How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV? A Step By Step Guide

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console. You can use it as a tablet for gaming. You have others options too!

Does a Nintendo Switch connect to a TV? A lot of people have that question. If you are one of them, this article is for you.

Imagine, your friends or cousins are staying over. Now is the perfect time to bring out your Nintendo Switch.

You can connect it to a TV and have a fun and bonding gaming session. Wondering how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV? All the necessary steps are listed here for you.

Connecting a Nintendo Switch to a TV

how to connect Nintendo switch to tv

Connecting a Nintendo Switch to a TV is a simple process. We have broken it down into easy steps for you to follow along. The steps are as follows:

  1. Finding The Dock Of Your Switch

The dock is a rectangular, black-colored charging accessory. It comes with your Nintendo Switch.

If by any chance you have lost yours, you can buy replacements from Nintendo.

  1. Opening The Back Cover

You will find a small hinged door on the back of the dock. Open it and there you will find three labeled ports.

These are the USB-C power input or AC Adapter, the HDMI output, and a USB 3.0 port for additional storage.

  1. Plugging In Your USB-C Power Input

Plug in the USB-C power input or the AC adapter into the top port. The other end of the AC adapter connects to a power outlet. Make sure the power outlet is working properly.

  1. Connecting an HDMI Lead

You need to connect one end of it to the Nintendo Switch HDMI cable output in the dock. Again, connect the other end to any HDMI port on your television.

  1. Placing The Nintendo Switch Into The Dock

Route the cable through the notch in the dock and close the small door. Now, put the Switch into the dock carefully.

Make sure the charging ports are correctly lined up with the connectors inside the dock.

  1. Removing your ‘Joy-Cons’

Hold the small black button on the back on each side of the Switch. Gently lift them to detach the joy-cons from the switch.

You will need to do this step if your intention is to use JOY-cons for docked play.

  1. Turning on the switch and setting your TV to the correct HDMI channel

Use any controller of your choice to wake up the Nintendo Switch.  Find the correct HDMI channel on your TV for the proper setting.

Now, watch this video to check it visually.

Important Reminders About Connecting Switch To TV

  • Read the User Manual properly to understand all the parts of the Switch. Be careful of all the ‘Dos and Don’ts’. Learn about all the functions and specialties available with the Switch.
  • Keep the User Manual in a safe place.
  • Remember that your TV has to be HDMI compatible for it to connect to a Nintendo Switch.
  • Note, Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a revised version, does not connect to TVs. The characteristic to connect to TVs is very exclusive to the original Nintendo Switch.
  • The Nintendo Switch allows up to 8 controllers to play at a time.

What to Do If It Still Does Not Show Up on TV

Your Nintendo Switch may not show up on TV even after going through the setup process. It is often a problem for beginner gamers. It may happen because of a loose setup.

If you are facing such an issue, inspect all the connections. Make sure the power lead and HDMI lead are firmly connected to the dock.

If not, the Nintendo Switch might identify the setting as handheld mode and behave accordingly. Also, check the electricity power supply connection.

You need to cycle through your TV’s HDMI channels slowly, giving each channel enough time to load. Most of the time, your problem will be solved by a quick connection inspection.

Connecting Nintendo Switch To TV Without The Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo switch

Let’s say you have misplaced your dock or forgot to bring it over to a sleepover.

You can make temporary make-shift docks to connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV in the following ways.

  • Find a standard USB-C to HDMI adapter that has three similar inputs as to the Dock of the Nintendo Switch and a USB-C output.
  • Mount the Switch on a stand or lay it flat on a surface close to the TV.
  • Now, you have to connect the USB-C power cable and HDMI cable to the USB-C to HDMI adapter.
  • Join the adapter to the Nintendo Switch.
  • Finally, make sure to connect the adapter to a power outlet.

If you have lost your dock, Nintendo sells replacements. Though it can be pricey. But it is still a good investment of your money because you do not want to damage your Nintendo Switch.

Warning! Warning!

An alternative for Dock cannot be a permanent solution. Foreign adapters and cables can harm and cause damage to the Switch. Some important warnings for you:

  • Not all USBs and HDMI adapters would support the Nintendo Switch. Though many common ones do, still there is a chance that the ones you have laying around are not the right ones.
  • Always make sure to put your Switch in a way where the fanning is not hindered.

You have to do it at your own risk. Temporary connections will not damage the device immediately.

Cable connections can be a good alternative in times of emergency, but not for prolonged permanent use.

Why You Should Connect Your Nintendo Switch to Your TV

The Nintendo Switch allows a maximum of eight players over a single local connection. The number is much higher than its market competitors.

As a user, you must take full advantage of it. The Switch is an expensive gaming device. The price is justified by its versatility and mobility.

So, if you have a TV, you should connect it to the switch and take your gaming experience to the next level.

If you have guests over, you can engage everyone in the game. Besides, looking at a bigger screen is always advised while playing video games.

You can enjoy your Mario Kart on your big screen without having to worry about your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Nintendo switch not connecting to my TV?

Answer: The most common reason could be that you are not using the right input on your TV set. Try using a different HDMI port and make sure the TV resolution is the same as the settings on your Nintendo console.

Can a Nintendo switch play on TV?

Answer: Yes, your Nintendo switch is perfectly capable to play on TV.

Does Nintendo Switch Lite connect to TV?

Answer: No. It does not have the required internal hardware to connect to the TV because it’s a dedicated handheld device.

Which is better Nintendo switch or switch Lite?

Answer: That depends on how you want to play games. If you like to play games on TV, you need the Nintendo switch. So to me, the switch is better than the Switch Lite.

Final Note

In this article, we have simplified connecting process into many steps. It may seem like a lot of work. But once you get to it, you will realize how easy and simple it is.

By mirroring your Switch on the TV, you will be able to have a more rewarding gaming experience.

Relive the joy and excitement of handheld remote gaming as well as big-screen gaming with the Nintendo Switch console.

This article has already helped you to know how to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV. So it’s time to enjoy!

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