Best Fertilizer For New Grass And Any Outdoor Grow To Buy In 2021

Instead of blaming your area where you are living, apply the right fertilizer for new grass from Simple Lawn Solutions or Scotts Turf Builder. A green and healthy lawn will be a natural consequence.

To dominate your neighborhood, you need to apply any good quality starter fertilizer on the established lawn to have a dark green lawn. The above two brands are trusted by thousands just for that!

Fertilizer For Outdoor Grow Comparison Table

Liquid Lawn Food By SLS
  • NPK Ratio: 16-4-8
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Scotts New Lawn Fertilizer
  • NPK Ratio: 21-22-4
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Scotts Turf Builder
  • NPK Ratio: 21-22-4
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Scotts Fertilizer
  • NPK Ratio: 24-25-4
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SLS Concentrated Liquid Lawn Food
  • NPK Ratio: 16-4-8
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SLS Ultimate Liquid Fertilizer
  • NPK Ratio: 3-18-18
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Best Lawn Fertilizer Reviews

fertilizer on new grass

Applying fertilizer on new grass is a must if you are not happy with the current look of your lawn. From the table above, now that you already know the most trusted fertilizer for the lawn.

Now, let’s have an in-depth look at each of them.

Simple Lawn Solutions (SLS) – Spray Lawn Food

For almost immediate result, Advanced 16-4-8 liquid fertilizers for lawns is second to none. That’s the reason I have put it in number 1 in my lawn fertilizer reviews. Whether you have St. Augustine grass or you have a Bermuda lawn, it’s just perfect.

liquid fertilizer for outdoor grow
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Of course, there is plenty of liquid starter fertilizer for grass-like Scotts products but for an instant result to have a lush lawn, the Simple Lawn Solutions brand should come in your first consideration.

The main benefit of the spray is that its usage is straightforward. If you use it in addition to milorganite, you will get the best result. This is what you need to dominate the lawn of your neighbor.

Many have confirmed that it makes the grass healthy and greenery and the difference is noticeable. If you find your yard hard to keep healthy or if there is any tough area in your lawn, give this a try. You will be in love with it within just a few days.

A fuller-looking green lawn should not hard to get but it’s a reality for so many people out there. Things get worse when it’s the hot dry weather of the summer. The 16-4-8 will impress you in such a harsh environment.

Of course, you should continue watering your lawn. Though it depends on the area and soil condition where you live, you should at least water your lawn once every 4 to 5 days after you apply the liquid fertilizer.

Highly recommended fertilizer for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and all other grass types.

Pros of Spring & Summer Liquid Spray

  • It’s an all-purpose ideal lawn food made of seaweed and fish to improve soil health radically.
  • Suitable for any grass (St. Augustine, Kentucky Bluegrass, Bermuda, Florida Palmetto, or whatever you have).
  • Depending on your need and lawn size, you can get either 1 gallon or 2.5 gallons. If you have a large lawn, 2.5 gallons will be a better option.
  • Very easy to spray with a tow-behind tank.
  • You will start to see the result in just 1 or 2 days. Noticeable improvement with just a week. The end result is an extremely lawn that your neighbor will envy!
  • The same company has a green booster and you can apply that with this spray.
  • It reduces your hard and intensive care by half!

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Scotts Turf Builder

Not just the household gardener, many landscaping contractors have been using this starter fertilizer for new grass for years.

scotts new lawn fertilizer
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And they have applied and tested every product in the market and finally concluded what you need for your lawn. It’s a widely agreed fact that lawn food ensures the rapid growth of grass seeds.

What you will find most fascinating about lawn food is that without harming the grass seeds, the tenacity granules control the growth of the weeds and eventually kill them. For up to 6 weeks, it prevents the dandelions and crabgrass.

To speed up the growth of your lawn grass, you can trust this. More so, it’s a weed preventer. So, if there is crabgrass in your lawn, it will take care of them too. Both of the features work fantastically well.

It is highly recommended when you need to repair your lawn or completely replace it. You will find impressive results if the lawn is a hill or it’s in a high traffic area.

New or old lawn, does not matter. This starter fertilizer will bring dramatic changes to your lawn. After every reseeding, apply this to your lawn and you won’t be disappointed.

If you need to kill your old grass, do it. Till the yard and level it. Spread the seed with the Scotts new lawn fertilizer and keep watering each day.

