Refrigerator Brands To Avoid (Buy These Brands Instead)

It’s both staggering and overwhelming when it comes to buying a new refrigerator due to many reasons. It’s gonna cost you a lot and will be in the kitchen for a very long time.

If you get the wrong one, it will make you suffer! The only safe play is to familiarize yourself with some refrigerator brands to avoid.

When average consumers refer to something bad, it’s really bad (well, most of the cases at least). So, the safe bet is getting yours from the widely trusted refrigerator brands only.

To make life a little bit easier, I will talk about those bad brands. Also, I will recommend some trusted brands with their specific models as well.

Avoid These Refrigerator Brands To Stay Safe

refrigerator brands to avoid

Here is a list of the least-preferred refrigerator brands:

  • Viking 5 Series Quiet Cool Fridge
  • Kitchen Aid Counter-Depth Refrigerator
  • Bosch
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool Fingerprint Resistant Fridge
  • Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX)
  • SMEG

Let’s talk about them in details. Based on my experience, I know a few of those least-preferable brands. But I also checked some forums and reviews sites to prepare my list.

One way or another, these 4 brands or at least some of their refrigerator models have made in their least favorable list.

Again, you may see your refrigerator in this list. But don’t get me wrong. Even the most trusted brands may have some bad models. Here is a list of them:

  • Viking 5 Series Quiet Cool Fridge

Viking 5 Series Refrigerator

This one made its place in the least-preferable model in some prominent websites like Best Buy. The main complaint about this model is its design flaw.

To be more specific about its design flaw, the ice keeps falling out of the ice maker on the floor and inside the fridge due to its faulty design.

Most consumers recommend avoiding this fridge simply because it will cost you a lot ($10k+) but you can do better within the same budget.

  • Kitchen Aid Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Kitchen Aid Counter-Depth Refrigerator

I would recommend avoiding this brand due to many reasons. In fact, almost all the reviewing websites will tell you the same.

So, what exactly it’s the fault?

Well, there are a number of them! From misaligned freezer door to bent bolding, it got several issues like having uneven doors in some models.

When you need to avoid a specific brand, you don’t need many reasons, right? Just having a single one of them is enough to avoid it by all means!

  • Bosch

In, it has scored only 2.70 ratings out of 5.00! What do you think of that!

Apart from their fridges not meeting the general expectations, many have complained about their after-sales support. Also, they found their terms and conditions very confusing.

Watch this video to see some of the complaints. Read the comments too!

  • Frigidaire

Well, to be fair, the fridge quality is average but their after-sales service is worst! In, it has scored only 3.70 out of 5.00 rating. For this same reason, this is a brand to avoid for dishwashers too!

Apart from the disappointing after-sales service, there is a reliability issue including inconsistent build-quality.

Some consumers have complained that it broke after a few months of their purchases. They usually faced a long time before they can reach their customer service and inform the issues.

Many did not get their refund even they had valid grounds!

  • Whirlpool Fingerprint Resistant Fridge

Don’t get me wrong. Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands in the world. But that does not immune them to produce a few bad models every now and then!

In fact, no brand is above making a few bad models!

Whirlpool fingerprint-resistant fridge is one of such models. So, what’s wrong with this model? What are the consumers complaining about it?

Well, despite claiming to counter-depth, many consumers have shared their experiences saying that it sits at least 3 inches away from their walls.

The disappointment does not just end there…

It got a problematic French door! The doors don’t align with one another usually. Also, it makes a shrill noise while running.

So, what does that tell you?

No matter how famous and trusted a brand it is, always make queries and read reviews of the specific model you are about to buy. This is important to be on the safe side!

  • Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX)

Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX)Well, I am not talking about all the models they offer. In fact, apart from their model GN1416220CX, they really deliver high quality refrigerators with affordable cost.

Now, many people have already got the GN1416220CX model due to the cheap price. Sadly, a lot of them have expressed their regret having this particular model.

Apparently, this model has some flaws…

The biggest issue with this model is the rapid temperature fluctuation. It has already ruined a lot of dishes! And its icemaker makes some weird noise when its full.

Another problem is that, model GN1416220CX is not that durable. Many customers have complained about the inferior build quality of the refrigerator.

  • SMEG

Let me give you a survey result first. In terms of customer satisfaction, this brand has scored only 20% in the year of 2017-2020. So, yes, it’s another worst brand when it comes to refrigerator.

The biggest concern of their refrigerator is not having a stable temperature stability.

Being expensive does not always mean good. SMEG is the perfect example of this truth.

  • Other Brands To Avoid

When it comes to French door refrigerators, I would recommend avoiding the GE brand as well. That’s as per the consumer satisfaction survey by the J.D. Power too!

The brand made last in terms of customer satisfaction in the survey.

