Washing Machine Brands To Avoid (Pick From These Brands Instead)

Among all the home appliances, washing machines are probably the most important ones. It just makes life easy!

But to make life easy, there are some washing machine brands to avoid to ensure low maintenance and great durability.

Don’t forget it costs a lot too! So, there so many reasons to get it right. I will inform you of some of the best washing machine brands as well.

Sit tight!

Avoid These Washing Machine Brands

washing machine brands to avoid

Just keep in mind that, even the most trusted and reliable brands can deliver some worst quality washing machines every now and then.

Alternatively, even the worst washing machine brands have some good quality models too.

I browsed Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe’s, Costco online store to make this list. Anything below a 3.00 rating is the worst and anything above 4.50 is very good. This is just according to me!

You will be surprised to see some models of Samsung, Whirlpool, and other prominent brands made in the list! No surprise here. It happens!

With that in mind, let’s check some of the brands you should avoid:

  • Costway Washing Machine
Costway Washing Machine
Costway Washing Machine

It’s true that Costway is a great brand for portable and compact washing machines and ideal if you have a smaller space. But I must warn you about some of the negative reviews for 2 models of this brand.

The first one is Costway 15-inch 1.4 CFT Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine (120 volts) and the second one is Costway 14-inch 1.6 CFT Portable Top Load Washing Machine Mini Compact Washer Dryer.

Out of them so many good models, these two models got low-rating because they don’t have an auto shut-off feature. Meaning you have to shut off the water during each load.

Also, the drain tubes of some of these washers require draining dirty water after each load. Opting for the right washer drain option may reduce the problem. Apart from the drainage problem, many have complained about the compact size as well.

Due to the compact size, the washers can’t reach the water sources. So, become impossible to use them.

  • Danby Washer

Another washing machine brand you need to be aware of is Danby. Yes, it’s an okay brand but stay away from the Danby DWM045WDB washer model.

Danby DWM045WDB washer
Danby DWM045WDB Washer

People love this model because of its great design. And you will notice some average reviews about it.

But to many consumers, the body of this particular model is made of weak materials. Besides, instead of showing a washer behavior, it behaves harshly sometimes.

The troubles don’t just end there. You can’t see what’s happening inside the washer since there is not the see-through window. For any washer, that’s a terrible design flaw!

According to some reviews, it does not fill up water properly. You will be in trouble if you try to wash many clothes. More so, some people reported that the water comes out of the tub occasionally.

So, don’t be surprised why I call it one of the least reliable washing machines!

  • Summit Washing Machine

It’s a renowned brand to delivers durable and energy-efficient washers. But beware of the Model SPWD2201SS. The compact design is eye-catching and suitable for compact homes.

But what you should know is that it’s an electric dryer powerhouse. The return from this washer is not great. Apart from poor performance, there are other issues.

According to many customers, it does not save time or money. Many have reported that the dryer system does not work properly sometimes. Usually, it takes a longer time to make a simple wash.

There are some technical deficiencies as well. The most disturbing thing is that it does not have any automatic load sense. Considering its cost, it should have been there!

More importantly, it can’t detect how much water it needs. Not the brand, but you should at least avoid this model.

  • Deco Washer

Deco Portable Washing Machine

Speaking of the worst washing machine brands, you need to be aware of some models from the Deco washers.

Particularly, you need to be careful about the all-in-one Deco Model DC 4400 CV washer.

It looks cool outside for a front-load washing machine but there are some complaints about this model.

The worst complaint is, it stops working suddenly in the middle of washing!

The washer display malfunction as well occasionally. How would you feel when it shows nothing on the display? Keep pressing the buttons all you want, but sometimes nothing happens but the beeping sound.

This is a washer brand I think you should avoid.

  • Speed Queen AWNA62SN305AW01

When it comes to dirt removal from your dirty clothes, it scored very lower in several surveys. You can look it up in many online stores as well. The insane price is also another reason it has made in my least-favorite washer brand.