Just within 10 to 12 days, you will notice that the grass will start to show up. It is the lawn food that will make the growth of the plant faster!

More so, it makes the new grass strong and prevents weeds at the same time. This is something you won’t get if you apply any liquid starter fertilizer for grass.

Pros Of Scotts New Lawn Fertilizer

  • Available for both 5,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet option. Buy according to your lawn size.
  • Perfectly safe for seeding.
  • Works nicely with grass plugs and sod. Your new grass will grow quicker and become thicker.
  • No more lawn burn. Cheap weed killer or fertilizer may burn your lawn, it won’t for sure because it’s very gentle.
  • You don’t need to be worried about any hard to kill weeds like the violates. Thanks its pre-emergent mesotrione!
  • Scotts also offers drop spreaders which you can use to apply this lawn food.
  • You will a greener lawn than your neighbors. Total neighbor domination!
  • Plenty of positive feedback from happy and satisfied lawn owners confirming its effectiveness.
  • Lush and green lawn even during the hot weather of summer/spring.

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Lawn Food Northern By Scotts Turf Builder

Fertilizing new grass is a delicate task and the wrong product will burn your lawn. If you want to stop spending too much money on other products without getting results, try this for a green and lush lawn.

scotts turf builder
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Applying manure compost is not only just expensive, it’s a tough job too.  A better alternative can be this starter fertilizer on established lawn. A few sprinkles of it each month will keep your lawn healthy and green.

Not just to grow new grass, you can use it in the Spring and Fall to keep your lawn looking great all the time. Scotts new lawn fertilizer works like a charm on every grass type and in any region including the Southern California lawn.

Use it along with the same brand’s broadcast spreader to get a better result. If some patches in your lawn are not growing, apply it and water the lawn just for a few days. You will see the differences within a few days.

Many have found a permanent solution for a weed-free lawn. And it brings a drastically positive result as well for your lawn grass. If you have to rehabilitate your lawn, this is your true friend.

Don’t blame your area if the grass does not look great. Apply this and see the magic of a green lawn. Many have applied this on their lawns as a test and being surprised, they reordered it for their other yards.

Give this food to your haggard lawn that is dying where all the grasses look brown. Then water it for a few weeks. You will end up having a dark green lawn!

If you notice your lawn is not doing well even if you water it regularly, apply the lawn food. It will help the grass to absorb the water better.

A few other brands surely can do the job but there may be hidden ramifications. This is not the case for this.

More Features & Pros

  • Not just a green lawn, it helps the grasses to grow strong deep from the roots.
  • The strong roots will protect your grass from harsh weather and other stresses.
  • Available in both 5,000 or 15,000 square feet packets.
  • Prevents weeds and other future problems too.
  • Safe for your pets and kids.
  • Applicable for all seasons.
  • Lots of repeated buyers.
  • Of course, regular watering is recommended. But it will reduce the need for it a lot.
  • No fear to have any rashes or anything.

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Starter Lawn Food From Scotts Turf Builder

If it used to take 10 to 15 days to see the sprouts after you plant new grass seed in your bare patches, try this. You can fairly expect to see the sprouts just within 4 to 5 days. More green and strong seedlings like you have never seen before!

Starter Food for New Grass By ScottsAs always, it has impressed a lot of gardeners with its ability to give a boost to the lawn seeds. Just mix the lawn food with the seeds and soil. Then spread the mix in all the bald spots of your lawn and see the magic!

Some areas like wooded & rocky areas are not ideal for the plant to grow properly. But many have found impressive results applying this starter fertilizer on such lawns.

It’s proven to speed up the process of the growth of the grass seed no matter how bad the condition of the lawn is. Even if you apply this on your existing lawn, it will make a huge difference to make your nosy neighbor hammering their heads.

Many were skeptical and they tested this fertilizer side by side. On one side they applied Scotts Turn Builder and did not apply such fertilizer on the other side. It made a visible difference in just a few days.

A healthy and thick lawn is hard to get without fertilizing new grass. But if you don’t get the right one, it may do harm instead of doing any good. Scotts new lawn fertilizer is something that is trusted by a huge number of people.

If for some reason you can’t apply the liquid fertilizers for lawns, Scotts fertilizer is your perfect alternative.

