Kubota B3350 Problems And Troubleshoot: Should You Get This Tractor?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz over the internet about the Kubota B3350 tractor. If you have not yet heard about it, just bear with me, I will give more details later.

So this machine has left most people in a tight spot because you can’t just brush away its unique design. Neither can you turn a deaf ear to the Kubota B3350 regeneration problems.

In this piece, we are leaving nothing to chances. We will weigh both sides of the issue and help you make an unbiased decision.

Let’s get into action.

Common Problems With Kubota B3350 Tractor

Kubota B3350 problems

Here is a list of its common complaints:

  • Regeneration Problems
  • Electrical Problems
  • Engine Problems
  • Dull Blades

There several issues like above you may encounter while using this tractor. But the leading one is the dpf issues. Below are more details about the same.

Kubota B3350 DPF problems

DPF regeneration is the process in which the diesel particulate filter is cleaned and emptied.

This process, referred to as DPF regeneration, occurs when the soot collected on the filter is burnt at a high temperature to create room for more collection.

To fully understand how the regeneration problem occurs and the possible solutions, let’s first look at the two main types of regeneration.

  • Passive regeneration

To begin, we have passive regeneration, which occurs when the DPF empties itself by burning all the soot on the filter by itself.

The regeneration process stops immediately after you get to your destination.

  • Active regeneration

Next is active regeneration, which usually occurs when driving short distances.  

In this case, when the soot gets to a certain level, let’s say 45%, the car will automatically switch to high exhaust temperatures by the process of post-combustion fuel injection to burn the soot.

When you get to your destination just before all the soot is burnt on the active regeneration, a DPF warning light will appear on the dashboard.  

Unfortunately, that can cause a blockage on the system. However, after driving for approximately 15 minutes at a speed of 40 mph, it will clear out the blockage.

Causes Of Kubota B3350 Regeneration Problems

Regeneration problems, also known as aborted DPF regeneration cycle, can be a result of several factors. Sadly, DPF issue is also a concerning problem of the Kubota L3901 tractor as well. They include

  • A Failed Component In The Engine

The DPF regeneration process is sensitive to other Kubota B3350 attachments, such as the sensors. Engines have multiple sensors that work on given parameters and conditions.

When a sensor that is connected to the emission system fails, it may result in regeneration problems.

The engine fails to regenerate continuously, and worse, it may also fail to illuminate the engine management system.

  • Repeated Short Distance Drive

This is the primary cause of DPF regeneration problems.

Basically, the DPF regeneration problem occurs if the DPF fails to regenerate completely.

That is, the traveling distance is too short, such that you get to your destination before the active regeneration completes its cycles.

Correspondingly the regeneration process is aborted mid-way.

Consequently, more oil is injected into the cylinder that doesn’t burn but drains into the sump.

Typically, most vehicles alert this aborted regeneration problem by continuously running the radiator fan even after the engine has stopped.

  • Driving Long Distance After The DPF Regeneration Failure

When the regeneration problem is at its initial stage, then the vehicle can still move on smoothly. However, the illuminating signal on the dashboard will persist.

Caution: Ignoring the regeneration problem alert on the dashboard and continuously driving will result in a total blockage on the DPF filter.  

As a result, at this stage, the vehicle cannot force automatic regeneration.

How To Deal With Kubota Regeneration Problems?

Kubota regeneration problems

Having looked at the significant causes of regeneration problems on the DPF filter, let us now look at how you can solve each of them.

But even before we get into that, prevention is always better. If you are not in an emergency, you should drive at a relatively slow speed over a shorter distance.

With that, the engine will have sufficient time to burn the soot.

You can solve the regeneration problems by:

  •  Adding  DPF Cleaning Addictive

DPF regeneration problem results from an aborted regeneration problem that causes blockage of the filters after some time.

You can add the DPF cleaning addictive and then drive for at least 15 minutes to solve the issue. The DPF cleaning addictive price is approximately $21.

  • Forced Regeneration

If you continually drive with an aborted regeneration, it worsens the state to the extent that the engine cannot automatically regenerate.

Thus, you will have to visit a mechanic at this stage who will later force regeneration using particular software known as the DPF delete kit.

