Dixon Zero Turn Mower Problems And Troubleshooting Tips

Dixon zero-turn mowers are worldwide popular for conventional specifications. Like other brands of mowers, you can face some complications that are normal for any high-end lawnmowers.

If you can manage the compilation, you will experience the best performance from the Dixon zero turn mower. Here we will talk about those Dixon zero turn mower problems with the best possible solutions for the specific issues.

Let’s have a glance at tips and tricks to make your Dixon zero-turn mower.

Problems And Solutions Of Dixon Zero Turn Mower

Dixon zero turn mower problems

In brief, let’s check its common issues:

  • Mower won’t start.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Problems.
  • Mower Won’t Move Sometimes.
  • Smoking Problem.
  • Steering Issues.

Let’s point out some common problems so that you can troubleshoot the issue yourself. We have decorated this segment in such a way where you will go through the problems, causes, and solutions.

Let’s start.

Dixon Zero Turn Mower Won’t Start

After months of use, it is a universal problem for every zero turn mower no matter from which brand you have purchased. And the frustrating point is that you will not get any clue why the mower is not starting.

But don’t be nervous here we are. Here are some possible reasons why you’re Dixon zero turn mower is not starting.

  • Check The Spark Plug

The carbon wears on the spark plug and gradually it will limit your engine to start and generate power.

Inspect the spark plug if the engine doesn’t start.

Replacing the spark plug is the best solution. Because trying to fix a spark plug is a waste of time. But if you observe that the spark plug has a little carbon mark you should wipe it with cotton, and we hope it may work.

  • Carburetor Problems

Routine cleaning is urgent for the mower’s carburetor. If you do not clean the debris of the carburetor, surely it will restrict the engine from starting.

When you observe dust on the carburetor, clean it to achieve the best performance from the Dixon zero turn mower. Clean the carburetor with recommended carburetor cleaner only!

  • Problems with Fuel Filter

Fuel filter helps to provide clean fuel to the engine and for doing the job day by day, the filter becomes clogged.

If the filter becomes clogged, it will be unable to make the flow of fuel to the engine. As a result, the engine won’t start or will make a lot of problems while starting.

We recommend you check the fuel filter and replace it if the filter is full of dust. And learn when to replace from the manual of the manufacturers so that you can change it when needed.

  • Ignition Coil Problem

The ignition coil helps the spark plug and deliver the necessary voltage while the engine is in process.

If there is any problem with the ignition coil it will be unable to distribute the necessary voltage to the plug as a result the engine will not start.

To detect, you need to use an ignition tester to test if the ignition coil is working or not. If there is any problem found, it needs to be replaced.

Mower Starts But You Face Sluggish Problem

It is the most common problem after the previous one. Most of the time these problems occur due to those reasons. You can identify these problems as the first step of turning the engine off.

So follow the previous solutions such as checking the carburetor, fuel cap, or defective plug if you face the problem.

  • Gas Leakage Problems

For Dixon zero turn mowers gas leakage problems are not so common but you may face them after a long time of usage.

Check the carburetor bowl gasket. Displacing the gasket is the main reason for gas leakage. If you find any leakage here changes the gasket before starting the engine.

Already we have discussed the common problems related to the engine.

Other Problems And Solutions To Those Problems

Dixon zero turn mower won't move

  1. Dixon Zero Turn Hydrostatic Transmission Problems

As the mower has a hydrostatic transmission system to give a better experience, the problems in the hydrostatic system require frequent maintenance such as changing the hydro fluid regularly.

The air is the main problem of the hydro transmission system, if it gets any leaks the air can ruin the system. It has a risk of a sudden jam if there is any failure in the hydrostatic transmission system.

There is no shortcut for the problems, only routine checking and maintenance is the solution to the problems.

  1. Dixon Zero Turn Mower Won’t Move

If you face the problem where your Dixon zero turn mower is not moving backward or forward but still the engine is on, you should check the belt.

A broken belt is the most likely reason for the problem. If there are any problems with their belt, replace it.

  1. Problems With Dying Batteries Of Dixon Zero Turn Mower

If the battery cannot hold the charge, then you can assume that one or more battery cells are dead. Replacing the defective battery is the best solution.

  1. Smoking Problem of Dixon Zero Turn Mower

If your mower proceeds black smoke maybe the carburetor is getting more fuel than needed. And if the choke is stuck, the engine will not get enough air as a result it will produce a lot of smoke.

  1. Steering Problem of Dixon Zero Turn Mower

You will encounter the steering problem sooner or later. So, watch this video to fix the problem.

Effective Tips To Solve The Problems Of Dixon Zero Turn Mower

If the blades don’t move or are unable to mow, check the blades and remove any grease clogs and clean the blades.

If the blades do not sharpen enough change with new blades to get the actual performance.

There are some other problems such as uneven mowing and sound in the engine. Checking the blades and air grommet pipe can solve the issue most of the time.

You may need to call the service center if you are unable to find out the problems

  • Problems with PTO Clutch

PTO Clutch (Power take of clutch) engages or disengages the blades to the engine. So if the PTO clutch does not get power it can’t move the blades to mow.

So after heavy use, the PTO clutch can be defective, and it is not repairable so you must need to change it.

  • Problems with PTO Switch

The possible reason for not engaging the clutch is the damage of the PTO switch. It provides power to the clutch.

So if there is any problem with the switch the clutch doesn’t get enough power. Before replacing the PTO clutch, check the PTO switch once.

Final Thoughts

Dixon zero turn mower problems are the most common problems like other zero-turn mowers. All the time you do not need to contact the service point if you follow some instructions and do regular maintenance.

Most of the time the problems have easy solutions. The above problems are the most common problems and the solutions the best for those problems.

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  1. Hi, problem I am having with my zero turn is : when I am mowing , blades engaged all the blades start going slower and slower and finally do not cut at all question, how do I adjust the tension on the belt……. Thanks, Vince

  2. Is there a reset button to push too reset my zero turn mower so that it will go forward or backwards? I was going down a steep hill and all the sudden it turned to the right and it starts perfectly but it doesn’t want to go forward or backwards like there’s no steering as well , so could it be a relay switch or is there a reset button on the mower for if this happens??? I have the Ram ZTR

  3. David Austin 731-441-9437

    David Austin. My mower is the 25 hp.44” cut I was going down a steep hill and all the sudden my mower turned right on its own and now it starts perfectly but it doesn’t seem to want to go forwards or backwards and no steering as well. So please help me troubleshoot this issue. Thank you

  4. I have your DIXON ULTRA 61 966611801. While sitting in the seat and looking forward, I guess the part # is 574 569102 Trans, ZT-3400, RT. This part is leaking real bad. I need some gaskets. Can I get them from you? If not, please tell me where to get them.
    Please email me your response.
    Thanks – Dale Berggren

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