John Deere 2025R Problems: Is It Worth Buying With Such Troubles?

The 2025R is a well-known subcompact tractor of John Deere. With a Yanmar engine of IV Tier, the tractor performs significantly well and saves fuel.

In addition, its hydro transmission and efficiently sealed radiator provide maximum power and durability.

While the tractor provides good value for money, we’ll be talking about John Deere 2025R problems in our article today.

Note that most of these problems are collected from different users’ forums.

Common Problems of John Deere 2025R Tractor

John Deere 2025R problems

Before we go to the detail, let’s have a quick overview of its common problems:

  • PTO Problems
  • Transmission Synchronization Issues
  • 4WD Issues
  • Overpriced attachments

Apart from the above 4 issues, it has some other problems with the JD 1025R series too. Let’s talk about them one-by-one in detail.

  • John Deere 2025R PTO Problems

PTO or power take-off shaft is a part of the tractor’s engine, often known as a stub shaft. PTO problems in John Deere 2025R are more hectic than you’d think.

Even the simple PTO switch has been found to be faulty.

Apparently, it takes more pressure to enable the PTO switch than it should. Other than that, the PTO seal is not efficient as it should be.

John Deere has acknowledged this issue, and they had to completely replace some of the tractors’ PTO. 

  • Parking Brake Adjustments Issues

While the tractor provides a smooth run most of the time, its parking brake seems to be a hassle in many cases.

A lot of the users often found it going out of adjustment. Of course, you can categorize it as a minor problem, but such issues are not expected from a 2-series tractor.

  • Having to Take the Loader Off

When you need to put the mower deck on, you’ll have to take the loader off, which is quite hectic, according to many users.

A simple modification in the frame could have fixed this and would save the users from a lot of hassle.

  • Fragile Build Quality

2-series tractors are pretty strong and come with a robust build quality. But, the John Deere 2025R has issues with its build quality.

For example, a simple branch could knock off the oil filter, which could cost you quite a bit to fix.

  • Placement of the 4-Wheel Drive Lever

The activation lever of the 4-wheel drive is supposed to be right beside the driver’s seat. It makes it easy for the driver to access the lever.

But, in 2025R, the lever is almost lying on the floor. The placement makes it really hard to access the lever while riding it.

  • Leaking Problems

One of the common problems of the 2025R found by the users is the leaking issue. One of the users mentioned that he found the hydraulic cylinders blowing out of proportion.

And the transmission was leaking fuel as well within just 10 hours after he bought it.

Faulty backhoe attachments often causes the leaking problem.

If they’re not adequately flushed out after attaching, they’ll eventually start putting metal shaving through the whole system.

  • Less Powerful Engine Considering the Series
2025R underpowered

The users in review forums have often asked one common question, “is the John Deere 2025R underpowered?”

Well, based on the specifications of the tractor, you could say so! The 24.2 HP engine is the minimum range of a tractor to be on the 2-series.

And John Deere 2025R comes with an engine of exactly 24.2 HP. Considering the price range, we could have expected a more powerful engine.

  • Not 2-series Although John Deere Claims it To Be

In laymen’s terms, the 2-series tractors are more upgraded and modern comparing with 1-series tractors.

While John Deere claims that the 2025R is a 2-series tractor, it doesn’t meet all the industry requirements of series-2.

  • Absence of Emergency Brake

Although John Deere 2025R will not have many issues with driving, the absence of an emergency brake makes many users concerned.

No one drives tractors like a car, and they hardly have to use the emergency brake. But, it’s still helpful and safer to have emergency brake assist, which you won’t find here.

  • Synchronization Issues of Transmission

The transmission often causes fuel leaks according to some of the uses. Other than that, people have also found the transmission to go out of synchronization.

Some users had to take the tractor to fix this issue within the first 24 hours, which is quite frustrating!

  • John Deere 2025R Attachments are Overpriced

The necessary attachments of John Deere 2025R often cost a lot than they should. It doesn’t make much sense comparing the moderate price range of the tractor itself.

According to a user, all the attachments like mid-shaft, quick hitch, short shaft, and others almost cost him just as much as the tractor itself.