The expenditure will keep increasing over its entire lifecycle too.

Apart from the problematic and poor dirt removal capacity, it takes a long time to dry your clothes due to the poor spin efficiency too.

Yes, it has several washing options but it does not have any woolen wash settings or fast wash settings. It also lacks a delay timer or time-remaining display and there is no auto-sense water level.

I would not spend this much money on this particular brand or model. Watch this video from the consumer report to understand some of the issues of this brand.

  • Electrolux: Model- EFLW317TIW

The brand itself has made its name in many other electronic appliances but not doing so well in the washer niche.

Yes, it’s renowned to deliver energy-efficient and good-quality electronics but this is not the reality for this particular model of washer.

But what so disappointing about this brand is the horrible customer service. Yes, you will get a long warranty period for their washers but good luck getting a hold of them when you are in trouble!

Not so surprised why it’s made its name in my list of least preferable dishwasher brands!

  • Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung is a trusted brand when it comes to electronics. I know that I know that! But there are two washing machine models from the Samsung you should be aware of! If you go to the Lowe’s and Home Depot websites, you can check it yourself.

The first one is Samsung 6.0 Total CFT High-Efficiency FlexWash Washer and the second one is Samsung 6.5 Total CFT High-Efficiency FlexWash Washer. Both of them scored below a 4.00 rating on these websites.

Yes, both of the models are smart enough to connect with your smartphone for the operation but they scored low on some quality attributes. Besides that, the repairing cost was high for smaller parts too.

  • LG TWIN171216T

LG is undoubtedly one of the best washing machine brands in the world. When it comes to household appliances, people just trust this brand. Which does make sense considering the reputation.

But you should have a second thought about having the LG TWIN171216T model. It cost around $4,000 but the performance does not reflect its huge cost.

According to several surveys and online stores, the performance score is just a little above the average. Many consumers have a beef about its water efficiency and spin efficiency.

For each cycle, it requires up to 97 litter water! This is too much water consumption. Of course, you will find better alternatives for the same cost.

Not just monstrous water consumption, it is notorious for huge electricity consumption too.

This is not a washer brand you should avoid but stay away from this particular model.

  • Haier HWX8040DW1 Washer

Among the type of front-loader washing machines, you should think twice before having the Haier HWX8040DW1 model. Don’t get me wrong. Many customers love this since it can run two loads simultaneously.

It’s a good feature to have where you can wash your white and dark color clothes separately and cut the laundry time by half!

But you will have to pay the cost of two washers to have this. This is a deal-breaker for many. Besides, it’s not so awesome when it comes to dirt removal from the clothes if you compare it with similar models from other brands.

Many have complained about its lack of spin efficiency too. That means it will take more time to dry your clothes.

Top 10 Washing Machine Brands In World

cleaning dirty clothes in washing machine

Reliability is the key determining factor when it comes to choosing any home appliance. You want a washer that will serve you for years to come.

The safest way to pick the right one is to choose from any reliable brand. Any renowned brand is more concerned about its brand name than an unfamiliar new brand.

So, always put your trust in the renowned and reliable brand.

I already shared some worst washing machine brands. Now, here is a list of the top 10 brands you can have faith in:

  1. LG Washing Machine

Since the 1950s, this South Korean brand has been delivering quality electronics and making a big impact on your quality of life. From TV to solar panels, cell phones to air purifiers – they are dominating the electronics market.

Their washers are doing just great among consumers as well. Their uncomplicated and sleek design of washing machines is highly popular among consumers.

From economic to highly expensive, there are many models of LG washing machines. Their washes will cost you from $700 to $5,000 based on your need.

If you notice carefully, most of their washers are Energy Start sealed. Which means such washers are energy efficient; so it will keep your electricity bill in check.

  1. GE

When you check any home appliance website, you will see their washing machines rank higher on those platforms. Among other high-tech products, GE delivers durable and top-quality kitchen and other home appliances.