And when it comes to side-by-side refrigerators, you should avoid the Maytag brand as per the same study of J.D. Power.

Broken ice-maker, leaks, cooling problems are some of the notable issues with the same brand. And it costs a lot to repair such problems that may range from $500 to $1000 at least!

Reasons To Avoid These Refrigerator Brands

Definitely a lot of factors contribute to the bad reputation of a brand.

As I have listed several least-trusted brands above, I have summarized those factors that have made them avoidable. Here is a list of such factors:

  • Poor Construction

A sturdy construction is a must for any refrigerator to serve for a long time. To keep the cost lower than the competitors, they often go for the low-quality materials.

You can’t expect a durable performance from anything made of low-quality material. Personally, I prefer refrigerator made of stainless steel!

  • Leaks

Another common issue I have found among low-quality refrigerator. A leaking refrigerator is the worst nightmare anyone can have!  

Usually, if you go for a cheap refrigerator, the chance of having a leak is really high.

  • Door Won’t Fit Right

Another red flag. When the door does not fit properly and create the seal, the refrigerator will have an unstable temperature.

  • Scarcity of Spare Parts

Electrical home appliances may need repair anytime. To repair your malfunctioning refrigerator fast, you need the spare parts readily available.

But that’s another problem you will face. You won’t find that damn parts anywhere! Even if you do, the cost of the parts will shock you.

  • Hard To Reach

When you need them most, they won’t be available easily. That’s another common scenario with all the avoidable refrigerator brands.

You call their customer service and they will put you hold for a long time. That’s the worst experience anyone can have, right?

Even if you manage to contact them, they take insanely longer time to send any replacement parts. Your refrigerator will sit idly for that long time until you get that replacement part.

  • Limited Warranty

A good refrigerator should last for at least 15+ years. So, why the brands are not offering extended warranty? Some even offer very complex conditions!

Well, they know what they are producing…

That’s why they put such complex conditions in tiny text so that general people find it hard to read.

That’s the reason you will notice a very short warranty period with fishy conditions of the worst brand always.

As you can see, you don’t want to buy trouble spending your hard-earned money. Yes, I already mentioned some of these reasons but these are some other reasons why you should avoid them.

Here are some more reasons in brief why they are least-preferable to consumers:

  • Misalignment of French or side-by-side doors.
  • Poor build-quality and craftmanship.
  • Usually, there will be leaks.
  • Sometimes, there is a cooling issue!
  • Chances of receiving counterfeit products!
  • Ice-makers don’t function properly.
  • You will keep spending hundreds of thousands of money on repairing these fridges over the next several years. Think about all these wastage products too!

Top 10 Refrigerator Brands To Buy

So many brands to be aware of, right? Luckily, there are some trusted brands to make your safe investment. When you select such trusted and popular brands, you can chill and relax without having any worry!

So, what are those trusted brands?

Well, here are some of these worldwide popular brands you can trust:

  1. LG Refrigerators

lg refrigerators

Prominent for delivering high-tech refrigerators. It’s simply unparalleled for its built-in modern features. And it’s been claimed that they first introduced the ice-maker concept for your fancy cocktail needs!

The Wi-Fi-enabled screen of their refrigerators enables you to see what’s inside the fridge without opening the door.

Yes, they got some expensive state-of-the-art models in the market but they have some popular basic editions for the mass people too. They are reasonably priced!

Their mid-range refrigerators have multiple drawers, cutting-edge technology, and lots of other useful features.

Nothing to feel bad about those budget-friendly basic refrigerators! They still have great functionalities, efficient cooling systems, innovative designs. I would recommend the LG LMXS28596D model when your budget is tight.

  1. Whirlpool Refrigerator

Although most people would keep the Whirlpool refrigerator brand above the LG refrigerators (and they will be right!), I would like to keep it second.

From French door refrigerators to side-by-side, you can find other models like top and bottom freezer with high configurations.

Yes, you will get all the features like dispensers, ice makers, etc. More so, their refrigerators have other unique features like adjustable door storage, two-tiered freezer storage, and control lockout!

The LED interior lighting is just great to find your food in the dark without turning on the light!

Recently it became hugely popular because all of their top-notch models are competitively priced. It’s just too hard for other brands to beat it!

And it’s better than other brands in terms of durability and quality. Consumers are largely happy because their refrigerators last longer than other brands and the price is just right!

Apart from competitive price, durability (less expenditure on repairing), and features, their refrigerators are energy-efficient as well.

  1. GE (General Electric)

Old is gold, right? For hundred of years, this brand is highly trusted among not only Americans but also the rest of the world too. And they have many types of refrigerators.

Their French doors, side-by-side door, top or bottom freezer, etc. are some of the top-of-line refrigerators. Some of their refrigerators have advanced water filtration systems as well.

