Problems with TCL TVs And How To Solve Them Yourself?

Are you having trouble with your TCL Tv? Are you scratching your head wondering whether you are the only one having problems with TCL TVs? If you are in that situation, then you are at the right place.

TCL is famous for its high-quality TVs that many people love. The TVs have superb quality images, competitive price ranges, and have numerous innovations that make them as easy to use as possible.

But still, some issues will always arise when using TCL TVs. Let’s look at some of them and how to fix them.

TCL TV’s Common Problems And Solutions

problems with TCL tvs

Let’s have a look at its common issues first:

  • Internet Disconnection
  • TV Suddenly Reboots
  • Video Isn’t in Sync with Audio
  • Echo Sounds
  • Picture is breaking up

Every household has one or two TVs to spend our time peacefully. But there won’t be any peace if your TV starts to reveal troubles!

So, what are those troubles? Well, here is a list of them:

  1. Occasional Internet Disconnection

Some TCL TVs have issues staying connected to your internet connection for a considerable amount of time. These periods are often marked by sudden disconnection when you are in the middle of streaming something.

This problem can be so frustrating since you want to enjoy it uninterrupted by sudden internet disconnection when you buy a TV.

But it’s not unique to this brand. Trusted brands like Samsung TVs have the same problems too.

As frustrating as this can be, the cause is almost always unknown or might stem from the TVs’ deficiencies inside makeup. You can try and troubleshoot this issue by doing a factory reset.

Finding the factory rest option in the settings isn’t that complicated since you can use your remote to access it.

Another reason why this could be happening is that your router is too far from your TV. Try moving the router closer if possible and check whether the problem persists.

If it continues, contacting your cable service provider should help shed some light on the issue.

  1. App Crashes or TV Suddenly Reboots

FOR some TCL TVs, when using them, the apps you are using might suddenly crash. However, that would point to you have used the TV for too long, and it needs a rest.

Most smart TVs have the features whereby they reboot by themselves if you continuously keep them on for long.

However, this isn’t much of an issue, and should it persist, you can always contact the seller. It might also be tied to the internet disconnecting or an internal feature not working as it should be.

Again, a factory reset should help reduce the occasional app crashes or end them once and for all. If they persist, you can contact the seller and voice your frustrations with the Tv, and hope for a solution.

  1. Video Isn’t in Sync with Audio

This is a common issue with most TVs, and TCLs aren’t an exception. That is whereby you have a delay in the sound.

A person on tv speaks, but you only see the mouth move then the audio of the words comes out much later.

To fix these issues, all you have to do is go to the TVS settings and change the audio delay. That should help fix it. If it persists you can contact the seller for help.

  1. The TV is On, but you can’t see any pictures

Several things could cause your TV to be on but not show you any pictures. The most obvious reason is that you are using the wrong input.

Pressing the source button should help flip through the various inputs and find one where you can see the images.

If the problem persists and you are sure it isn’t your cable, you will have to contact your provider or the TV seller.

  1. Echo Sounds

This is a common problem with many other TV brands and not just TCL. If you hear echo sounds while watching your TCL, this could point to you playing the audio on both the TV speaker and your sound systems speaker.

If both are on, then you might get an echo when watching the Tv. To remedy this issue, turn off the TV’s audio and only use that of the system.

  1. Breaking up of Pictures

At times you might see pixels of pictures on your tv. That is where the images come in the form of squares that prevent you from seeing clearer images.

The leading cause of this is a reduction in the signal’s strength due to some factors such as rain. It’s also the leading cause of pictures problem with VIZIO TVs too.

You will have to check the cable connections to see if every cable is where it should be. Additionally, you can contact your cable provider and ask for clarification.

To my experience, you can solve all those problems just by factory resetting! Watch this video to learn how to factory reset your TCL TV.

Why are TCL TVs so Cheap?

TCL has managed to find the proper balance of quality features with price in an ever-changing market. That has left most people asking themselves why are TCL TVs so cheap?

First, it would make sense to say that cheap is relative. What could be affordable to one person might be expensive to the other person.

But probably the TCL TVs could be cheap because they often specialize in making smart and low-cost TVs.

One of the main reasons this could be possible is because they monetize the TVs. That means they can collect user data and use it to their advantage.

With data being such a powerful tool at the moment, the potential for money here is quite incredible.

Another reason they could be cheap is that they show you ads. In the same way, YouTube shows you ads as you stem music, so can TVs.

The ads are highly personalized to you since they have your user data and are more likely to know your preferences.

That means you will be getting ads that specifically target you. In that way, the Tv makers can still earn more money from you years after buying the TV. It is an ingenious way to boost company profits.