You will be good to go if you trust this brand. They have several models of a washing machine ranges from the basic edition to advanced models with vent systems and odor block technology.

If you ask me which model of GE washer should you pick, I would say go for the GE 5.0 CFT front-loading washer. This model has more than a 94% approval rating!

  1. Maytag Washing Machine

Maytag is a reliable brand and they manufacture their products in the U.S. and Mexico. Both of their top-loading and front-loading washing machines are highly popular and trusted among general consumers.

On several online platforms, a lot of their washer models scored 5.00 ratings! So, if reliability is a big concern, you can put your trust in Maytag.

Yes, some of the models got negative reviews but generally, this American brand is highly renowned to deliver durable products!

Though Whirlpool acquired this brand in 2006, the U.S. brand Maytag was actually established in the late 1800s. When some brand is that much old, the reliability of their products is beyond doubt.

Among their so many popular models, you can have the Maytag 4.7 CFT smart top-loading washer. This is probably their top-rated washing machine.

You can remotely turn on the washer and operate it from anywhere using the Maytag app. There won’t be any rocking. Thanks to its Advanced Vibration control system!

  1. Panasonic

Another trusted brand that has a huge market share is the washing machine industry. Not just washers, their other home appliances are hugely popular too for outstanding performance and reasonable cost.

Some of their washers have a 3-way aqua wash system to get the job done fast. Besides, the auto-restart feature in case of a power cut, 3D sensor wash, quick wash, etc. is some of the reasons why you should consider Panasonic.

  1. Whirlpool

They are renowned to keep the price very competitive yet delivering high-quality refrigerators, washing machines, and other home and kitchen appliances.

The 360-degree loop wash mechanism allows the clothes to be washed quickly and can remove all the dirt. The built-in heater of their washers can kill term and foul odors effectively.

For baby clothes and other delicate clothing, you will love the gentle cycle mode of their high-end washing machines.

  1. Electrolux Washing Machine

When it comes to delivering trending products in the market, Electrolux is a dominating brand. Generally, this is a trusted brand to offer good quality and energy-efficient washing machines.

Among all of its top-performing washers, I recommend the Electrolux EFLS627UIW model to have. This front-loading washer comes with 4.4 cubic feet washing capacity with up to 9 cycles.

This model is full of advanced technology like SmartBoost stain-removing system, 15-minute fast wash, steam cycle, and so on.

What so intriguing about this particular washer model is that it is certified to kill up to 99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens!

  1. AEG

It’s a German-based brand that is prominent to deliver reliable and top-notch washing machines. Their high-end models are enriched with features like Opti-sense, inverter motor, silent mechanism, and aqua power.

The Opti-Sense feature can calculate the total wash time, electricity, and water consumption for each load to ensure maximum efficiency.

The silent mechanism makes their washers literally noiseless which is a rare feature. It’s the magic of the inverter motor where the noise and vibration are always minimum.

Besides, the aqua control can keep the water wastage at the minimum level.

  1. Bosch Washing Machine

Another German-based but multi-national brand. I don’t need to introduce this company. I am sure you are already familiar with its quality home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and so on.

The washing machine from Bosch is highly popular among consumers too for durability and efficiency. As per the load, their washers can automatically adjust the water level and keep the wastage minimum.

More so, it has noise reduction and other cool features to deliver a perfect wash every time. The anti-rust body and child safety lock are some great features that have made this brand so popular!

  1. Kenmore

Another American brand you can put your trust in!

Not only for making washing machines, but Kenmore is also renowned to deliver high-quality household appliances like refrigerators, air and water purifiers, dishwashers, floor cleaners, etc.

For tough stains or handling a huge load, you can completely trust this brand. Even the mid-range washer can take care of all of your cleaning needs. And their washers do it silently!