  • Fill Up The Oil

Most vehicles will not regenerate if the oil is below ¼ of the cylinder. Thus, you should check on the oil level first and fill it if need be.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are common in tractors. Usually, they are a result of a damaged battery.

Also, if the tractor, like any other vehicle, stays unused for over a week, the battery is likely to drain.

Therefore, you will only have to recharge the battery, and the vehicle will be on the road in such a case.

Similarly, rusted terminals or wrongly connected cables may cause a problem in the electric system

 Consequently, you should regularly inspect them and clean them if need be.

Engine Problems

Is your Kubota b3350 hard to start? Is it working at a slower speed, or has any other sign of poor performance?

Then, it likely has a problem with its engine. The engine is the primary source of power in this machine; hence, it will affect the general performance if faulty.

 The common problem with the engine is faulty spark plugs. Don’t think hard. I am giving all details about it and even a solution.

The spark plugs are damaged by foul or dirt on them. This problem can only be solved by replacing them.

These engine attachments have different replacement processes, but you can always refer to the manual.

As well, a damaged or clogged carburetor affects the engine’s performance, but even worse, it may be impossible to get the machine into motion.

The solution?

If the carburetor is the problem and it is in the initial stages, you can unclog it. Otherwise, you will have to pay for a repair.

Dull Blades

Tractors rely on their blades in most of their work. In other words, working with dull blades can only be self-punishment.

Tractor blades get blunt with time. Ideally, you should sharpen them twice a year. However, if you are a regular user, then sharpening them four times a year will be fine.

Yet, if the blade is beyond repair, you can purchase one at a new price of approximately $40.

Specs Of The Kubota B3350 Tractor

It is wise to first look at the construction design of this machine before just diving into its shortcomings. That will help you have a clearer view of both sides of this tool. And with that, you will be on the right way to making an unbiased decision.

I will not give many stories but only review the main components which are prone to problems

  1. Engine Specification

When it comes to machines, the engine specification is everything. Why?

The engine is the source of power. Actually, it significantly determines the speed and general performance of the tool.

With that said, the Kubota B3350 tractor has an Emission-three vortex combustion system engine.

This type of engine, abbreviated as E-TVCS, uses a liquid coolant and highly increased torque and power.

In addition to that, its engine uses a diesel particulate filter, DPF, which results in lesser emissions making this tool environmentally friendly.

  • Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system moves the hydraulic fluid with respect to pressure laws to generate the energy for lifting various objects.

The system of this tractor has a lifting capacity of 970kg on the lift point and 760kg behind the lifting point.

It gets better when we get into its horsepower. It uses power take-off horsepower, which provides up to 27Hp.

Consequently, coupling its powerful hydraulic system and horsepower, we can all agree that this machine has an unmatchable lifting capacity

  • Fuel Tank Capacity

Lastly, on its specs, we have a fuel tank capacity of 27.5L. As you will come to learn later, the fuel capacity should never go below ¼ of the tank capacity, or else you will run into regeneration problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many HP is a Kubota B3350?

Kubota B3350 tractor has 33 horsepower.

How long does it take for a Kubota tractor to regenerate?

About 20 minutes.

How do I know if my DPF is regenerating?

If the cooling fan is running, there is increased fuel consumption, or you notice an acrid and hot smell from the exhaust, you can be sure of active regeneration.

Is the Kubota B3350 a good tractor?

Yes, with a powerful diesel engine and great reliability, B3350 is a good tractor.


Kubota b3350 is a powerful tractor that uses a high-level engine to minimize the exhaustion to the environment.

Yet its motor has more power and torque, which results in a high-level performance

Also, its engine is highly prone to DPF regeneration problems.  As luck would have it, we have discussed the cause of the Kubota B3350 problems and offered a solution to these problems.

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  1. My 2016 B##50 now has about 360 hrs on it. Bought it used with 24 hrs. Went into Regency at about 50 hrs. Could not clear it with several attempts it parking it.
    Kubota pickup the machine and cleared it free of charge, Factory rep picked up the cost, (Kudos to Oneonta Kubota).
    Now 2 attempts at clearing a level 4 failure by parking it, 2 hours each, still in failure mode. Any suggestions ?
    Otherwise, guess I have to call dealer for their recommendation.

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