Kubota L4701 Problems: Reasons & Recommendations To Fix

Kubota L4701 package deal is exciting and it’s a great tractor to have. Unlike other models of the same brand, L4701 has a few complaints.

Still, it’s a good thing to check out those Kubota L4701 problems before you buy this. If you already own this tractor, I have included some troubleshooting tips as well.

Stay with me for a short period. I will talk about all the common Kubota L4701 complaints that are surfing around the internet!

Common Problems of Kubota L4701 Tractor 

kubota l4701 problems

Don’t get disappointed after learning about those problems. People are dealing with more serious problems with their tractors from other brands. 

Now, let’s check out those problems.

  • Kubota L4701 Engine Problems

The sudden death of the engine is its biggest problem so far. I have seen more people are talking about this issue on several tractor forums.

What really disappointing is that sometimes it won’t even show you why the engine is dead. So, it becomes a trial and error game based on your guesswork. 

Now, when it becomes too hard to crank the engine, you may think it’s the oil. But sometimes, it can happen due to the electric fuel pump as well.

If you let a mechanic check the engine, he may find other issues like overheating the engine from the debris-plugged radiator. 

So, the question arises…what should you do about it?

Well, the engine problem is a serious one and not everyone is capable of fixing it themselves. So, the first job should be looking at the warranty card.

If it’s a new tractor, the engine should be covered within the warranty. Let them fix it for you or they will replace the engine with a new one.

However, if the damages to the engine happen due to debris or something else like that, your warranty won’t cover that. But it should be covered within your insurance!

  • Cold Weather Issue/Regen Issue

You may notice the warning light with code P3001 on the screen when the temperature gets too cold. The code simply indicates that the engine needs a regen.

It already happened where the engine bogged down after a few minutes of operation. And this occurs when the temperature goes below 20 F. and you have to shut down the tractor.

Now, along with those above symptoms, if you notice white smoke coming out of the exhaust during the cold weather – you need to run the tractor HARD!

But sometimes, you will see the P3001 error code when water contamination or fuel is gelling too. Reset the code. 

If you need a forced regen, it can be done only by the dealer or their service manager. 

Troubleshooting Kubota L4701 Issues

kubota l4701 attachments

Yes, there are some other complaints about this tractor but I don’t want to waste time talking about them. 

Rather let’s see what are the reasons and you should do in case of various problems you may face.

  • If the engine stalls, you can suspect dirty or stale fuel, low fuel, or a faulty fuel supply pump.
  • When you notice the steering wheel is spinning without any resistance, you have a low hydraulic oil level in the tank or a defective steering pump unless the steering cylinder is worn out.
  • If you notice a crunch in the rear axle housing, the axle reducer is defective.
  • For white smoke coming out of the exhaust, you need to clean the clogged air cleaner or replace the piston rings.
  • If the loader has a breakdown and the diesel won’t rotate, you may have used the wrong fuel type. Sometimes, the fuel pump drive may become faulty. 
  • If the engine loses power out of nowhere, there may be too much oil. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does DT mean on Kubota tractors?

DT means Gear Drive on Kubota tractors.

How much does a Kubota L4701 weight with loader?

It weighs between 3219 to 3307 pounds.

How much can a Kubota L4701 lift?

The loader of Kubota L4701 can lift up to 1,684 pounds of load.

How much torque does a Kubota L4701 have?

With hydrostatic power steering, it has a torque of146.2 N·m.

Is the Kubota L4701 a good tractor?

It comes with a reliable and powerful hydraulic system that is a must for work like farming, loading, or digging. With immense torque and lifting capacity, L4701 is a great tractor to own.


Unlike other models, Kubota L4701 problems are not so serious. For serious problems like engine issues, contact their service manager if the warranty period did not expire already.

But you can try the troubleshooting tips mentioned above before calling a third-party mechanic. 

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