Key Factors To Get The Best Washing Machines

By this time, you should realize that even the best washing machine brands can have some poor-performing models, right? So, I would not trust any brand blindly. You gotta be skeptical!front-loading washer

Irrespective of which brand you choose, notice every little detail of that particular model you are about to buy. Here are some key factors you need to check:

  • Size

Before you go shopping, measure the laundry room space you have and keep this number while shopping.

Now, size does matter!

Whenever you decide to buy a new washing machine, keep in mind that both the tub size and the size of the washer play a key role in how well it will serve you.

Generally, the size of a washing machine ranges from 24 to 27 inches. So, whatever size you pick, make sure it will fit the designated space.

If you have a larger family size, go for the larger tub size too.

Also, if you have larger items to wash like the washable rugs or curtains, you will be needing a larger tub.

  • Drum Size

When it comes to the size of the interior space of the washers, it can range from 2.5 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet. So, how does that affect your decision?

Well, the more drum size you have the more clothes you can wash at once. So, again it depends on the number of family members. If you have lots of clothes to wash, go for the higher cubic feet.

While we are on this subject, let me remind you that the top-loading washing machines are more spacious than their front-loading counterpart.

  • Bulk Dispenser

There are many reasons to get a washer with a higher capacity.

And some higher capacity washers have the bulk dispenser feature where you can fill the dispenser with detergent and fabric softener and you won’t have to fill it again for the next 20 to 40 loads.

If you have children in the family where you need to run 4 to 5 loads per week, this bulk dispenser feature may come in handy.

The built-in load-sensing technology can sense and tap into the bulk dispenser to dispense the correct amount depending on your load size automatically.

  • Design

Both the design of the laundry room and the washer needs to be taken into account before you buy it. Specially check the design of the location where you want to place the washer and the dryer.

Take note of the walls or doors of the room of the designated spot. You do not want to block the washing machine door. Also, when you open the washer door, you do not want it to block the doorway.

For example, if you have limited space, a stackable front-loading washing machine will be a good choice for you.

  • Preset Functions

Modern washing machines come with lots of preset functions to meet various custom needs of consumers. It’s good to have as many preset functions as possible to get the cleaning done FAST.

The Presoak cycle is ideal for families with kids. Kids involve with lots of dirty activities and other sports where such preset will come in handy.

If you have clothes made of cashmere, silks, linen, or other delicate materials – the hand-wash cycle will be helpful to keep those clothes intact.

Lots of other features like the auto-adjusting temperature, cold-wash temperature, quick wash preset, etc. are cool present functions you want to have.

  • Vibration Reduction

You have seen how they rock with an unbalanced load, right? Well, some high-end washers do have the anti-vibration technology to counter such a problem.

When the laundry room is nearby the bedroom, you do need this technology badly to prevent loud noise too.

Vibration is common to almost any washers when the drum moves too fast to extract water from the clothes. But this vibration reduction technology can prevent the washer from shimmying, shaking, and making noise.

  • Advanced Wrinkle Care

I don’t need to remind you why you should care about this feature. Wrinkle development can completely damage your clothes!

Luckily, some advanced washer models come with wrinkle care technology where it uses both the steam and the tumbling motion to prevent such wrinkle development.

Such technology makes your washer a dryer too!

You won’t get this feature in basic washing machines. Usually, such technology is available in high-end washers for consumers who prefer the washer to do all the job while they are away from it.

  • Allergen Cycle

If you live in an area where there is a higher pollen count or you have a family member suffering from asthma, you need a washing machine with an allergen cycle.

In today’s polluted world, it’s easy for the dust, dander, and pollen to latch onto our clothes. It does not matter what type of fabric your cloth has.

But if your washer has the allergen cycle, this will target those triggers and gently release those allergens from the fabric. You won’t see this feature unless you get the latest model high-end washer.

  • The Cost

Believe it or not, buying a washing machine involves your future planning! If you decide to get it for your home, how long do you want to stay there?

It actually matters because if you have a plan to move from the current home in a shorter period of time, do not invest hugely in the washer.

