21 Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View (Full Backyard Privacy Ideas)

We all need privacy from neighbors while relaxing in the swimming pool or having a party in the backyard. Someone is watching you is always sickening.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to protect your privacy. There are effective but cheap ways to block neighbors view.

In fact, implementing such screening ideas to block out neighbors won’t cost you anything sometimes. Stay with me. You will love some of my backyard privacy ideas.

How To Get Privacy From Neighbors Spending Little?

Well, there are fences that come to everyone’s mind. But there are so many ways to get creative while still ensuring your privacy.

I will show you a couple of ways to make your backyard your private retreat and all those ideas will be cheap to implement. Here are some landscaping ideas to block neighbors:

  1. Plant Tall Trees And Shrubs

tall plant

Such fast-growing bushes and trees will ensure your privacy and add extra beauty to your home.

Implementing such fences with shrubs and tall trees like Green Giant and Emerald Green arborvitae does not cost much and you don’t need help from any professional landscaper. You can do it yourself.

Just get a shovel to dig some holes, pour some dirt and plant your favorite fast-growing tall trees.

If you compare it with other options like a stone wall, this is an affordable option you should seriously think about.

However, it’s a long-term solution but you need some patience before you enjoy privacy and the amazing beauty.

  1. Lattice Screen For Backyard

Lattice Screen

Probably the most popular option to have some privacy without breaking your bank account. For most people, this is their go-to option.

Yes, you can find such lattice screens made of plastic but usually, they are made of natural materials or woods. I recommend the natural materials so that it goes nicely with your garden.

There are various types of lattice screens available in the market. They are different in size, color, and you can find some flexible ones too.

Cheap cost is not the only reason why they are so popular. Apart from being esthetic, these are easy to install as well. Also, you can have some beautiful vines grow there too!

  1. Canvas Walls To Keep Prying Eyes Out

Canvas Walls

A very cheap way to block neighbors’ view of your yard is to create a canvas wall. The only difference here with the curtain is that it’s more structured and permanently closed.

When the backyard of you and your neighbor is right next to each other, this is another affordable way to have some privacy.

I believe you have already seen them in action in many hotels where they use it to separate their guest room patios from each other.

  1. Masonry Walls with Ironwork

cheap ways to block neighbors view

Such walls can be up to 5 to 6 feet high with ornamental ironwork and you can think about such masonry walls to block your yard. Although, I must tell you something first…

Implement this option will cost you. However, if you are handy it’s still possible to keep your spending at a minimum. Look for garage sales from where you can find old cast-iron to use a trellis for the vines.

This will give your landscaping barrier an old but heritage look!

  1. Privacy With Outdoor Screen Panels

Screen Panels

Such panels are also known as dividers and it’s a portable solution that you can implement in your backyard or anywhere you move.

This rectangular shaped (usually) panels can effectively divide the backyards of your neighbors and yours with privacy.

Nothing fancy. Just some simple cloth panels mounted on metallic stands.

The good thing is whenever you need FULL privacy, you can set it up quickly. Your neighbor won’t have any clue what’s going on in your backyard!

Since it’s portable, you can simply fold it and tuck it in your garage when not in use. It won’t take much space in the garage at all!

While we are on the subject, I need to remind you that such screens are subject to quick fading and tearing as well.

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  1. Block Neighbors With A Corrugated Metal Fence

Corrugate Metal Fence

You can have your backyard privacy setting up a corrugated metal fence as well. It works and it’s easy to get those corrugated metals from your local hardware store.

And yes, they are very cheap as well!

To me, installing a corrugated metal fence is another great way to block your nosy neighbors. A total block out!

Apart from ensuring your privacy, the sleek-looking fence will keep the birds off your patio too. Just mount some wooden beams on the bases and set it up.

I strongly recommend painting your corrugated metal fence as well to prevent rush and increase its sleek appearance.

  1. Overhead Shade To Block Overlooking Windows

Overhead Shade

Suitable if you want to block your neighbors living in an apartment or 2-story building next to you. Installing such shade structures provides two benefits actually.

First, it does prevent them from seeing whatever going on in your backyard. Second, it provides great relief from the summer heat.

You can have sailcloth, gazebo, trees, or even fixed overhead structures to implement this option.

  1. Block View With Cascading Landscapes

Cascading Landscapes

Since you can use homemade materials and it’s not that hard to do it yourself if you are a handy person, it’s a great landscaping idea to block neighbors.

It may sound expensive but in reality, it’s completely the opposite. However, it needs some time to implement this project.

And you will be needing advice from a professional landscaper to come up with the right design that works best for you.

Make sure the design allows you to showcase your beautiful bushes and plants.

  1. Install Close-able Slats

Close able Slats

If you are familiar with vertical blinds, you already know how effective it is to block those prying eyes. You can see them in some 5-star hotels.

They installed those slats to block their lounge chairs from the higher level rooms and other buildings.

This option is also ideal for your patios, decks, or porches.

  1. Build Blockage With Bamboos

bamboo fence

This is a surefire way to create a natural wall. So, within no time and investing a little, you can completely block out your neighbors.

Make sure to have some planters to support the growth of bamboos. Lastly, just put them in a row to make your natural fence.

  1. Fences and Walls

Affordable and suitable for any backyard including a side yard where space is tight. Such a solid board-made fence is the quickest way to create privacy for your newly installed patios and playground.

Just check the height requirement and other restrictions set by your local building codes.

To complement the structure and design of your home, you can get yours from various styles of board fences. Try to plant some evergreen shrubs in front of them to add more beauty!

Besides, you can stain those boards to make them aesthetically pleasing to look at in addition to providing privacy. Pick a modest and not so heavy fence so that you can install it yourself. This option is budget-friendly but not so cheap!

