What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs And Their Eggs With Long Residual Effect?

The EPA has listed more than 300 products to deal with bed bug problems. They have classified the chemicals used in those bed bug killers into 7 categories.

So, if you are wondering what chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs, it’s the 7-chemical category like pyrethroids, pyrethrins, pyrroles, biochemicals, neonicotinoids, and desiccants. 

Without having any special training, you can’t use those chemicals. You should not! Rather, I will show you 6 bed bug killers that contain those chemicals. Using those products is fairly simple!

What Sprays Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs?

what chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs

Bed bugs can make your life miserable biting you while you are sleeping. Luckily, there are some effective chemical sprays for bed bugs you can use to eliminate them.

Let’s check those sprays one by one.


The main problem with most chemical-induced bed bug killers is that you can’t spray directly on the surface of the mattress or bedsheets.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray
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EcoRaider bed bug killer sprayer has solved the problem and it works perfectly to eliminate the infestation for a very long time.

It’s dermatologically safe and toxin-free. And the pleasant smell is great!

No matter how resistant the bed bug becomes, it kills them all from every stage like eggs, nymphs, and adults!

Because of its efficacy rate, the Entomological Society of America has declared it the most effective bed bug killer with extended residual protection.

This is how you can get the most out of it…

First, put the linens, clothing, and mattress cover in a tumble dryer. With the highest heat setting (read the label!), dry them for about 45 minutes.

Now, spray the EcoRaider on all sides of the bed frame and headboard. Do the same for all the seams and edges of the mattress and box spring.

Do not leave any joint, corner, nook, and cranny unsprayed.

Lastly, spray thoroughly the chairs, sofas, nightstands, baseboards, curtain folds, carpet edges, and any crevices and cracks you suspect those bed bugs may hide.

And you are done!

Yes, it’s expensive but you need something that is both safes around kids and pets. And it definitely works!

Read some actual reviews from the happy customers and you will understand why I am so excited about this one!

Key Features of EcoRaider

  • 1 gallon contains 128 Fl Oz. More than enough to treat your entire home!
  • Plant-based insecticides used.
  • No visible skin irritation. A very similar effect of house detergent.
  • Once a week apply the sprayer for the next one month. Your entire house should be free of bed bug.
  • You need to buy the sprayer separately.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

I put this bed bug killer spray at the top because of so many reasons. And if you are wondering what kills bed bugs instantly, I would say it’s the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer.

The non-toxic ingredients of this spray can kill the bed bug of its every stage of their lifecycles like Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults.

Now, the real challenge of getting success applying this spray is that you have to apply it directly on the bed bugs on or on their eggs. 

But if you follow the instructions that comes with the spray, your bed bug infestation problem will be gone within just 2 weeks. Many have got this amazing result already!

Just spray it directly on them routinely as instructed. You can’t kill them all in one day. But as it is proven to kill them, you will eventually get them all if you are consistent about it.

The good thing about it is that you can spray it anytime everywhere except your foods. No foul smell. So, you don’t need to air it out. In fact, you will love its pleasant smell!

More so, there is no waiting time. You can be immediately in the application area without wearing any mask.

Not everyone is able to call the exterminator and bear the huge expense of the bed bug treatment. This spray will be your ultimate savior!

Key Overview of Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

  • A better solution than bed bug foggers, traps, and powders. 
  • Safe to apply anywhere like mattress, sheets, and cover without risking staining them. 
  • As per the instruction, you must reapply the spray every two weeks for the next 90 days to completely get rid of them.
  • Safe for pets and kids. 
  • You must follow the direction. Otherwise, you will among them who call sprays are ineffective ☹


It’s horrible to have bed bugs. Once infested, it becomes hard (nearly impossible) to get rid of them. And worse, they will build resistance to almost any chemical sprays!

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Here comes the BEDLAM Plus in action! Spray it anywhere you suspect those pesky insects may be hiding like inside the box spring, mattress, or in other places.

It’s effective and perfect to be used on wood furniture and carpets. One single treatment will last for 2 weeks. You have to reapply for it after 2 weeks as per the instruction.

Spray it on the cracks and crevices you can see. To make it super effective, you can apply Diatomaceous Earth along with this spray. 

But don’t go for the OTC consumer product like RAID when you have a real bed bug infestation. RAID works but not so effective and you would have to buy all of their product lines!

Many have switched from RAID and adopted this spray and they are happy about it! They sprayed it on the baseboards, couches, beds, chairs, and everything else.

They began to see dead bed bugs. After 2 weeks, they reapplied it and continue to do so. And they finally got rid of them that they could not have with other bug treatments!

Overview of BEDLAM Plus

  • The main difference between the BEDLAM and BEDLAM Plus is that the latter one can kill the toughest pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs!
  • Enriched with the two most effective ingredients to kill bed bugs upon contact.
  • Won’t leave any stains on fabrics or on any surfaces. 
  • It does not kill bed bugs all at once. Upon your first application, you will see some dead bugs and some sick ones will keep wandering. You need to reapply it after the 2 weeks again and keep doing so until you don’t see them at all!

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer

The pyrethroid class chemicals are great to kill bed bugs and their eggs. But they can become resistant to it eventually. 

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So, you will begin to see them on your skin, on the walls, on your clothes, etc. Bleach or baking soda could not kill those bed bugs.

To solve the problem, HARRIS liquid bed bug killer has proven to be effective. When other traditional pesticides seem ineffective, it works like a charm. 

Not just the adult bed bugs, it destroys their eggs as well upon direct application.

When you begin to lose your mind seeing those beg bugs crawling everywhere and nothing works to kill them, this is what you need to get the control of your home back!

