Kubota BX2380 Problems And Complaints: Reasons With Quick Fixes

When you’re looking for an efficient tractor that comes with a compact design, the Kubota BX series is the one you’re seeking.

Despite there are some Kubota BX2380 problems, this tractor is one of the most popular choices among the customers. It’s an excellent combination of size and power, which makes them more desirable!

However, everything in this universe comes with perks and cons, and you might be facing some troubles with this model! And this article is all about those issues and complaints.

Common Problems With Kubota BX2380

Kubota BX2380 problems

Here are some problems that you may face with your Kubota BX2380:

  • PTO Problems
  • Issues with the loader.
  • Steering box issues.
  • Starting problem.

Now, let’s talk about those problems in detail and check out some quick solutions.

PTO Engagement Issues

Sometimes after engaging the clutch, the PTO shaft won’t turn. And the PTO light might be on too, but still, this problem can occur.

It’s not just a BX2380 issue; it can happen to any model.

Fixes to Try

To solve this issue, you can try out the solutions below.

  • First of all, examine the hand lever of the clutch. If the linkage is bent, it can stop the clutch from engaging. So, if it is bent or disconnected, make sure that it’s fixed.
  • You can also try to turn the PTO shaft by hand. When you manually shift it one way, the mechanism should be freed and can be turned effortlessly. And then try moving it another so it can engage properly.

Loader Doesn’t Get Locked Properly

While putting the loader back on, one side may keep popping out when another side is perfectly fine. It’s the same problem with Kubota L4701 tractor too.

It is just a minor attachmentissue that can be solved without any hassle.

Fixes to Try

You can try the following procedures to fix this problem.

  • When the roller isn’t dead-nuts level with the tractor, it will not be attached correctly. Even if it’s slightly canted on one side, you won’t be connected. Therefore, while mounting this part, you need to make sure that your ground is perfectly leveled. So, it would be better if you perform this task in your garage.
  • As you can see, the bottom lift cylinders are cross-connected. Consequently, the mast base will be higher on one side. But it rarely happens, to be honest. When this problem occurs, you need to adjust the lift cylinder extension. You have to get the masts more level from side to side.

However, it is a manual procedure, so you have to work with patience.

Steering Box Problems

If you feel loose steering and wobbly front wheel, you should know that it’s happening because of the faulty steering box.

You may also face resistance while turning the wheels.

This issue commonly occurs when you keep or use your tractor in the pouring rain. If any water gets inside the steering box, it will start causing damage immediately.

Fixes to Try

Here is an easy solution for you to repair the steering Box.

  • All you have to do is to unplug the weep hole to get rid of the trapped water. If you do this regularly, you won’t have to go through this ordeal in future anymore.

Tractor Starts And Then Shuts Off

L4701 tractor issue

If the tractor starts without any trouble but shuts off immediately, it can happen due to fuel starvation.

Fixes to try

You can follow these tips to get rid of this problem.

  • First of all, inspect the fuel and air filters, fuel pump, fuel lines and air lines for issues.
  • If you see that the fuel line is blocked, you can use high-pressured air to get rid of the clog.
  • Now examine the fuel filter, and if it is too dirty, replacing the whole thing would be a better idea.
  • Sometimes a faulty fuel pump can also cause severe problems. So make sure that there is no trapped air in the pump so it can perform properly.
  • If the fuel system doesn’t have any complications, maybe the problem is in the airflow system. Therefore, inspect the whole system and try to find out the issues.
  • Excessive or too little air can cause problems to the fuel pump and interrupt the combustion rate. Hence, make sure that the air filter is clean. If it’s dirty, you can use the compressed air blow to get rid of the impurities.

Kubota BX2380 Review

Before we start talking about Kubota’s troubles, here is a brief review of BX2380 according to our experience.

Whenever you pick any Kubota reviews, you will see BX2380 as one of the most efficient tractors.

The drive train comes with a high-low gear shift and two forward and reverse. Moreover, it is designed with HST as well.

Furthermore, it is available within an affordable price range, making it more user-friendly than it already is.

The four-wheel drive and a wet-disc braking system also ensure a trouble-free experience for the users. And this tractor is compact yet heavy-duty and weighs around 1443lbs.

Additionally, you can get package deals depending on the area you live. So, getting this tractor seems like a wise idea.

With this machine, you will get the SAE Category I three-point hitch that comes with 680lbs lifting capacity. And that’s pretty impressive!

Here is a video review on it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many hours are excessive on a Kubota Tractor?

If you keep your Kubota tractor well-maintained, it will last up to 4500-5500 gauged hours without any struggle.

And if you use this machine for light-duty tasks, or 100-150 hours a year, it will last a lifetime, to be honest!

So if you do the proper maintenance, you can use your Kubota tractor for at least ten years. Isn’t impressive?

Is Kubota a good Brand?

Kubota makes the best compact and sub-compact tractors in the market. Their diesel engines are reliable and ensure a long-lasting service if maintained correctly.

Is Kubota BX2380 efficient enough?

Kubota BX2380 is one of the most excellent compact tractors out there. It is perfect for doing any tasks smoothly and provides a travel-free experience for the user.

Moreover, this machine is equipped with a high-quality and reliable engine to ensure optimum performance.

If you still have any doubts, you can check out the BX2380 specs to make a confident purchase.

Where is the Kubota engine manufactured?

Kubota’s top-tier engines are manufactures in America to guarantee a fantastic experience for the users.

Final Verdict

Kubota BX2380 is a perfect machine to maintain your estate and suitable for mowing 2-15 acres at a time. So, for a trouble-free experience, choosing this tractor sounds like a great plan!

Furthermore, you will also get 1-year limited warranty, and you can extend it if you want.

However, as we’ve said before, every machine out there becomes a little problematic over time. But with proper maintenance, you can avoid those issues pretty effortlessly.

Now that we have discussed some common Kubota BX2380 problems, you can take care of them when necessary.

Don’t worry; this machine won’t give you much trouble as it is one of the low-maintenance tractors you can find out there.  

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  1. i’m curious my BX2380 tractor is real slow in reverse and backing out of a tight spot takes quite awhile especially on a slope .it is quicker to turnaround then back up in reverse .checked fluids all are good to go .anu ideas out there would be nice.

  2. I have a bx25 backhoe 2013 model 440 hours tractor/ loder type.
    after running tractor when shut off engine it clicks and tractor drifts backward a little. what’s wrong? dealer serviced and i was told nothing wrong use emergency brake. for 9 years it didn’t do it.
    any help appreciated. guy email commanchie44@yahoo.com

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