Scotts Green Max Vs. Turf Builder: Choosing The Right Lawn Food

The Scotts Green Max and the Turf Builder are both fertilizers that are used by a lot of lawn owners.

Despite having some differences between the Scotts Green Max vs. Turf Builder, both of these fertilizers are used to enhance the quality of the lawn and make sure that the lawn is far more productive.

Even though they seem to serve the same purpose, there are certain key differences between them. In this article, we will show you the key differences between these two types of fertilizers.

Difference Between Scotts Turf Builder And Green Max

Scott's Green Max vs. Turf Builder

Although they are manufactured by the same company, there are some key differences. Here are some of the key comparison points:

  • Slow Release

The lower the slow release of a particular machine or fertilizer, the steadier its intensity is to release nutrients needed for the soil.

This might be good or adverse depending on the conditioning of the soil and the needs of the user. 

The Green Max has a slow release of about fifty percent. In comparison, the Turf Builder has a slow release of thirty percent.

In interpretation, that means that the turf builder has a steadier emanation of nutrients when it is being used.

  • Iron Quantity

When assessing the quality of the soil, it is important to do soil tests. Soil tests help to ascertain the amount of iron that is inside the soil.

It is essential to know the quantity of iron in the soil where you are working because you have to make adjustments catering to your needs. 

The Iron quantity in the Green Max is five percent, whereas the iron quantity in the Turf Builder is two percent.

  • Application

When it comes to the application of either machine, there are also differences in how much you ought to apply them.

In this regard, the application of the Green Max is lower than that of the Turf Builder as it has a higher slow release.

This means that it takes more time for the Turf Builder to cover spaces and emulate nutrients.

If you have to put a number on it, the Green Max needs to be applied once every six to eight weeks.

On the other hand, the Turf Builder can be applied once every three to five weeks. These are optimal estimations.

  • Price Difference

Although there is a difference in price between the two products, the difference is not that significant. On average, you can purchase the Green Max at a range between seventeen to twenty dollars.

On the other hand, the price of Turf Builders ranges from twelve to fifteen dollars.

This difference in price varies from store to store. Big branded stores usually charge higher than your neighborhood stores.

  • Area Covered

When it comes to the amount of area these machines can cover, there isn’t much difference. On average, both these machines can cover five thousand square feet.

The amount of time needed to cover respective areas is dependent on their individual slow-release capacities.

Which One Should You Pick?

Well, to be completely honest, which machine or fertilizer you should pick depends on how much they respectively cater to your needs.

Budget constraints should not be a problem here as the prices of both do not vary much from one another. But if you do have constraints, pick one that best fits your budget.

The most important thing to consider is the condition of your soil. Before purchasing, do a soil test. This will help you understand the current condition of your soil.

There are professional soil testing firms that can help you in this regard. Hiring professionals is very beneficial as they know the proper mechanism of doing soil tests.

Impulse and unknowledgeable purchases can often be detrimental as these might do long-term damages to your lawn.

The fertilizer you end up picking has to compliment the type of soil you have around you. Otherwise, any machine will be ineffective. The use of the correct ingredients will help you get better results.

As mentioned before, lawns do not become lush green overnight. You have to be patient, and your efforts have to be very consistent. It is a marathon rather than a sprint.

So, we urge you to remain calm and keep working on your lawn to get the best results. Usually, in a span of two to three years, you will get your desired lawn.

Why is it important to pick the right fertilizer for your lawn?

If you are a lawn owner, one of your most important wishes is the beautification of your lawn. But this beautification does not happen overnight.

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, making a lawn that is alluring in appearance is something that takes time. You have to be really consistent in your efforts to make your lawn gloss.

One of the keys behind ensuring this glow is picking the right fertilizer. Without choosing the right fertilizer, your efforts to maximize the beauty of your lawn will fall short.

Eventually, you will end up with a mediocre-looking lawn, and all your efforts and expenses will go in vain. Do not just pick any fertilizer; pick one that best fits the attributes of your lawn.

A good lawn owner places a lot of emphasis on picking the right fertilizer for their lawn. It is just as important as putting in consistent effort for the beautification of your lawn.

Picking the machine that best fits your needs is the way to start your journey.


All in all, we hope that Scotts Green Max vs. Turf Builder will help you come to the most optimal decision regarding which machine or fertilizer you should purchase.

We cannot stress how important soil tests are. It is best to do them as soon as possible before making the purchase and using professionals to do your testing.

We hope that this article has helped you and wish you the best in your endeavors of getting your desired lawn.

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