Outdoor Bleach Vs. Regular Bleach: Some Differences and Similarities

Worried about that stain on your white cloth?

Using bleach can work as a savior for that. It is a chemical product both for domestic and industrial usage. It can whiten the clothes also work as a disinfectant that can destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

In this article, we will get to know about all the features of outdoor bleach vs regular bleach, and everything that comes to it.

So, let’s dive into it.

Outdoor Vs. Regular Bleach: A Quick Comparison

If you are running out of time, then you can get a quick comparison between outdoor bleach vs regular bleach from the following table.

Outdoor BleachRegular Bleach
Outdoor bleach price is comparatively higher.Regular bleach price is lesser than that of regular bleach.
Despite the price, outdoor bleaches are not significantly stronger than regular ones.There is not much difference when it comes to the power of regular or outdoor bleach.
It could be harmful to the plants and vegetables once it comes to contact with it.
Rinse the plants with water immediately.
It is lesser harmful to the plants but still, it is better to rinse the plants.
It is not suitable to use in the pool.Regular bleach can be considered to use in the pool.
It has more Sodium hydroxide in it.Regular bleach has a lesser amount of Sodium hydroxide compared to outdoor bleach.
Not suitable for getting rid of the stains of the cloths as the color eventually fades.Regular bleach is suitable to get off the stubborn stain on your clothes.  

 I think you must have got some pretty good ideas regarding the differences at a glance.

Key Differences Between Outdoor Bleach And Regular Bleach

Outdoor Vs. Regular Bleach

Now it’s time to know the main differences between outdoor bleach and regular bleach.

  • Main purpose of usage

As it is already mentioned, just by the name of it, you get the primary idea of the usage of these bleaches. 

Outdoor bleaches are used for cleaning purposes of the external stuff of the house such as a fence, furniture, grill, driveways, etc.

On the other hand, regular bleaches are for regular household purposes like cleaning, disinfecting and removing stains from the different household stuff.

  • Price of the bleaches

Do you go to the market to buy all household stuff?

Then you must have the idea that the price of the outside bleach is a bit higher. Also, regular bleach can be a combination of other liquids that can remove stains.

Those ingredients might be already available in your home.

If you get to see the result, then you won’t see much difference between the outcome, considering the price.

  • Application on fabrics

You can use regular bleach on cloths for removing stains or whitening the cloth.

Here the key factor is the concentration percentage.

A laundry bleach should have a concentration of around 5%.

This amount of percentage is quite rare among most of the outdoor bleaches that are available on the market. So, it is better not to use outdoor bleaches on the fabric.

Extra Tips
While buying bleach for your home or taking care of the stuff outside the home, must check the concentration percentage with the utmost attention.
The lesser it is, there will be more the possibility of less harm to the staff.
  • Harming the plants

Excessive exposure to the outdoor bleach to the plants and vegetables for a long time might harm the plants.

Whereas, the likelihood of such an incident is a bit lower for regular ones.

Extra Tips
Once this outdoor bleach gets to the plant, it is recommended to rinse the plant with water without further delay.

Quick Summary Of The Differences

  1. Outdoor bleach for outside stuff and regular bleach for the stuff that remains at our home.
  2. Outdoor bleach may harm fabric, unlike regular bleach.
  3. The price of outdoor bleach is higher.
  4. Concentration percentage is higher on the outdoor bleach.

Common Similarities Between Outdoor And Regular Bleach

Outdoor And Regular Bleach

So, let’s get to know some similarities now.

  • Basic function

Both serve the same purpose almost which is basic cleaning, disinfecting, etc.

  • Harmful to skin

While using both types of bleaches, make sure you are using tools to keep your skin safe. These bleaches can create severe harm to your skin, and you may suffer for years to come. 

Extra Tips

Try to protect the eyes while using bleaches. Exposure of it to your eyes may severely harm your eyes.

  • Negative impact on soil

A lot of use of bleach can harm the soil tremendously. 

The soil may become colorless and lose the capacity of growing food over time. Also, it may pollute the water of the surroundings if the usage is not controlled.

Quick Summary Of The Similarities

  • Similar basic function.
  • Harmful for the skin.
  • Negative impact on the soil and the overall environment.

My Take On Outdoor Bleach

You can get the idea about the usage of it just from the name of it.

This bleach is mostly for cleaning and removing outdoor stains. So, it works for outdoor transport, furniture, fences, siding, grill, driveways, decks, and more.

My Take On Regular Bleach

Household bleach is milder. It is a blend of chemicals. The main constituent of this solution is sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).

It is actually a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and calcium hypochlorite.

Household bleach mainly contains 5 to 6 percent chlorine.

Extra Note

When someone says bleach it mostly means chlorine bleach, but any type of chemical combination for removing stains, disinfecting stuff is also considered as bleach. Such a solution work as an oxidizing agent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is outdoor bleach used for?

For outdoor bleach, the main concern is mostly on the outside stains. The concentration percentage is more in it. Outdoor bleach does all the cleaning and disinfecting works of your outdoor furniture, fences, driveways, decks, and many more.
Mostly tough cleaning and disinfecting works are done by using outdoor bleach. But you must be prudent enough to resist yourself and other members of your family from overusing it, considering the harmful effects.

Is outdoor bleach safe?

No bleach is safe entirely. But, it would be comparatively safer when you use it as per the direction.
There must be enough preventive measures taken by you to keep yourself and the plants safe. You can use hand gloves, eyeglass and maintain a proper distance from the solution.
To prevent burning of the glass or the plants with cold water once it gets to direct contact with outdoor bleach. If you have kids in your house, be extra cautious and keep them at a safe distance from them.

What happens if you put too much bleach in the laundry?

We all know by now, bleach is an essential means for keeping clothes stainless and white.
But what if you put excessive bleach in it? How would the cloth react to it?
Well, it will not be a good idea at all. And, it would impact the fabric by deteriorating the quality and color.
You won’t want that for your clothes, by any means, right?

Final Words

Bleaches are there to serve both domestic and industrial purposes. You cannot simply escape it. 

After digging down regarding Outdoor bleach vs. regular bleach, one thing is for sure. You cannot keep one ahead of another.

Both the bleaches serve different purposes, which are crucial in our mundane, or you can say regular lives.

After going through this write-up, I assume, now I guess you have an idea about which bleach to pick for the different needs of your home.

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Bleach Vs. Regular Bleach: Some Differences and Similarities”

  1. Does Outdoor Bleach kill green moss better on my gravel driveway than regular bleach? If yes, what should be the ratio? Thank you!

    1. Outdoor bleach is typically a stronger and more concentrated form of bleach than regular bleach, and it may be more effective at killing green moss on your gravel driveway. However, it’s important to note that bleach can be harmful to the environment, so you should use it with caution and only when necessary.

      To create a solution to kill green moss on your gravel driveway, you can mix outdoor bleach with water in a ratio of 1:10 or 1:20, depending on the severity of the moss growth.

      Before applying the solution, it’s a good idea to wet down the driveway to prevent the bleach from soaking into the soil or nearby vegetation. Apply the solution evenly to the affected areas and allow it to sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the moss and rinse the area thoroughly with water.

      Note that bleach can also damage certain types of surfaces, so you should test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area first before applying it to the entire driveway. You may also want to consider using an alternative method for moss control, such as manual removal or a natural moss killer.

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