TCL, like Vizio and other Tv makers, have also started showing sponsored content to the owners of their TVs. This further boosts company revenues meaning they can afford to sell you the TV at a lower cost.

You will be glad to hear that this is entirely ethical and s they are doing nothing wrong. If they wouldn’t be doing that, they’d have to collect the money upfront by charging you more for the TV.

This approach seems to produce a win-win result for all parties involved.

Are TCL TVs Reliable?

are TCL tvs reliable

Someone looking to buy a tv would want to know more than just the price. That is why the question, are TCL TVs reliable is a valid one. There is nothing as frustrating as a TV that doesn’t give you reliable service.

TCL TVs, though, are reliable. They are the third-largest seller of TVs n the Us market today. They wouldn’t be selling that much if their TVs were unreliable. People always go where there is reliability and durability.

Getting a reliable, smart, and high-tech TV for a low price is often an enticing prospect. That could explain why they have so many customers lining up for them.

Although TCL TVs lack some of the features that more expensive brands offer, they will give you quality pictures.  They will thus vindicate your spending on them.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have helped you solve some of the common problems with TCL TVs. As you might have seen, most problems aren’t that serious and could be due to your cable provider having issues.

Still, that doesn’t detract from the fact that TCL TVs are some of the very best available in the market right now. You would therefore be making a good choice investing in a TCL TV.

They might lack some of the features higher-end TVs have, but they will undoubtedly give you value for your money. Don’t shy away from trying them.

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30 thoughts on “Problems with TCL TVs And How To Solve Them Yourself?”

  1. Afework Birhane

    My TCL tv 55” stops to start its smart system.It does not work so how can I fix it.please help in finding soltion.Thank you

  2. Terri Pritchard

    What do I need to do when the screen has lines running horizontally and distorts the picture? This has happened in just only 3 months oafter purchasing the tv through Walmart.

    1. Don’t try anything yourself as long as it’s within the warranty period. It’s been only 3 months. So, it should be covered and they should fix it for you.

  3. My 46″ TV sounds like it is turning on but nothing comes up on the screen. The TV is 3 or 4 years old. Can someone help? I have tried new batteries in the remote, tried to unplug and plug back in and used the on/off button on the TV. Nothing is working.

  4. My tv shows the color red as pink. How to adjust.
    Model # 55S431
    My internet provider is our local utility company and I have not had the situation with prior tv’s

  5. we have a big screen tv and since we have brought it there has been issues. It goes for a while and then will not turn on. Calling help centre has put me thru updates and then it will work again. Then a few months it does it again. Now its up to date apparently and doing it again. It is just 2.5 years old and still in warranty. Do we have a right to have it replaced!

  6. My 65 inch TCL was 18 months old, with little use, when the screen stopped showing images. The sound still works, tech support was of no use, Best Buy where I bought it was of no use, I have filed a small claims court against them. They are still not willing to help me out our stand behind their product. I have replaced it with a samsung and will never buy TCL again.

  7. Only had our TCL since November 2021 can’t load channel 4 on forever keeps coming up with 4102 render de code.Starts up with adverts then cuts out and code comes up . Any ideas on how to rectify please .

  8. Our 65
    ‘ TV has stopped responding to our remote. We’ve unplugged it from the power source, we’ve unplugged it from the power source and held the on/off button down for 15 secs and we’ve changed the batteries several times and still it will not turn on or off with the remote.

  9. I have 2 TCL TV’s in my camper and every time I plug the power cord in both TV’s turn on. How do I reset them so they don’t do that?

  10. my tv keeps going on and off on its own and is slow to move up or down on the menu i will never by another tcl tv again from sonic direct.

  11. I will never buy tcr again, there has been many problems, now it keeps reverting to channel 3 no matter what I do. I have re-booted a hundred times, and taken the batteries out of the remote, nothing works.

  12. For my No Pic, Yes Sound issue on my TCL 55P605, I’m told it’s the T-con board which needs replacement. About $85. Easy DYI. Any experience with this?

  13. I have a 65” TCL tv model #65S535 I bought in the spring of 2021. When I turn it on with the remote it is doing a slow flashing of the options and you can’t get it to do anything. It just keeps flashing. HELP!!!

  14. My kids bought me the TCL 40 ” Roku tv for my birthday in November 2022. In 3 weeks it would not come on. After an exchange @ Target I got another one. Used it about 2 weeks. spent the next 3 weeks with them for the holidays. This afternoon turned it on & it’s the same problem with the 1st one.. won’t turn on. The led light will occasionally flash but otherwise does not light up at all. Why is this happening.. again? I have called the service center, done the things they ask & nothing works. Will they pay for me to send it back. If not I would like their money refunded at this point. I am
    not happy with this.