Features & More Pros

  • NPK ratio: 24-25-4. The ratio is perfect for any newly developing lawn.
  • Each bag contains 42 pounds of fertilizer for lawn that can cover at least 14,000 square feet.
  • Not just for the new grass, it’s great for the grass plugs and sods too.
  • The way it works is no secret. It just promotes the faster development of the root and blade that gives your lawn a head start.
  • Worried about your St. Augustine grass? Don’t worry about the grass type. It’s perfect for every grass type that you know.
  • From new to established lawn, it’s a must-have lawn food for all of them.
  • Applying this is not so complex. Just mix it with the seed and soil. Full and lush grasses will be the natural consequence.
  • No more bald spots on anywhere in your lawn.
  • If you think your lawn is dead and nothing can revive it, give this a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Balanced Lawn Food From SLS

When you need the overnight result for your dying lawn, you need liquid fertilizers for lawns that is recommended and trusted by thousands. Simple Lawn Solutions is exactly that.

Balanced NPK By Simple Lawn SolutionsMake your neighbor jealous. It gives your listless and dull lawn the much-needed lawn food and the result is almost overnight. You will get a deep green parky lawn just within a few days!

You can place your full confidence in this when you need to fertilizer on new grass. From hybrid Bermuda grass to St. Augustine grass, it’s suitable for every type of them.

There are some areas where the summer can be brutal for the lawns. If you think no lawn food won’t work because of the insane hot temperature, give this a try.

Whereas most other liquid fertilizers for lawns from other brands will burn the grass because of the high temperature, it won’t. It’s just a proven fact. More so, you will get a thick and green lawn pretty soon.

Don’t be worried even if your lawn is dominated by bluegrass, fescue, and rye. Treat your lawn well and give it this food. It makes the lawn so good looking that some people may even ask you whether it’s full of fake grass or not!

Fertilizing new grass of any kind should be difficult. Applying this liquid fertilizer for outdoor grow is easy. Just attach the bottle to your hose and apply as instructed.

When all the hope lost to have a lush and green lawn and you are thinking about having an artificial lawn instead, try this liquid fertilizer as the last try.

I am confident, it will give you a natural lawn so beautiful that you have never expected.

Features & More Pros of SLS Liquid Fertilizer

  • Perfectly balanced NPK ratio of 16-4-8 with an advanced formula enriched with all the micronutrients. A real deal for every lawn that is dying for proper nutrients.
  • Maximum turf strength with awesome greening of your lawn grass.
  • It offers all the required nutrients for the healthy growth of the seed roots.
  • No complex instruction about applications like what you see in other slow-release fertilizers.
  • Many have already given new life to their dead lawns. Thanks to this awesome liquid lawn fertilizer.
  • From Zoysia, Bermuda to Kentucky Bluegrass, it’s undoubtedly the best fertilizer for St. Augustine grass too.
  • You need to still water your lawn sufficiently so that the soil can absorb the lawn food properly.
Lawn Starter Fertilizer Vs. Regular Fertilizer

overseed lawn without aerating

Fertilizing new grass is not as same as applying regular fertilizer. You must apply the starter fertilizer because that’s what they are for. Both of the two kinds work in a different way.

All sorts of grasses need some sort of fertilizer to meet their nutrients needs. But when it comes to new seedlings, the need is different.

Let’s have a quick look at their distinction between regular and starter fertilizer:

  1. Emphasize on Phosphorous

Starter fertilizers emphasis on root growths of the seedlings. That’s why it is enriched with phosphorous whereas regular fertilizers contain potassium and nitrogen as well.

More or less, any starter fertilizers contain 20% more potassium than the regular counterpart. For the quick release access to the phosphorous, starter lawn food contains more nitrogen too.

  1. More Focus On Tender Roots

The tender roots of the seedlings must have easy and ready access to the nutrients. That’s why having more potassium in the fertilizer is important for new seedlings.

For mature plants, the quick release of the nutrients is not that important. So, slow-release works best for them.

  1. Different Timings of Application

You have to apply the starter lawn food before your sow the seeds to boast the germination. On the other hand, you apply the regular fertilizers only when the grass has been already seeded (4 to 8 weeks after you sow the seeds).

Wrap Up

If you have lost all the hope for your dying lawn, apply any of the above-mentioned starter fertilizer on established lawn to regain your hope.

Every single one of them is considered to be the best fertilizer for new grass to have a fabulous lawn.

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