But don’t worry, their refrigerators are reasonably priced as well! And yes, they are top of the quality but energy-efficient too.

The durability and solid quality of their refrigerators are beyond questions. They don’t get many calls from their customer service for repairs because their products last longer usually.

So, you won’t be spending a lot on repairing your fridge.

  1. Samsung Refrigerator

Not just for their smartphones and other smart electronics, Samsung has made its name delivering smart and high-performance refrigerators too. Their super-sleek refrigerators are eye-catching!

Apart from the U.S., their refrigerators are widely trusted and popular in the rest of the world too. Apart from keeping your food fresh, they have ice-makers and they can dispense filtered water.

But, how smart their fridges are?

Well, most of their refrigerator models have built-in smart home hubs. This hub allows you to manage your calendar, see who is at your front door, and you can shop your food from the screen on the fridge!

Above all, Samsung refrigerator has rigorous customer support with lots of tips for self-troubleshooting. Sometimes, people face trouble with their ice maker. Learn how to troubleshoot the ice maker problem in Samsung fridges

  1. Cafe Refrigerator

Did you know Cafe appliance produces some of the most expensive refrigerators in the world? Not just functionality, it has some stylish models that are completely unique from other brands.

Some of their appliances are Wi-Fi enabled and you can control your appliances via your smartphone.

But what so interesting about this brand is that you can have customized exteriors for your appliance! Yes, you will be given the option to have to own exterior customization to match your aesthetic of your home.

For fridges, there is a vast range of selection. You can have refrigerators with or without a dispenser. If you plan to have a fridge with counter-depth, feel free to check the Cafe CYE22TP4MW2 model.

What so special about this model is that it has separate evaporators to keep your food fresh.

  1. Danby Refrigerator

huge space inside a Danby Refrigerator

Apart from their simple design, narrow and tiny refrigerators, Danby excels in delivering high-quality microwaves, air conditioners, dishwashers, air purifiers, etc.

This is a budget-friendly brand for people who have a tight budget but still want modern features and functionalities in their compact refrigerators.

Danby refrigerators are typically popular among people with tight spaces as well. So, if you have a smaller space, you can consider having their refrigerator. The quality and functionality are still great.

Their compact fridges are ideal for your garage or kitchen where you can have some extra drinks every now and then.

Various models of fridges have various features like adjustable shelving and reversible hinges. But if you do like this easy-to-use brand, consider having the Danby DFF101B1BSLDB model.

Nothing so special about this model. But I like this model because of its counter-depth build and reversible door hinges.

  1. Magic Chef Refrigerator

This brand is not for you if you are looking for aesthetically pleasant options in modern refrigerators.

But, if you are still in the market for a high-quality basic or mini-refrigerator, the Magic Chef brand can be a good choice. Loyal people to this brand love the functionality located at the forefront of the fridge.

Like the Danby brand, most people buy the Magic Chef fridges for their garages or second home to spend some relaxed time.

The reason their fridges are so popular among some particular people is how well they utilize all of their interior spaces. They have done a great job maximizing all the organizational options of their fridges.

If this is something you like about this brand, consider picking up the Magic Chef HMDR1000ST model. This model is compact but has plenty of shelving.

Yes, it’s a budget-friendly model but has great durability.

  1. InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

For door-in-door refrigerators, this is a top model you can seriously consider. Their refrigerators are mostly popular because of their easy access compartments.

You can grab your beverage or snack easily without opening the entire door. This is a cool feature and it saves a lot of money keeping your electricity bill down.

  1. Frigidaire

I know I put it in the least-preferable refrigerator brand, but it has still some great models that are popular among so many people. Also, don’t forget all the highly popular brand has some poor models!

Frigidaire has some low-maintenance and reliable refrigerator models with adjustable shelving, water filtration, etc. And I think you should be aware of this brand as well.

For example, the Frigidaire FFSS2615TP model is a budget-friendly unit with mostly sought-after features. The design is attractive yet not so flashy.

If you decide to have this model, it has many features like a crushed ice dispenser, a butter keeper, door bins where you can keep a full gallon of milk!

  1. Maytag Wide French Door Refrigerator

This particular model is highly popular among consumers because of all the modern features and the reasonable cost. It has everything you expect from a high-end refrigerator yet will cost you a little more than $2,000.

So, what features have made this model so popular?

Well, it has adjustable shelves, a built-in ice dispenser, and other necessary features. And yes, durability is another factor that has made this model so popular.

I have written an in-depth guide which you may find useful if your Maytag refrigerator stops working suddenly.

What Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A New Refrigerator?

Speaking of refrigerator brands to avoid, you can still make mistakes while picking your model from the trusted brands as well if you are careful enough.