It kills them almost instantly upon direct contact! Just make sure to spray it on the sides and seams of the mattresses and other places like the nooks and crannies of your bed frame, and you can see its magic within seconds!

After the initial application, it will keep working to kill the bed bugs for up to 16 weeks! I would be happy to say other chemical bug killers can do that, but I can’t!

Upon the right application of the spray for bed bugs as the direction, many have got a 99.99% success rate within weeks!

So, if you want to get those critters real good and save thousands of dollars, get HARRIS bug killer spray NOW!

Brief Overview of HARRIS Bed Bug Killer

  • EPA registered. Perfectly safe to be used in your home around pets and kids.
  • Super strong and effective to kill bed bugs and their eggs along with anything in between!
  • Many have confirmed to have 100% bug-free bedrooms but you can expect 99.99% bug-free room at least.
  • Don’t expect to kill them all at once but the residual bed bugs will become weak and die for sure.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer

Having a nightmare with pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs because nothing seems to work? Well, many have been there and you are not alone. 

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But to get your life back and sleep well again at night, welcome the Ortho Home Defense Max bed bug killer! It’s not cheap but it solves your fleas and tick problems as well!

The bed bug killer spray is suitable for spot treatment around your bed frames and mattresses. To reach the toughest areas, it comes with a nice spray wand as well.

Not just the adult bed bugs, it destroys their eggs too to prevent a quick re-infestation. The residual killing capacity of the bug killer is simply outstanding!

After being disappointed with so many other brands, it has proven to be effective against bed bugs, fleas, and any other tiny pests. Thousands of desperate people have found their mental peace at last!

Just spray it on the empty beds and wait for only 5 minutes. You will begin to see those pesky bugs are coming out and die in front of your EYES!

To get the most out of it, make sure to laundry your clothes, bedsheets, curtains, and so on first. Even better if you can use DE under the mattress and along the baseboards.  

Most people got the amazing result with used this spray along with Diatomaceous Earth. I highly recommend you doing the same.

Key Features of Ortho Home Defense

  • Kills the bed bugs almost immediately when applied directly to them. As it takes some time to saturate the box spring and mattress, it takes a few hours to kill the eggs.
  • It has a residual effect of 2 weeks. Meaning you have to re-apply it after 2 weeks.
  • Do not spray it directly on your clothes or the top of the mattress. You can spray it on the mattress sides and box spring though.
  • Spray it keeping the window open. There is a scent!

Cimexa Dust Insecticide

This is probably the best pesticide for bed bugs you can get for the cheapest cost. But many have already gotten promising results with Cimexa despite costing them so low!

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From nymphs to nymphs hatched from dusted eggs, it’s proven effective against adult bed bugs too. It eliminates fleas from your home as well. 

More so, it works great against ticks, lice, mites, firebrats, roaches, dry wood termites, etc. Many reviews from the user’s side seem to prove the manufacturer’s claim.

Because it is essentially a dehydrating agent, many people mistake it with diatomaceous earth. But it’s not DE, it’s comprised of 100% of amorphous silica gel and does not contain any DE.

Upon repeated usages of low-quality chemical bed bug killers, they may become resistant to chemical classes like pyrethroids and neonicotinoids. 

Even if that’s the scenario of your bed bugs, it still works! Now, let me explain how you can make it work the most efficiently way.

You need to start by vacuuming everything inside the house. Next, wash every linen with high heat setting and hot water. Keep that linen in a plastic storage box.

Next, caulk every crevice of light switches, wall sockets, toilet/sink pipes, etc. Now, spray the Cimexa on everything!

Within just two days, your entire home should be bed bug-free. But missing any of the above-mentioned steps won’t get the job done. 

You must do everything I said above before applying the Cimexa.

Key Features of Cimexa Insecticide

  • Completely non-staining and odorless. Kills pests by destroying their waxy cuticle and dehydration FAST!
  • A little amount goes a long way. You need only 2 oz. per 100 square feet.
  • Not everyone can afford an exterminator. Cimexa is the answer to those people.
  • Very low-toxicity. Won’t do any harm to your hands or skin if accidentally drops. However, take safety measures as per the instruction.
  • Once you get rid of the bed bugs, you won’t see them back for many years to come!

D-Fense SC

When you have a severe infestation, the pre-mixed spray may not work. You need something powerful and deadlier than that!

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Deltamethrin is a powerful and expensive chemical to kill bed bugs and their eggs. And D-Fense SC is enriched with this chemical to solve your bed bug infestation problems.

The good thing is it works for other pests like cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. And you can spray both indoor and outdoor using either power operated or hand-pressurized sprayer.

As it is a suspended concentrate (SC), you need to mix it with water as per the instruction before you can spray it. But it worth the trouble!

It will let you win any battle against any serious bug problems you may have!

Deltamethrin has greater control over the wide ranges of pests with probably the longest residual effect. Many people have already gone completely bug-free applying this sprayer.

Don’t spend your time and money on junk sprays. When you have a real problem like pest infestation, it requires a real solution. Keeps all the bugs at bay!

It’s a lot cheaper than other pre-mixed solutions and it is made mostly out of flowers but still toxic. Not safe around pets and kids. So, I recommend spraying it as per the instruction.

Yes, it requires some extra works but boy it works!

Closing Remarks

They bite and they are gross! They have the unique capability to make anyone’s life a nightmare! So, I can imagine why people are looking for what chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs.

Well, you are welcome to use any of the above bed bug killer sprays I reviewed above. They have the strongest chemicals to knock out those bugs.

If you have success eliminating those bed bugs and apply my recommended sprays, let me know in the comment box.

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