John Deere 5055E Problems And Is It A Good Tractor?

Irrespective of the brand, you will face almost some common issues with your tractor. Diesel won’t crank, the steering wheel turns without resistance, and so on. 

Similar to those, there are some common John Deere 5055E problems as well. Easy troubleshooting should fix most of those issues but you may need to replace tiny parts. 

I have listed the common issues of this particular model in this article. In brief, I tried to explain exactly what you should do as well.

Common Problems of John Deere 5055E

john deere 5055e problems
  • A quick overview of those issues:
  • Hydraulic Issues.
  • Fuel Problems
  • Power Reverser Trouble
  • Starter Problems
  • PTO Problems

Is your problem listed above? If so, keep reading. I will talk about them in detail now.

John Deere 5055E Hydraulic Problems

That’s a serious issue because it can cause the fuel tank to melt. So, understanding what leads to the hydraulic problem is important to avoid this in near future.

Some people have also faced the same problem with JD 1025R tractor as well.

At the center of the tractor read side, there is a ball check valve on the 3-point lift arms. That 3-point lift arms should be activated at least once a week. 

If not, moisture will accumulate in that ball check valve and will cause it to stick. This will lead to increased fluid pressure along with extreme heat or friction. 

This ultimately superheats the hydraulic fluid up and causes the fuel tank to melt. 

5055E tractor is designed to run continuously and when you keep it idle for a long time, you will have to deal with this problem.

John Deere 5055E Fuel Problems

If you use the wrong fuel type, you will face this trouble. But that rarely happens.

A few of the 5055E owners noticed the sudden loss of power. Sometimes, the engine just shuts off without making any strange noise. And they assume it’s the fuel problems they are dealing with. 

If the relays and all the fuses are working okay, it’s most likely the electric fuel pump you are dealing with. The fuel pump may be broken or the fuel pump timing is incorrect.

And I strongly recommend contacting the service manager at the dealer if you are not sure what should you do.

John Deere 5055E Starter Problems

It’s serious because you may have to buy completely a new starter and solenoid just like many have already done!

This is how the problem appears…

You will keep trying the ignition switch over and over and the tractor won’t start. Sometimes, it will stop clicking and starting up completely. 

Now, you may think of so many reasons causing this problem but this happens mainly when the starter has just gone bad or there is too much resistance in the starting circuit.

To be sure about it, you can get a voltmeter and check the voltage drop of each component during starting. 

Once you are sure the starter has gone bad, you have to spend around $700 to get the starter and solenoid if the warranty period expires.

John Deere 5055E PTO Problems

It happens after few years of operation where the PTO disengages after just a few minutes. Now, some may assume it’s due to the high temperature running or overheating engine.

To solve this, make sure the PTO control level is connected to the cable and look for some adjustments. If that does not solve the problem, keep your head cool.

There is clear-cut instruction on this particular problem in the manual you received. Follow that service tech manual to solve this problem.      

John Deere 5055E Power Reverser Problems

5055e power reverser problems

Under certain conditions like when it gets below 20 degrees, the power reverser does not work occasionally. And you may get an error code like PTR A. 

It can happen when you stop the tractor to dump the load and then go backward or forward. And then you notice the Service Indicator Light flashing.

The frustration gets real when you won’t find anything about this in the manual. Sometimes, the problem goes away if you turn off the tractor and restart after a while.

But I have written an in-depth guide on what you should do when the tractor starts but won’t move forward or reverse. You can follow this guide.

Troubleshooting 5055E Tractor

Here is a list of quick tips you can follow upon facing the above-mentioned troubles and beyond:

  • If the steering wheel of the tractor turns without any resistance, then it has a steering cylinder malfunction or it does not have minimum oil level. You need to top up the oil or repair the pump if the pump steering is broke.
  • If the diesel motor won’t start, you need to fix the faulty starter or solve the piston ring failure. There may be dirt in the fuel system. If so, clean and wash the fuel system.
  • You may face a trouble where the steering wheel operates very tightly. It happens when the hydraulic connections are not properly sealed. It may also happen due to defective steering pump and damaged power steering.
  • For front axle cracking regularly, you need to replace the defective fear. For firmly erased ball bearings, you need to replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much horsepower does a John Deere 5055E have?

John Deere 5055E comes with 55 HP.

Where is the serial number on a John Deere 5055E tractor?

Above the front axle, you can find the serial number on the side of the frame of the tractor.

What Loader fits a John Deere 5055E?

A 553 loader can fit the 5055E tractor.

How much can a John Deere 5055E lift?

It can lift up to 3,192 lbs.

Is JD 5055E a good tractor?

Yes, it’s a good one and it’s impressive in 4WD.

Final Thoughts

Being aware of those John Deere 5055E problems may lead you to think that it’s a bad one. But in fact, it’s not. It’s a workhorse and a highly recommended tractor. 

Not a single of those problems is unique to this particular model. Other tractor brands have the same issues. Sometimes, even worse!

So, I still recommend having this one and make sure to ensure its regular maintenance to avoid those common issues.

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6 thoughts on “John Deere 5055E Problems And Is It A Good Tractor?”

  1. I just bought a John Deere 5055E tractor and it is used…but today while clipping the beeper went off several times, could there be a problem with it?

  2. Hello, what to say first Ibreally appreciate any forums and thank people who do them.
    My questions I have a 5055e. I’ve been frustrated with it many problems since I bought it at a JD Dealer and lots of problems clutch, coolant dripping and now my starter
    It started with a intermittent slow crank 1st try. I’d count 10 seconds and some times it would try again and would just start. This continued until now it just click and very loud click from the dash area. I did diagnose the starter and when I’d turn the key I’d get the click and no power at my wire to my solenoid. I took the dash apart and found this ralay re234727 #stamped on the top. One side was corroded I haven’t ohms the wires to see if one is or go’s down to the relay. So I ordered the relay and crossing finger based on corrosion. Any information greatly appreciated.. Thank you..

  3. We bought a new 2016 5055E in 2018,only 4 hrs on the hr meter. Had to replace the factory battery at about 2 yrs.,no problem. Since the battery replacement,also had same problem before original battery was replaced,it drags,and/or will not turn over completely until 4-5 times with turning the key off and waiting a few seconds in between tries,then it turns over as if nothing is wrong. This is not right. Also,the fuel guage hasn’t worked since around two weeks of purchase date,it went to the dealer for the first oil change and for it to be completely checked out. It worked maybe a day after getting it home. We love our tractor,and don’t have buyers regret,but these are issues that shouldn’t happen on a new anything,lol,and seems there are no remedies unless you spend more money

  4. I have a 5055e. New battery but after sitting all night it will not start until jump. When I unhook battery ground I see a spark. Is the spark a short in the wiring or normal? I looked and don’t see any broke or bear wires. Tractor is used very little

  5. I’m having my new 2022 5055e utility tractor delivered this coming Monday, 15 August. After reading these comments and reviews, should I be concerned? Am I buying a bad product or are there similar problems to be expected with any such purchase? ie Kabuta Mahindra New Holland….whatever? Is John Deere making a quality product or am I wasting my money buying what I’ve been led to belief, all my life, is a great tractor?

  6. I was a Ford man for over 20 years. But with Ford becoming New Holland and the product failing in my oponion, I decided to buy John Deere 5055E and I love it!!! 5055E with front end loader and four wheel drive, I added my own Bush Hog bushhog, it never misses a beat. In four whjeel drive I thjink it would climb a tree. Very happy with my GREEN Tractor,

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