Kubota B2601 Problems: Probable Cause and Effective Solutions

With thousands of tractor models coming up every day, the one that promises to give good results and outstanding quality is the Kubota B2601.

Kubota has multiple tractor models that will suit your needs.

Although the model comes with the latest LA434 front loading that features a superb lift quality and a boom design, there are some Kubota B2601 problems people are facing.

However, with this review, you can expect to get a clear idea about the features as well as the probable problems that people face with this model.

Common Issues With Kubota B2061 Tractor

Kubota B2601 problems

Here is a quick list of its problems:

  • Not starting the engine
  • Soot in engine
  • Problems with the battery
  • Clogged air filter
  • Engine problems

Difficulty With Starting The Engine

According to some of the customer reviews, most buyers complained about Kubota B2601 engine problems.

Almost half of the buyers faced issues with starting the engine. As we all know that spark plug plays a vital role in the functioning of the engines.

It blends fuel along with air compounds in the cylinders of the engine so that the engine can start.

One of the common probable reasons behind engines not starting is fillers and impurities in the fuel filter. Apart from that, blockage in the fuel can also be another reason.

Many customers complained that even after cleaning the fuel filter, the engines did not start.

Some other reasons could be improper parking brake switch, malfunctioned ignition key as well as the poor quality engine.

Soot In Engine

Once again most customers complained about too much soot collection in the diesel engines.

Although the soot buildup is common, too much and too frequently can eventually damage the engines.

Customers mostly complained about frequent oil changes due to soot in the engines. At times, too much soot is also an indication of an underlying problem.

As we all know soot is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. However, Kubota B2601 produces an abnormal amount of soot.

With time as the soot thickens, it impacts the viscosity. As a result, the engines have to work hard for starting as well as run during extremely cold temperatures.

Soot wear down the valves as well as seals of B2601. Therefore, users face problems with engine failure.

Problems With The Battery

Issues with the faulty battery can be the common reason behind a faulty tractor.

Users faced a common stage where Kubota B2601 produced enough energy for starting the energy, but finally, it stopped before moving an inch.

Therefore, if you buy Kubota B2601, then you will face the issue with the battery. Although you will be able to start the tractor, it won’t move an inch.

Engines mix gasoline and if it becomes too thick or light, it will create pressure on the battery or the carburetor.

As a result, the tractor won’t move forward or backward. It is a major issue that users of this tractor machine faced.

Issues With The Air Filter

Yet another most ordinary problem that buyers faced with Kubota 2601. A blocked air filter can lead to engines not starting.

If the air filter gets blocked, the gasoline will fail to enter the engine. Hence, the engine fails to produce enough power for moving or starting.

Alternatively, the engine might move; however, due to blockage, the engine might heat up when moving forward or backward.

If you keep ignoring this problem, it might incur permanent damage to the engine. Therefore, it is important to keep a regular check on the air filters.

B2601 Engine Problems

issues with Kubota B2601

Kubota B2601 attachmentsengine comes with a 26Hp liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine. Its type is D1105.

When properly maintained, an engine will last long. Although you might found the engine quite impressive, the customers mentioned negative popularity.

After buying Kubota B6201, customers majorly complained about the thousands of engine problems.

Here are some of the common issues with the engines that you might face if you buy this model.

  • Problematic Spark Plug

A spark plug is a vital part of an engine and plays a significant role when it comes to igniting an engine.

It helps in creating an electric spark so that the gasoline compresses and the engine starts.

Therefore, a faulty spark plug definitely affects the functioning of an engine. Even loose wires in the spark plugs won’t let the engine start.

  • Too Much Carbon In The Combustion Chamber

Carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber is definitely yet another vital problem that you might face with Kubota B2601.

Although the problem can be easily solved, carbon in the combustion chamber can ruin the engines.

When the fuel burns, carbon dioxide generates. As a result, the level of carbon increases in the chamber. Hence, you have to keep cleaning the chamber frequently.

This would do the work for sure. However, many customers complained even after cleaning the combustion chamber, the engine was not working.

  • Defective Cooling Fins

When it comes to the Kubota B2601 engine problems, cooling fins are considered a significant part of the tractors.

If it gets clogged, you won’t be able to reverse the problem. As a result, the engine will heat up soon.

If you keep using the tractor without cleaning the cooling fins, the engine will end up damaging soon.

Thus, you have to prepare yourself for overhead costs, frequent repairing costs as well as other costs.

Buyers complained about the defective cooling fins in many reviews mentioning them as poor quality.

Hence, if you are planning to buy Kubota B2601, then you have to be prepared for the repairing costṣ.

  • Dispute Choke Cables

Choke cable is responsible to keep the airflow maintained to the engine in the right quantity. Hence, it maintains valve air pressure so that the required fuel to pass to the engine.

The engines need to work at low temperatures and choke cables help with that.

Thus, you have to keep checking if the choke cables are working properly since problems with the choke cable are common in Kubota B2601.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can a Kubota B2601 lift?

Kubota B2601 is able to lift 948 lbs.

Is the Kubota B2601 a good tractor?

From lots of attachments and performance perspective, it’s good tractor to have.

Where is the Kubota B2601 made?

It’s at Texas, U.S.A.


All the above-mentioned problems are common with the Kubota B2601 problems. However, most of them are easy to solve.

Besides, you will find thousands of trouble-solving ideas online. Most importantly, it is vital to know about the repairing costs that you might face.

It is important to understand that every machine needs repairing after a certain point. However, with thousands of tractor models available, you can compare which one has the least mechanical issues.

The above-listed problems are common that you might face with Kubota B2601.

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  1. the b 2601 will most definitely not lift 948lbs, more like 200lbs. this thing is a toy for rich guys to replace divots with

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