Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them?

In the world of mowers, Kubota is a promising brand that produces strong and fast mowers. It offers zero turn mower with a package of engines from 19 to 32.5 horsepower and 43 to 72 inches’ widths of the deck.

Though Kubota is promising you may face problems at any stage while using a zero-turn mower. Here we are going to identify Kubota zero turn mower problems as well as provide the best solutions.

Buying a zero turn mower is a big investment of nearly about a thousand USD.So to buy the best one and get the money-worthy product, you have to know details about the machine before buying.

That way you can buy the best one or can be prepared for the problems which cannot be ignored.

So let’s start.

Common Problems of Kubota Zero Turn Mower

Kubota zero turn mower problems

Before I talk those problems in detail, let’s have a look at them first:

  • Overheating problem
  • Hydraulic Transmission Problem
  • Hydraulic Fluid Change Issue
  • Mower Starting Problems
  • Cooling Fan For The Hydraulic Pump Issue

However, the below-mentioned problems are not unique to the Kubota brand. No matter which brand you pick, you may face those problems sooner or later. Have a look.

  1. The Annoying Sound

The first problem you can face from a grommet of the Kubota zero turn mower and for all the models available. Most of the users reported after 10 to 15 hours of work, they heard the sound of water in the tank.

Stopping it for some moments can work but just for only 30-40 minutes then it will start the noise again. Mainly the problem occurs with sucking air from the grommet.

To solve the problem, the best solution is to take the mower machine to the shop and surely they will check the problems. Using this machine for a long time can deteriorate the grommet so it will suck air.

Replacing that by them is the best solution and we hope you will not face the problems again.

  1. Overheat And Stalls Out

The second problem with the Kubota zero-turn mower is that it overheats and stalls out.

The overheating issue mainly comes from the blocked filter.

Again the overheat can damage the radiator. So it is wise to check the filter and replace it within a certain time.

The filter can be blocked from the dust and grass while mowing the lawn. So we recommend checking the filter and radiator every time after doing a long time mowing job.

A lot of problems come from the radiator if it has a leak. Even a pinhole leak can damage the radiator completely. So inspection is urgent every time.

  1. Problems of Smog

The mowers can raise pollution due to the lack of catalytic converters. Okay if you think your mower is emitting a lot of emissions then you should know a gasoline zero turn mower can emit the same amount as an average car for 200 miles.

Buying the latest model of the zero-turn mower from Kubota can help you to reduce emissions. The latest models have the features to reduce or have lower smog. As well as we recommend you to mow at a lower speed.

It can decrease emission slightly. It is your duty to use standard gasoline to reduce emissions. Ensure your Kubota zero turn mower is in tiptop condition. These steps can reduce the mower’s white smoke problem significantly.

  1. Hydraulic Transmission Problems

In the Kubota zero turn mower, hydraulic transmission problems are common. Hydraulic transmissions are used to achieve greater acceleration.

But this system is susceptible and requires frequent maintenance such as changing the fluid lest.

If the system gets any leaks the air might enter inside which can slow down the mower and finally it will stop. The failure of the components of hydro drives has a higher risk of sudden jam in your zero turns.

Drive gently over grass in a relaxed manner and do not mow if the land is wet or muddy. You should not drive down or up, rather use sideways to reduce the risk of failure of hydraulic transmission.

  • Transmission Hydraulic Fluid Change Problems

troubleshooting Kubota zero turn mower

To pour the fluid you will drain the old and get new is the simple procedure to change the hydraulic fluid but in some cases, you may face a problem that the fluid is not getting into the rear differential.

You may become afraid of the mower because there is a lack of fluid in all the areas.

It can be solved in simple tricks. Jack up one side until the fluid gets in the lower part and repeat for the other side. We hope it will help.

We recommend you read the manual and know how much fluid you should drain out before pouring the new oils.

  1. Broken Cooling Fan For The Hydraulic Pump

After using some hours such as 8 to 10 braking of the cooling fan for the hydraulic pump is not a common problem but it can happen.

To avoid this problem, you should be careful about the brush. You should contact the dealer and they will replace it with an updated pulley system so that you never face the problems again.

  1. Starting problems of Kubota zero turn mower

It is a complex issue in the area of zero turn mower problems. So that we have put it in the last. Your machine can be stopped for any simple reason to a complex issue.

Check the spark plug. Gasoline tank and battery. To keep the battery performance well check it and recharge it after certain times.

But if you cannot find the problems you should contact the dealer, they will diagnose the problems and will take the necessary steps to solve the problems.

The other problem is that the servicing point can take a long time to fix the problems. So know the instructions of how to drive and where to drive so that you can avoid the service center.

Some Actions Which Can Help You To Keep Your Mower Tiptop

  • Drive in a relaxed manner.
  • Check the bratty and gas tank
  • Check the level of hydraulic fluid.
  • Avoid the muddy areas.
  • Adding weight to the tire
  • Check the air pressure.

Final Words

All the models of Kubota zero-turn mowers are good for performance as they produce commercial-grade machines.

Here we have found some common Kubota zero turn mower problems and possible best solutions so that you can be careful about your mower while using it. This can help you to mow your lawn smoothly without any hassle.

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  1. we have a diesel Kubota mower. ZD 25, serial no 58654. We got it out of the shop to get it ready for summer. When we tried to crank it it would spin but not crank. What could it be?

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