Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems: Common Reasons And Troubleshooting

Looking for warmth in your modest home? Want a petite stove that can take care of your cooking needs?

Well, the Cubic Mini Wood Stove might just be the appliance you need.

However, whilst owning one, you may run into some problems. We will go over some common Cubic Mini Wood Stove problems and discuss fixes.

Common Problems of Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Cubic mini wood stove problems

For now, let’s check its problems:

  • Problematic Flue Pipe
  • Foul Smell From Stove
  • Smoking Issue
  • Other Problems

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves are reliable appliances serving people well. However, you still may run into some problems while using them.

Some of these problems stem from the stove itself, others could simply be usability issues.

Common problems are illustrated below:

  • Problems With Flue Pipe

The flue pipe essentially acts as the chimney of the system. The flue pipe extends above the stove as it passes the smoke out of the system.

In order for it to work properly, it must be able to create a draft properly. The pipe should be well insulated so that colder temperature outside doesn’t make it lose its heat.

Without a draft, the stove cannot function well. The draft is created due to an upward motion of air, which pulls the air from behind it into the stove.

Without a hot and insulated flue pipe, the draft is not created properly.

  • Unwanted Smell

Some brand new mini wood stoves may smell of paint for a few days or a week while being used. This is a non-recurring issue and should be gone in a matter of a few days.

If the smell is persistent, there might be faults with your system and you can contact your dealer for a replacement.

  • Added Smoking From The Stove

In some cases, you may observe a noticeable amount of additional smoke emitting from your cubic mini stove.

This could create a real problem as too much smoke indoors is unwanted and can cause breathing issues.

This problem may occur for a number of reasons. Firstly, the door not being properly sealed to the stove could be an issue.

This might be caused by a worn-out gasket in the door. A loose seal will allow a lot of smoke to escape into the room.

Another reason for unwanted smoking is clogged-up ventilation passages. The vent pipe/chimney could get clogged because of debris, smoke deposits causing more smoke to accumulate in the firebox.

Fixing Cubic Mini Stove’s Problems

Cubic mini wood stove

Once you have identified the nature of the problem you are encountering, you can move forward and find a solution specific to your problem.

Do keep in mind that most problems have an easy fix that you can do in almost no time. So, before you consult a service center, do give these a try.

Some fixes that you can administer yourself are discussed below:

  • Use Well Seasoned Wood

The quality of wood plays a massive role in the performance of your Cubic Mini Wood Stove. A high-quality appliance like this demands wood of good quality.

Before you can use well-seasoned wood, you need to learn how to identify them. Make sure that the log is dry and not too heavy.

A heavy log is likely to be wet. The ends of the logs should ideally be cracked and dark in color.

You should specifically avoid wood with signs of green. Green wood is not suited for wood stoves at all and will only make your system less efficient. Burning it would also be more tenuous for the system.

  • Unclog and Clean the Ventilation Passage

The ventilation passage often gets clogged by debris, dust, or smoke buildup. This affects and hampers the system. This may even lead to added smoking.

Every once in a while, take a non-abrasive cleaning material, cloth and clean the ventilation passage. Make sure that there is no debris blocking the passageway.

Keeping the passage clean will play a huge role in the overall heating and performance of the Cubic Mini wood stove.

  • Check Insulation and Seals and Fix Them

For the stove to function as intended, it must be well insulated. As we have learned, your stove won’t function properly if the flue pipe is not well insulated.

If your flue pipe is long and extends outdoors, it may be exposed to cold temperatures.

That will bring down the outside temperature, meaning that the draft won’t form properly within the stove. Insulate your flue pipe using proper materials.

Another thing you should check is the seals within the stove, especially around the door.

Often, the door won’t lock or seal properly because of a broken gasket or loose seal. You can buy a replacement gasket and fix a faulty stove door yourself.

Why You Need The Cubic Mini Wood Stove?

The mini wood stove works and functions nearly the same as any wood stove, with a couple of major benefits.

It is a great little heating solution with several benefits. It can act as a very effective dehumidifier and stove and be very energy efficient.

For starters, it takes up very little space in whatever room you place it in. For context, most of them come in at around 15*15*15 inches in proportion.

Another major plus is that these stoves can be wall-mounted, saving more space.

Another key advantage is efficiency. Thanks to the secondary combustion system, the Cubic Mini stove reignites the smoke created by burning wood.

As a result, the otherwise wasted potential energy in the smoke is reused. This means that the stove can light a fire consuming lesser amount of wood.

These wood stoves are also much safer than diesel or propane alternatives. Safety is a big concern in household appliances, and these wood stoves fulfill that.

Lastly, in times of rising electricity costs, having an efficient wood stove that will heat your apartment, dehumidify it and work as an active stove can lead to huge savings.


From icy, frigid days to times when you need a backup stove to cook that meal, a Cubic Mini Wood Stove will serve your needs well.

In case you run into some of the common Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems, you can consult our list of problems and easy fixes that go along with them.

Most of the problems can be fixed with a bit of know-how and effort. Hope this article helps you fix your stove and bring back warmth to your life!

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