their corporate office and they confirmed that.

  2. We love or 80 Volt Kobalt self propelled mower, but even the slowest walking speed is too fast. Can it be adjusted to walk a little bit slower?

  3. I bought my 80V RWD lawn mower in Aug. 2018. after the first year, I noticed battery life decline, even with 2 batteries (2.5Ah) I could only get 20-25 min each. Recently, (May 2022) one of the batteries failed to charge, 2 weeks later the other one failed to charge. I looked online and saw that replacement batteries cost $299 (new) at Lowe’s, $150 on Amazon and $90-$100 (used on Ebay). I think I’m going back to a gas mower, I moved and have a much bigger yard, I was using the mower to edge and to get into all the spots my zero turn does not fit. for the initial $700 price tag I expected this to last longer.

  4. I love this mower but it has a major flaw in the drive system. If you try to power up a slope over 15%, the drive quits leaving you dangerously stranded. Is there a way to disable that sensor and switch? This is my third season of mowing a large, terraced yard. thank you!

  5. Has anyone had an issue with the self-propelled feature. Our just stopped working. There’s nothing about any adjustments in the care section of the manual. And I can’t find any videos either.

    I love this mower, and we have a great one. I will admit that I’m very adamant about taking care to clean and properly store the mower, the battery and the charger.

  6. My mower started fine but stopped in about a min. Turned it upside down and used a blower to clean it off. Waited about 10 min. Started again and stopped again after 1min. Saw some water drain out when I turned up side down. Will not start at all now. Put in garage to dry out. Is this a problem with them if exposed to dampness?

  7. My mower has been working fine; today I had a problem getting the mower to start. Tapped the “button” and pulled the “blue metal bar” and the mower started. Once I was finished I was unable to get the mower started again. (battery is charged and also has been changed – I have 2 batteries). Anyone have any ideas of why the “starter button – cable connection” is having issues? If show – how to resolve?
    Thank you in advance!!!

  8. The rear wheel bearings need to be replaced, but the sad thing is they don’t have them in stock that I can not find.

    1. For a Kobalt 80V mower, if the blade is not turning when you’re trying to mow, it’s essential to first ensure that it’s not a simple issue such as a blocked blade or a safety feature preventing the blade from engaging. Here are a few steps you can take:

      Safety Check: Make sure the safety key is in place and the battery is fully charged and properly seated.

      Clear Obstructions: Turn off the mower and remove the battery. Check underneath for any obstructions that might be hindering the blade’s movement.

      Blade Engagement: Ensure that the blade engagement mechanism or lever is functioning properly.

      If you’ve gone through these steps and the mower blade still won’t turn, it’s likely a mechanical or electrical issue that needs professional attention.

      To get your Kobalt 80V mower looked at, you have a few options:

      Authorized Service Center: Check the user manual or the Kobalt website for information on authorized service centers. These are often the best places to take your mower for repair as they have the necessary expertise and access to parts.

      Local Repair Shops: Many local hardware or outdoor power equipment stores offer repair services or can recommend a reputable service shop.

      Lowe’s: Since Kobalt is a brand often associated with Lowe’s, you can contact your local Lowe’s store, as they may offer repair services for Kobalt products or can direct you to a nearby service center.

      Contact Kobalt: Reach out to Kobalt customer service directly. They can provide you with information on warranty coverage (if applicable) and where to take your mower for service.

      Online Support: Kobalt or Lowe’s may have online support where you can chat or email a representative for advice on troubleshooting or finding a service center.

      Before you take the mower in for service, ensure you have your receipt and any warranty information, as this will be helpful if the product is still under warranty. If the issue is covered by the warranty, you should be able to get it repaired without any additional cost. If it’s not under warranty, they’ll be able to give you a quote for the repair.

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