Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems And How To Solve Them Effectively

The Ferris zero-turn mowers are extremely comfortable and very well built. There are a lot of reasons to choose the Ferris as well as there are some reasons to not choose the Ferris.

Actually, those are not the problems but the fact. Every machine comes with some lacking so it is important to know the problems.

While you are planning to buy a zero turn mower from the brand Ferris, here we will discuss some issues regarding Ferris zero turn mower problems.

I will share with you some troubleshooting tips too. Stay with me.

Problems of Ferris Zero Turn Mower

Ferris zero turn mower problems

Here is a list of its common problems:

  • Starting Problems
  • Vibrate a lot!
  • Grass cut quality issue
  • Traction problems
  • Drive Problems

Like every other brand out there, you may encounter some troubles with your Ferris zero-turn mower. First, let’s check those problems. I will talk about how to troubleshoot those problems later.

  1. Vibration

No matter if you are moving at a low speed or higher. Vibration is very common for zero-turn mowers and the vibration should be tolerable.

While mowing with the Ferris zero-turn mower at a low speed the seat deck can vibrate at a higher range. If your mower starts to vibrate excessively it is a matter of worry.

  1. Uneven Mowing

Sometimes some models of Ferris zero turn mower are unable to work all that well if there are some slops with higher angels.

As mowers are built to do an extreme job they should mow evenly. Uneven mowing problems are common problems for different mowers brands too.

  1. Problems With Hydro-Gear System

As the maximum models of Ferris zero-turn mowers come with a hydrostatic transmission system, so it is a common problem for those machines.

The problem can start with air in the system. If the pump becomes full of air rather than oil it can’t generate pressure.

  1. Problems of mowing wet grass

Though it is not an actual problem, a lot of zero-turn mower owners face a lot of problems while mowing wet ground. The Ferris zero turn mower is made in such a way that it can mow both dry and wet grass.

But what should you do if you face the problems while mowing wet fields with your Ferris zero turn mower?

  1. Traction problems

Traction problems for a Ferris zero turn mower are not a common issue if you have an updated model. But with the increasing time of mowing sometimes you can face the traction problem issue in the Ferris zero turn mower.

If you face the traction problem, you won’t be able to mow the grass by the cutting blade as well as it will make a horrible noise.

  1. Ferris Mower Drive Problems

Mowers are not made for fast action, but it is run fewer than the standard so it is a matter of thinking why the mower is not performing well.

This problem can occur for various reasons. For the Ferris zero turn mower if you face the problem there are some simple solutions.

  1. Starting Problems

The Ferris zero turn is made for the extreme job. But for many reasons, it may not start, and this problem requires a lot of investigations.

More or less these are the basic problems you can face from your Ferris zero turn mower. Most of the problems can be reduced by some simple tricks, for some extreme cases you may need to contact the dealer.

How To Troubleshoot Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems?

how to service a Ferris zero turn mower

Here is the list of tasks you should do if you face those problems we have mentioned

  • Solutions To Vibration Problems

Stop the engine if your mower starts to vibrate excessively. The vibration is the sign of a damaged blade or you can face problems if the blades are out of balance.

It can be formed from uneven weight balance. So first you need to find out why your mower is vibrating excessively and then you need to fix that issue.

Examine the blade if it is placed in an uneven way. If it is not possible for you to fix the problem, you should hire an expert. If you still have a warranty contact the dealer.

  • Solutions of Uneven Mowing ForFerris Zero Turn Mower

As the main mowing job is done by the blade so any problem related to mowing comes from the blade. But if the deck is not leveled correctly then you can face uneven mowing problems.

So level the deck before starting. If the blades become dull or worn you may face the same problems. the best solution is to sharpen the blades. If the blades are damaged, replace those as soon as possible.

If the deck is clogged by the grass then you may face some other problems such as traction problems with uneven mowing. Clean out the deck properly after every mowing task.

  • Solution of Hydro-Gear System

As the gear system of Ferris zero turns engineered by the hydro gear system there are some common problems you can face regarding the hydro gear.

Park the mower with the parking brake and make sure the oil reservoir is properly filled. You need to disengage the transmission then start the engine. While the engine is on move the throttle at a slow position.

Take the control lever in neutral, disengage the brake and clutch. Push motion control levers for five seconds to the forward position and do the same for the reserved position for the next five seconds.

This will help to run out any air in the transmission system. Again put the controls to neutral out of the engines. And start again, hope you are done. If this procedure doesn’t help you need to hire an expert to solve the issue.

  • Solutions To The Problems Of Mowing Wet Grass

It is not a problem so we are giving you some tips. To mow the wet grass, slow down your throttle, and sharpen your blades.

As all the models of the Ferris zero turn mower can mow the wet grass you are not more curious about the issue but follow the tips.

  • The Solution To Traction And Drive Problems

If you face traction problems you should focus on your deck and blades, if the deck is okay you may need to replace the blades.

If the engine cannot provide enough power, then slow-moving problems occur. Solve any engine issue to get back your speed.,

  • Solutions To Starting Problems

Check the energy level and the fuel tank. If those are okay-check the carburetor and hydraulic system. These are common problems so that your Ferris zero turn mower will not start.

How To Service A Ferris Zero Turn Mower?

  • Fuel the mower in the correct direction from the manufacturers.
  • Store your mower when not in use.
  • Follow up the tire pressure.
  • Clean the deck of your mower regularly.
  • Ensure basic maintenance.
Final Words

Ferris zero turn mower problems have some great, quick, and simple solutions. You can overcome most of the problems if you follow their instructions we have given here.

We have tried to give you the solutions based on the expert’s opinion. Always follow the manual and contact a dealer if you cannot understand a problem

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10 thoughts on “Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems And How To Solve Them Effectively”

  1. Anthony Davenport

    My deck will not lower all the way in the back the front comes down but the back is still 3 inches higher

  2. My Ferris zero turn will start and it runs well. When I engage the mower blades,it shuts itself off. What could be wrong?

  3. cannot figure this out mower starts but only when e brake is disengaged then starter keeps running engaged until you set e brake then when you release e brake mower stalls

  4. my ferris will run great for 3 acres if i hit a ant mound the engine will loose 1/2 power still run not missing cutting foot then the 1/2 will cut back on runs good till it loses 1/2 power again

  5. Zero turn mower sputters and almost quits, runs a bit the. Does it again.
    Change fuel filter and plugs. No difference.
    Any ideas

  6. Mower doesn’t want to start when it’s hot. I just changed an apparently empty fuel filter. As soon as I pulled the fuel pump side the fuel filter filled again. Could the problem be with the fuel pump?

  7. just changed the starter on my 1500z zero turn 25hp mower. Cranked good afterwards, but PTO would not work. checked fuses and tried to find a wiring problem, cleaned switches, still broke.

  8. My ferris IS2000Z cranks and runs well but when I disengage park bark it stops, does the same when I engage mower, or move either drive sticks

  9. Turned off my Ferris IS 2000Z to take a phone call then it would not restart. Checked brake make sure it was in gaged, PTO was not, handles were in neutral checked seat safety sensor, still would not do anything. I screwed up and pulled it without releasing hydraulics to wheels still won’t start battery is good, I get nothing. Any suggestions?

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