Big investment in such washers only makes sense if you plan to live in your current home for many years to come.

  • Power Consumption

I get it, not everyone is concerned about it which is just bad. If you are concerned about power consumption, you should pick only the energy-efficient washing machine.

The safe bet is looking for the Energy Star label on the washer issued by the U.S. Department of Energy. The label indicates that it meets the government standard of energy consumption.

In fact, you can get some rebates if you live in some particular state!

Types of Washing Machines

front-door washer

All the washer brands mainly deliver two types of washing machines: front-loading and top-loading washers. Some brands do well both of the types which are not true for some brands as well.

Before you decide, it’s good to analyze each type of washing machine. Only that way you can decide which brand you should choose for a particular type. Let’s check the two types:

  1. Front-loading Washing Machines

There is a door in front of the washer for this particular type. So, to open the door, you need to bend down and place your clothes inside it.

Some people prefer this type simply because such washers are more energy-efficient than its counterpart. More so, it requires less water than the top-loader washers.

Since they have a compact design, front-loading washers are ideal for an apartment, condos, or townhouse. In short, they are a great space saver!

However, as you can see, most people don’t like the idea of bending down to insert their clothes. This may lead to back problem development.

Also, such washers will lead to mold growth and foul odor problem inside the house unless you clean it regularly. Water from such washers tends to puddle in the drum or detergent dispenser and door crevices.

Another issue with the front-loading washing machine is that they usually last shorter than the top-loading washing machines.

  1. Top-Loading Washing Machines

Instead of the front door, they have doors on their top side. Since no need to bend down, most of the homeowners prefer this type. If you have more laundry space, you can consider having this traditional style washer.

If you have a larger laundry size, consider having this washer due to the larger tube size from any trusted brand.

Apart from the convenience of inserting clothes in a standing position, there is a low risk of mold if you have a top-loading washer. The water can’t form in the tube-like the front-loading washers.

But I would still recommend cleaning the tube and dispenser of your washer regularly at least once every month.

However, top-loading washing machines consume huge electricity as well. Some of their models even require more water than the front-loading washers. Besides, you will feel frustrated when the washer won’t agitate which is common in top-loader washers.

So, what type of washer cleans clothes the best?

Well, both of them are good. But according to consumers, front-loading washers can clean the clothes best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which washing machines should I avoid?

There are a lot of them. But here is a short list:
1. Summit washer – Model SPWD2201SS.
2. Electrolux – Model- EFLW317TIW washer.
3. Deco front-loading washer – Model DC 4400 CV.
4. Danby washing machine – Model DWM045WDB.
5. LG washer – Model TWIN171216T.
6. Haier washing machine – Model HWX8040DW1.
7. Whirlpool washer – Model WTW8700EC.

Which is the most reliable washing machine brand?

Some reliable washing machine brands are Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, Haier, Samsung, etc.

What is the #1 rated washing machine?

Considering the cost and performance with great durability, I would say Electrolux EFLS627UTT is the number one washing machine. You can get it under $1,000!

What brand washer lasts the longest?

Both the washer brand Speed Queen and Miele offer long-lasting washers. Some of their models last longer than 20+ years!

Is Samsung or LG washer better?

That depends on how you rank them and based on what factors. If you need a bigger capacity washer, get LG. But if you need a better speed cycle, get Samsung.

Are agitators better in the washing machine?

Yes but only if you can minimize the risk of damaging your clothes. Usually, washers without the agitators tend to be gentle to clothes.

Why is my washing machine rocking?

If you put heavyweight laundry like blankets or jeans, your washing machine may rock. As the unbalanced laundry can bounced up to one side during a cycle, it may rock the washer. Redistribute the load to solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Yes, some renowned brands have made their name in my washing machine brands to avoid the list, but keep in mind that they are not ‘Do Not Buy’ brands.

You are welcome to buy any other models from these renowned brands except I did not recommend them. But whatever you do, make sure to do your own research and ask questions.

Happy washing!

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