Kubota ZD1211 Complaints: And What To Do About Those Problems?

You can find plenty of Kubota ZD1211 reviews across multiple review sites and YouTube but none of them completely cover the common problems of Kubota ZD1211 zero-turn mower.

But apparently, there are some Kubota ZD1211 complaints from its users that you need to be aware of. This will help you understand whether it’s worth having it or not.

So, I just listed down all those issues that users shared on various forums and other online platforms. If that sounds worth reading, stay with me for while!

Major Complaints of Kubota ZD1211 

Kubota ZD1211 complaints

Before I get into the detailed problems with Kubota ZD1211, here is a short overview of Kubota ZD1211 problems:

  • Starter and Operating Issues.
  • Gearbox Problems.
  • Complaints about cut quality.
  • Transmission Failures.
  • Fuel problem.

If you think about it, none of these complaints are unique to the ZD1211 mower. Mowers from all the brands may have those problems sooner or later. 

But now that you know it’s common complaints, let’s talk about them in more detail.

  • Starter and Operating Issues

The starter can go bad and that also happens with ZD1211. 

But what gets so disturbing is that even if you replace the starter with a new one, you may still face the starter problem. 

The ohm meter may verify that everything is okay including the battery cables, it may not start without a jump on a cold start.

Now, there could be plenty of possibilities behind this problem like a bad capacitor (very rare) or a bad connection. But this particular problem happens when the starter solenoid kicks but won’t engage. 

Most people don’t know that the interlock switches age and contacts get oxidation.

This leads to the voltage drop and the starter solenoid can’t kick all the way to contact the starter terminals.

You can solve this problem like a charm if you get a starter relay! 

  • Kubota ZD1211 Fuel Problems/Shuts Off Issue

The fuel system of any mower can become faulty. Upon reading several forums threads, I have seen plenty of complaints where the ZD1211 stalls.

Often when someone is cutting a ditch, the mower shuts down. There could be several reasons behind this scenario like a blockage in the cross-over line or something like that.

Some might even suspect the loose fuel cap can cause this trouble. 

But in reality, it’s the clogged fuel cap (from grass, dirt, or sand) that can cause this problem. Because the fuel cap needs to be vented to prevent creating a vacuum in the tank.

Another way to solve this problem is to look for the shut-off valve. Some people even don’t know there is a shut-off valve. So, they forget to turn on the fuel.  

Anything can turn the shut-off valve off. So, it’s a good place to inspect!

  • Transmission Failure Issue

For the price, you expect at least 2000 hours of pain-free operation before anything major happens.

Though it happened for a few, it happened where the transmission failed before 600 hours! 

If you ask me what’s the most serious among all the Kubota ZD1211 problems, I would say the transmission issue! Now, Kubota has a kit to fix this problem but you may have to pay for it.

That’s what makes some people really angry. Apparently, to solve this problem, Kubota has launched the ZD300 series.

  • ZD1211 Cut Quality

According to some reviewers and users, the mower is like a tank and Kubota has over-built it. But the cut quality is not so great. In fact, some people even said it’s cut like garbage!

Apparently, it misses grass and sometimes even spits out clumps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Kubota ZD1211 weigh?

ZD1211 mower weighs 1,676 lbs. or 750 kg.

How much horsepower is a Kubota zd1211?

With a 72-inches deck, it has 24.8 HP.

How much oil does a Kubota ZD1211 take?

It has an oil capacity of 3.9 liters.

How do you reset the service light on a Kubota zd1211?

You need to hold down the button on the dash to reset it. But make sure to turn to the on position first.

Wrapping Up

Despite having so many Kubota ZD1211 complaints from various users, it’s still worth having this zero-turn mower. None of the brands can claim their mowers don’t have those issues.

What you can do is contact the service manager ASAP if you don’t think you can’t fix those problems yourself. Now, watch this review and maintenance tips from this short video.

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2 thoughts on “Kubota ZD1211 Complaints: And What To Do About Those Problems?”

  1. Apparently the author has never actually owned or seen a ZD1211 . There is NO reset button on the service minder plus the transmissions are bullet proof as in the whole mower

  2. I had the exact starter problem presented. Replacing the starter relay did nothing. I bought a Kubota remanufactured starter for $177 after the $40 core allowance for my broken one and it’s back to starting like new.

    I had a ZD21 which required being over filled with transmission fluid to avoid serious transmission damage when mowing hillsides.

    The ZD21 required removing the deck every 50 hours of operation to grease it and check the mower drive gear box oil level. I’ve owned the ZD1211 since 2018 and have never had to remove the deck to perform maintenance.

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