So, you can suffer a lot even it’s from a trusted brand! If this is your first time, this is a higher chance of making those silly mistakes. Here is a list of such mistakes you should avoid:

  • Picking the Wrong Style

Refrigerators come in various designs, shapes, and sizes and each of these features has their own strengths and weakness. So, you must decide what exactly you want.

Do you need a top or bottom freezer? Or maybe you looking for a French door refrigerator? There is a side-by-side door refrigerator as well!

You will be making a mistake you don’t check all of them before you purchase yours.

  • Color & Finish

Your refrigerator is a single most important thing in the kitchen everyone will notice when they step into your kitchen.

This will leave a big impact on the kitchen décor. So, you better pay attention to the finish and color of the refrigerator. Make sure the color does not clash with the finish of the kitchen.

  • Right Capacity & Storage

Every household has its own capacity and storage needs. It completely depends on the family size you have. If it’s a large family, you must ensure that your desired model has enough space to store all the foods you must need.

  • Check Your Place

More importantly, make sure the desired style and size of your refrigerator fits the area you are planning to place it. If it becomes too large or too small for the place you have, you will suffer.

Apart from that, measure the door where it is going to come in and measure the clearance between the fridge and kitchen island (if any) as well.

Unless it does not have the designated spot matching its size and design, it will break the aesthetic look of your home interior.

  • Notice Smaller Things

It’s easy to forget the smaller but important details when it comes to purchasing such high-tech stuff out of excitement. Notice closely whether the door is opening and closing easily or not.

The drawer often gets stuck. So, check as well how easy it is to open and close the drawer. Also, check whether it has an ice-maker, enough compartments for fish and meat, and other features.

When to Replace Old Refrigerator?

replacing old refrigerator

As you are wondering about the least reliable refrigerators, I assume you are looking for a new one. Most probably the old one gave up?

Well, it happens. I do recommend replacing the old refrigerator before it gives up. But how do you know when to replace it?

Well, these are the situations or scenarios under which you should replace your refrigerator:

  • Age of Refrigerator

Like every electronic appliance, the older it gets the more repairing cost it will be incurring. New problems keep coming up like faulty refrigerator compressor and you keep wasting your food.

Of course, every refrigerator has a lifetime. You should replace it before a few years of that lifetime. Ideally, you should keep repairing it if it is less than 8 years old. But replace it if it is older than 15 years.

  • Energy Efficiency

Remember, you keep the refrigerator running 24/7. You may not notice it, but if the refrigerator is not energy efficient, it will be costing you more than repairing silently.

Older refrigerators consume more electricity than new ones. In fact, as per the Energy Star website, any refrigerator older than 10 years will be consuming more than twice electricity!

  • Type of Refrigerator

Some certain types are less prone to damages and require less repair. Like the built-in refrigerators. They usually cost you less to repair them and you won’t have to replace it for many years.

But if it is a side-by-side door refrigerator, it will cost you a huge sum to repair once damaged or malfunctioned. Ideally, you should replace such a side-by-side refrigerator after 5 years of purchase.

But if it is a top freezer or down freezer, you should replace it after 7 years if damages seem will be costing you too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

When it comes to reliable home-appliance brands, Whirlpool is the most trusted. Many people still prefer this brand for their reliable French door refrigerator needs over other brands.

Do French door refrigerators have more problems?

Yes, and it’s mainly how it works differently than it’s side-by-side refrigerators counterparts. Making loud noises, icemaker leaking, failure to maintain temperatures, etc. are some of such problems.

Also, it costs more than its side-by-side units counterparts to repair such French doors.

What are the worst appliance brands?

Oh boy… There are plenty of them. Here is a list of the few:
1. For dishwasher: Maytag & Frigidaire.
2. For dryers: Bosch & Frigidaire.
3. For refrigerators: Frigidaire and Bosch.
4. For stove and ranges: Maytag and LG.
5. For washing machines: Bosch and Frigidaire.

Is GE Appliances good quality?

Yes, GE is a trusted brand along with LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool refrigerators.

What is the most reliable French door refrigerator brand?

In terms of functionality, style, and reliability, Whirlpool is the most reliable French door refrigerator brand. To be more specific, Whirlpool WRF555SDFZ 24.7 CFT is a reliable model of such kind.

Which refrigerator is best LG or Samsung or whirlpool?

LG stands ahead of both Whirlpool and Samsung due to its highest market share in the refrigerators market. Whereas the other two brands have diversified product base, LG is primarily dominating the refrigerator market.

Final Thoughts

Instead of worrying about refrigerator brands to avoid, you should be more concerned about the specific model you think you should have.

Cross-check everything. Read reviews on multiple platforms to have a general idea. You will be on the safe side.

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