Are Above-ground Pools Trashy And Lower The Home Value?

According to some people, above-ground pools are trashy. Yes, it sounds like a stereotype or something and it definitely requires a proper discussion.

Look, there is nothing like an in-ground pool. But are above-ground pools trashy when you have no way to get an in-ground pool?

It requires to talk about both the pros and cons of the above-ground pool to properly establish that. Stay with me for a while.

Above-ground Pools Are Trashy: What’s Folks Think?

is above-ground pool trashy

According to some people, above-ground pools are nothing but overgrown baby pools. To some, they are considered ‘white trash’ too.

Many of these people think the above-ground pool will lower the property value since the potential buyer will deduct the cost of removal of such ‘white trash’.

Yes, above-ground pools are not as expensive and gorgeous as in-ground pools. They look bad when poorly maintained. But they are definitely not white trash.

Besides, that’s not what the opinion of the general people in large where the majority of them consider it as WT. It’s definitely better than no pool for lots of people.

Besides, above-ground pools are easy to remove. So, it won’t affect the property value at all.

There are plenty of nice-looking above-ground pools with large decks. For yourself, you can have the salt-water system. That way, you will have a great pool with very low maintenance.

Of course, you will be better off with an in-ground pool but just because you can’t afford a BMW, a Toyota should be considered white trash.

Your above-ground pool in the backyard will be blocked by your neighbors. They won’t know what’s going on. Besides, their opinion does not matter!

But to determine, whether it’s trashy or not, you need to know what are the pros and cons of above-ground pools. Let’s talk about them now.

Advantages of Above-ground Pools

The reasons why I am not on the side of WT stereotype:

  • Affordable for everyone and very easy to install. When installed right, they look really beautiful!
  • It takes less space. So, if you don’t have enough space, above-ground pool is your answer. They come in various sizes!
  • A pool is not a status symbol. Think about all the fun your kids will have! Kids are completely oblivious to ‘white trash’ stereotype. They will have super fun splashing in some water.
  • Unlike in-ground pool, you can always deconstruct and remove the above-ground pool.
  • With an in-ground pool, your property tax will mostly likely increase. That’s no problem with an above-ground pool.
  • Kids are more safe with an above-ground pool than an in-ground pool. In-ground pools are more prone to accidental pool injuries and drowning than above-ground pool.
  • An above-ground pool with a large deck will offer you some level of privacy against your neighbors.

If you love to have an above-ground deck, make sure to surround it with a deck if you are worried about the value of your home.

Problems With Above-ground Pools

above-ground pools are not trashy

Apart from not so visually appealing as in-ground pools, there are some cons you should be aware of:

  • Having an above-ground pool is great. But you will definitely lose lots surrounding space.
  • Also, when you compare it with an in-ground pool, it looks cheap. Some even call them cheap hot tubs!
  • There will be more of splashing rather than swimming.
  • You will still be needing fence around the pool if you have kids.
  • Limited customization opportunity. Yes, you can add heating or custom lighting, you will have limited options for that.
  • Easily gets damaged. Both storms and snow can wreak havoc on the linings and walls of the above-ground pool.
  • It won’t increase the value of your property like the in-ground pool. Instead, it may lower the value of your home if not maintained properly.

Despite considering all those cons, no one should still call it trash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do above-ground pools lower property value?

It won’t unless the potential buyer has a plan to install an in-ground pool. In that case, the potential buyer may reduce the cost of removing the above-ground pool from the offer.

What are disadvantages of above-ground pools?

Well, they are not as gorgeous as in-ground pools for sure. And they tend to get damaged easily and sooner than you think. They won’t last long under severe weather conditions.

Is it hard to sell a home with an above-ground pool?

Some people don’t find the above-ground pools as a luxury. Some even think of them as white trash. But most people think it’s better to have any kind of pool than none.
In that case, the above-ground pool can increase the value of your home!

Are above-ground pools safer?

Yes, above-ground pools are safer than their in-ground pools counterparts. Falling into the above-ground pool accidentally is highly unlikely!

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can afford an in-ground pool. Even if they have the budget, many of them may not have the space.

So, if you think that the above-ground pools are trashy, you are wrong considering it’s way better than a no pool. Also, above-ground pools have many advantages as mentioned above.

So, don’t let the meaningless criticism prevent you from getting an above-ground pool. Every family deserves a pool.

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