  • Better Model Available

Who would buy the iPhone 8 if Apple offered the iPhone X within the same price range? Well, that’s what is happening in John Deere’s case.

The 3025E costs almost the same as the 2025R. But, the 3025E offers much more features than the 2025R and is more powerful as well.

Moreover, the 3025E doesn’t really require so many attachments like the 2025R.

  • 4WD Issues

4-wheel drive issues are not so common within high-powered tractors. But, one of the problems of Jon Deere 2025R has been found to be a 4WD binding issue like the problems of the 5055E JD tractor.

Other than the 4WD lever being almost on the floor, it doesn’t offer as smooth an experience as other tractors of the same price range.

With a faulty coupler and front axel, you also may have to replace the whole front.

  • High Repairing Cost

Lastly, among all the issues, the 2025R’s management and repairing cost seems to be higher than other models.

The issues that have been discussed are pretty severe to consider if you want a smooth riding experience.

Also, as mentioned, the attachments that the 2025R requires will cost a lot.

Wrapping Up

And, we’re done with listing down John Deere 2025R problems.

While the tractor might have a lot of issues that may act as deal breakers, it’s not a bad purchase at all if you don’t need too much power from your tractor.

Also, John Deere has a good reputation for taking care of its customers. So, they will help you out with anything you need.

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3 thoughts on “John Deere 2025R Problems: Is It Worth Buying With Such Troubles?”

  1. I had to repair my tiller and pto when it imploded spilling several gallons of gear oil over my garage floor. It cost $5000 CND to fix. I also had trouble getting the repair warranty in writing. I simply asked to see a document identifying the warranty for the parts and labor for the repair. This caused a bunch of red faces for the John Deere Service Manager and staff who informed me that such a document did not exist and I was being unreasonable by asking for it. A very disappointing encounter with John Deere!

  2. My tractor runs until a fuel bowl is empty shuts down and the fuel bowl fills back up within a matter of seconds and it’ll start up again and go into the fuel bowls empty what is my problem it’s a 2025r John Deere tractor 2016 model I’ve had it for 6 years

  3. Sorry to hear of others problems with the 2025R tractors! I bought mine (2018 model) in mid-2021 with a whopping 1000+ hours on it, had some initial issues “off the lot”… know issues. Mostly due to Owner Operator related stuff, had the original air filter issue, exhaust related issues due to owner “modifications” and several other what I would call youtuber related “mods” and “improvements”.

    I received the new air filter & manifold parts, exhaust mount & manifold (cracked from over tightening of manifold to exhaust pipe flange) a couple other minor issues. As part of the purchase dealer provided the necessary parts no charge, labor on me. The Original owner had fiddled with the PR valve on the SCV and stripped the lock nut head. Thought on the first couple of uses the 120R loader was a bit weak so I checked the hydraulic pressure and it was pushing +/- 1850 psi. which is why I found the stripped PRV lock nut!

    Someone had likely used the wrong information to try to overset the PRV and instead wound up lowering it! My hypothesis anyhow as I removed the PRV and found the someone had put a mass amount of red Loctite on/in/around the set screw. Likely why the lock nut was stripped… maybe went back and tried to reset it?! Stripped the lock nut from the original fiddling!? Anyhow with the PRV out and disassembled I was able to use some light heat from a propane torch to remove the set screw, get the valve body cleaned out, reassembled, replace the lock nut, and use the proper procedure to reset the PRV to the correct specs. Loader has performed very well within its niche since.

    I have since put 165+ hours on it after, performing a full fluids maintenance along with the other initial work done after purchase, without a hitch or complaint. For it’s size and rated HP the little 2025R is a little beast, it does everything I reasonably ask it to without issue or hesitation. I do primarily low foot print tree cull & such with it on small wooded lots10-25 acre where the owner does not want trails and such torn up… for me it works good! The horsepower ratings on the tractor are due to EPA related regs. on diesel engines and the hydrostatic drive train. A hydrostatic transmission “steals” a little bit of your crank HP before it gets to the wheels and such.. just a part of hydrostatic go motion setups. Anyhow, hope you all have been able to get your issues resolved.

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