  1. Vines On Trellis

Vines on Trellis

To add more privacy to your backyard, consider growing vines on your fence or trellis. You can grow Clematis or climbing the hydrangea vine on the fence.

If you don’t have such vines, you can still train something like the Euonymus on the trellis!

  1. Hang Your Greeneries Strategically

Hang Your Greeneries

If you can manage some sturdy rods and evenly spaced posts to hang your greenery pots in a slanted position (which should not be too hard to manage), this something you can use to have some privacy.

Your nosy neighbors will think it’s some kind of fashion but hanging your greenery works strategically can actually become a great backyard privacy idea!

Not just for privacy, you can actually showcase your mastery and taste on flowers too. The strategic hanging of such greeneries will free up some spaces where you can enjoy grilling and lounging.

  1. Faux Living Wall

Faux Living Wall

Low-maintenance low-cost but highly effective and living wall to prevent your neighbor from breaking your privacy!

You don’t even need a garden to use them. Yet this can be used when you are desperately wondering how to block the view of a neighbor’s house. They can be used on apartment balconies too!

If you look for a little hard, you can find these panels of faux installed already on the bamboo trellis. Just get them and attach them to your existing fence.

  1. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains

This is probably the cheapest backyard privacy idea. It can provide you complete privacy and you can just fold them when you don’t need any privacy.

You can buy those affordable curtains from any décor outlets if you do not want to make them yourself. Do it yourself if you are confident.

You can find plenty of YouTube videos on making such outdoor curtains yourself if you literally do not want to spend a dime.

  1. Hedges for Privacy


This is suitable for your year-round screening and it is highly recommended if you have a tight space. This option is just great to separate adjoining yards. In fact, this a lovely way to surround yourself with eye-soothing green.

You may not implement all the privacy ideas shared here due to the local restrictions set by the municipal ordinances.

But this is something that is allowed everywhere and it can provide you with the perfect screening you need desperately. If you have a side yard and you need privacy there, this is a great option.

Findings such as bushes like the Italian cypress for that purpose are not hard to get. Besides you can set up a sheared private support to create such privacy.

Such bushes need water a lot to ensure fast growth.

  1. Use Planters For Privacy

Who knew flowers can provide you the ultimate privacy! But that’s already a reality for many. And you can take that advantage to have your privacy while increasing the therapeutic beauty of your home.

Buy some flower bases and huge sizes planters. Now, arrange them in a row to block the view of your neighbors.
Don’t worry, they are not cheap but worth every penny for your privacy. Now, watch the video to make planter walls yourself.


  1. Slatted-Top Wooden Pergolas

If you don’t have to ensure privacy for your whole yard, you can think about this. Enclosures like slatted-top wooden pergolas can be a good idea to ensure privacy for your outdoor kitchens or small patios.

That way you can enjoy eating outside and have the enjoyment of eating indoor. Try to cover the pergola with climbing vines for more privacy.

  1. Canvas/Art Wall

If you are wondering how to block out neighbors’ views without breaking your bank account, you can put a canvas wall with your favorite artworks.

You can find cheap wooden pallets and paint from your local store. This privacy wall will make your home stand out if you can do this right.

  1. Fountains To Mask Noise

Not just your neighbors’ view, you can block their noise too if you can add a fountain to your privacy strategy. Not just their noise, you can block buzzing AC sounds and traffic noise too.

With white noise, fountains can effectively block out unwanted noise. When it comes to adding a fountain, just make sure it does not create more noise instead of blocking neighbor’s noise.

Yes, this might happen! Just make sure you get a fountain with an adjustable recirculating pump. That way you can settle with the sound level you find soothing.

  1. Talk To Your Neighbor

You know we can solve a lot of problems if we share our problems with the people causing it? Yes, I am actively encouraging you to talk to your neighbor about the privacy issue.

Most of the time, you will have success. You don’t have to have a great relationship with them. Just talk nicely and explain your situation.

Once your neighbors realize that their 2nd story decks are creating unhappiness for you, your neighbors will install a privacy screen on their 2nd story decks.

Not everyone will have success but it’s worth a try. No reasonable person wants to be the cause of unhappiness for their neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I block my neighbor’s second story?

Some evergreen trees grow from 25 to 60 feet high. You can plant those deciduous trees to block neighbors’ 2nd story view nicely. You can also set a canopy over your deck or patio to block your overlooking neighbors too.

How do I block out my Neighbors view?

I would recommend planting evergreen trees like Emerald Green for fast-growing trees like cypress. They don’t lose their leaves even in the winter. So, to block out the nosey neighbors, they are second to none. Other than that, of course, you can go for parasols & screens, sheds, etc.

Can you block a Neighbor’s window?

You have multiple options when it comes to blocking the neighbor’s window like adding a window treatment to the inside of your home, planting tall shrubs or trees, or you can simply build a fence between your and your neighbor’s houses.

How can I make my backyard Private cheap?

Plant evergreen tall trees and then fill those trees with decorative flowers or grasses. Other than that, you can build a living wall, hang curtains around your patio or deck, put up a lattice fence, or simply build a privacy screen.

What is the fastest growing plant for privacy?

To have a privacy screen fast naturally, you can plant bamboo as they are the fastest-growing plant so far. But you need to be careful and pick the slow-spreading kind since most of the variety of bamboo can be invasive!

Final Thoughts

To some extends, we all faced those nosy neighbors. You don’t have to share all the details of what’s happening in your backyard. It’s so uncomfortable!

But not what you just learned some of the cool but cheap ways to block neighbors view, get to work, and implement whatever idea suits you best.

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