Where Do Bed Bugs Come From Outside In The First Place Originally?

Bed bugs are known to be one of the most efficient hitchhikers that can use any transportation to make it to your home. Once landed, they will infest your home in no time!

So, as a part of your eliminating process, you should have a clear idea about where do bed bugs come from and how to get rid of them. That will help you take a better preventive measure.

You will get the most in-depth and comprehensive list of sources from where they may come from. Stay with me for the time being.

From Where Bed Bugs Come From Outside?

where do bed bugs come from

The sudden appearance of bed bugs simply indicates that they have come from outside. If only a pregnant female bed bug can come from outside, it will lay eggs within days.

The egg will hatch within days and become nymphs or baby bed bugs. They will become adults and begin laying new eggs. Pretty soon, it will make your home a colony!

So, let’s see from where they can hitchhike to your home.

  • Public Transportation

As much as I love public transportation, it’s also responsible for beg bug infestation as well. They mainly spread out to various locations via national and international travel.

If you use any public bus, taxis, trains, or even planes for work or for travel, they will first hide inside or on your dresses. Being an excellent hitchhiker, they can also travel through your luggage.

Then it just a short trip for them to make it to your home! So, it’s your frequent travel that makes it easier for bed bugs to invade your home!

  • From Cinema Hall

A full house cinema hall is a hot spot for bed bugs. From there, they spread out everywhere! When you sit down, they feel the warmth and come out and bite you.

They can also hide inside your clothing and that’s they can make it to your home.

  • From Used Furniture Sales
bed bugs inside used furniture

Many people buy used furniture or go for rental furniture and bring bed bugs along with that furniture. Usually, furniture like chairs, beds, and couches are infested with them!

So, bed bugs may come from that furniture you buy from secondhand stores.

Apart from being old, many people sell their bed-bug-infested furniture just to get rid of them. So, you are not just buying the used furniture, you are getting the bed bugs for free too J

The only way to be on the safe side is to give your secondhand furniture like sofas, dressers, or chairs a thorough check before you take it inside your home. 

Now, I admit the fact that it’s nearly impossible to detect such tiny bugs for any untrained eyes. You have two solutions to deal with this.

Either you can hire a pest control company to have a thorough look which may seem impractical. If that’s not your option, leave the used furniture outside under the scorching sun for a day or two!

The bed bugs should leave the used mattress or furniture because of the excessive heat and it will be safe to bring inside.

  • From Shared Living Spaces

Bed bugs may come from shared living spaces like multi-family housing facilities like apartment complexes or college dormitories as well.

College students come from various parts of the country and when they live in a college dormitory, the chances of having bed bug infestation are really high there.

When a single rood of such places gets those bugs, very quickly they will invade the rest of the building.

So, when a student return home from the dormitory, he/she may bring those bugs as well from the college dormitory. 

Not just dormitory, when a lot of people live a place, it becomes easier for the bed bug to make their hitchhike to the home.

It becomes a serious infestation quickly and you need a strong bed bug killer spray to eliminate them.

  • From Suitcase & Bags

There are a few household items where bed bugs can cling to and spread from here and there. Suitcases and bags are two of such most common household items.

You can’t avoid these two while traveling or prevent your relatives from visiting your home. And that’s how your home gets bed bugs or you spread them to other places.

When the visitors come to your home with such suitcase and bags, you can’t do much to prevent the infestation. 

However, if you are aware of this fact, you can put the suitcase and bags in a designated spot of your home from where there won’t be any way the bed bug can spread.

Similarly, you can act responsibly by thoroughly checking your bags and suitcase anytime you travel anywhere. A collective approach can keep the spread of those nasty bugs in check.

  • From Hospitals
how to get rid of bed bugs

Yes, hospitals are clean and they do their best to keep them that way. But patients and nurses from various parts of the country visit there. 

And it becomes nearly impossible to curb the spread. So, if you have recently visited any hospital, there is a high chance some of those bed bugs will cling to your clothes and belongings.

That’s just another way how you can get bed bugs and now that you know, it should be easy to take preventive measures. 

Whenever someone of your family return from the hospital or nursing care home, make sure to wash and dry all the clothes and belonging. 

  • From Your Office

The office is a hotspot of such bed bugs simply because different people meet at the same place every day. 

Due to huge human traffic daily, it’s nearly impossible to ensure any protection against those bugs.

Because of the frequent visits from lots of people every day, many people bring bed bugs from their infested homes unwittingly.

It’s just easy for the bugs to hitchhike their ways to your home. So, if you are wondering where do bed bugs come from originally in your house, your workplace is a good source to look at.

Apart from your office, the same situation is true for public libraries, schools, etc. 

  • From The Sofas At Lounge Area

I know most people don’t keep it in their mind and some even refuse to believe that they may get bed bugs from the sofas if they eat at the lounge area. 

But as you can guess from common sense that bed bugs prefer fabric materials over metallic surfaces. They also love dark red and black colors.

So, the fabric-made sofas at the lounge area with those preferred colors are a hotspot of bed bugs. 

As those lounge areas are the last place you would be alert of bed bugs, you will take them back to your home unwittingly.

  • From Your Lack of Awareness

Not just bed bugs, general lack of awareness is another reason for the pest spread and infestation. Most people don’t know much about bed bugs.

If you don’t even know the symptoms of bed bugs, you can’t do anything to curb the spread.

When the property owners and landlords show utter carelessness regarding bed bugs, they take advantage and bring hell to your life. That’s also the reason for the dispute between the landlord and tenant.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From In Nature?

what keeps bed bugs away

You just learned some sources from where they may come to your home. But how they come in nature?

Let me tell you something… Bed bugs are in nature for a very long time. Longer than you can even imagine!

As a DNA study done in 2019, bed bugs are in nature for around 115 million years. So, they were here even before the humans walk on the earth. 

In the past, they used to live in underdeveloped areas with mass shelters. But they can live anywhere now even in the advanced world. 

Closing Remarks

After learning those spots, I believe you are no longer wondering where do bed bugs come from in the first place, right?

Now, these are not the only sources from where they may come from. But now you know where and when you need to be careful to take preventive measures. 

Let me know your thoughts regarding this pesky insect in the comment box.

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