  15. I have a tcl roku tv remote will not turn tv on. changed batteries in the remote. I can;t find a manual button to turn tv on/off. There is no buttons under the tcl I turned tv up and no buttons that I see Could they be in another place?

  16. My TCL Q650G, purchased a few months ago DOES NOT communicate w/remote 80%of the time. CanNOT get program info EVER; if PAUSED for more than couple minutes, it loses movie and cannot b retrieved thru back arrow OR manual SEARCH or VOD. Have NONE of these probs w/ROKU O.S. v. GOOGLE ANDROID O.S..
    HELP! THX!

  17. My TCL TV is less than a month old and has not worked since Day 1 ! The problem being you can only scan Channels for the UK/USA. It does not allow you to enter a Region or Postal Code. Result is I have over 4000 Channels for the whole of the UK !
    I have over 20 Channels for ITV including Wales, Scotland etc.
    TCL have been no help and say its not fault with the TV & actually emailed me saying do not contact them again. I purchased VIA AO.Com who have said I can return the TV but there will be a 25% cost to me as the TV is ‘used’. The TV has not worked since Day 1 and I have reset to the Factory Settings many times. I will not recommend TCL and certainly would not buy TCL again.

    1. In reply to Lee:

      It’s really unfortunate that you’ve encountered such a frustrating experience with your new TCL TV. If the television is not functioning as advertised and you are unable to set it up properly to receive the correct channels for your region, that is a legitimate concern and you should be entitled to a solution without additional cost, assuming that the issue is not due to user error or incompatibility with local broadcasting systems.
      Here’s what you can do in this situation:
      * Documentation:
      * Document all the issues with the TV, including the inability to set the correct region or postal code for channel scanning.
      * Record the interactions with TCL support, their response, and any troubleshooting steps you have taken.
      * Retailer’s Return Policy:
      * Review the return policy from Most retailers have a return policy for defective products that doesn’t involve additional cost, especially within such a short time frame after purchase.
      * If you have only had the TV for less than a month and it hasn’t worked since day one, it should be considered defective or not as described.
      * Consumer Rights:
      * In many jurisdictions, consumers are protected by laws that require goods to be as described, fit for purpose, and of satisfactory quality. If the TV doesn’t meet these criteria, you may be legally entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund.
      * You can assert your consumer rights with, specifying that the product has been defective since purchase.
      * Escalation:
      * If you’re not getting anywhere with the customer service team, escalate the issue to a manager or a higher-level representative.
      * You can also consider writing a formal complaint letter to, outlining the issues and your interactions with TCL.
      * Alternative Dispute Resolution:
      * If direct negotiation fails, look for alternative dispute resolution options. Some regions have consumer ombudsmen or similar services that can help resolve disputes between consumers and companies.
      * Social Media/Public Pressure:
      * Sometimes airing your issue on social media can get the attention of the company. Use Twitter, Facebook, or any platform where or TCL are active and outline your issue. Be factual and concise for better effect.
      * Small Claims Court:
      * As a last resort, and depending on the cost of the TV and the laws in your area, you may consider taking the matter to a small claims court.
      Before escalating the issue, double-check if the TV model you purchased is indeed designed for your specific region. If it’s not, the problem may stem from regional compatibility, which should have been disclosed by the retailer before purchase.

  18. The picture of my TCL blinks and it’s getting more frequent.
    Can it be repaired? It has about 5 years. Or is it trash now?


    1. In reply to Ann:

      A blinking or flickering picture on a TCL television can be caused by various issues, ranging from simple fixes to more complex problems that may require professional repair or might even render the TV uneconomical to fix. Here are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

      Check the Cables and Connections:

      Make sure all cables are firmly connected to the TV and to your devices (like a cable box, streaming device, or game console).
      Try using different cables (such as HDMI, if that’s what you’re using) to rule out a faulty cable.

      Power Cycle the TV:

      Completely unplug the TV from the power outlet.
      Press and hold the power button on the TV itself for about 10-15 seconds (this discharges any residual power).
      Wait for another 30 minutes to an hour and then plug it back in and turn it on.
      Check for Overheating:

      Ensure that the TV has proper ventilation and is not overheating.
      Clean any vents or fans that may be blocked by dust.

      Software Update:

      Check if there is a firmware update for your TCL TV. Sometimes software bugs can cause performance issues, and updates can fix them.

      Factory Reset:

      Performing a factory reset can sometimes resolve persistent issues. However, you will lose all your customized settings and login details.

      Check the Settings:

      Some TVs have energy-saving settings or other picture modes that can affect the screen. Experiment with turning these off.

      External Devices:

      If you’re using an external device, disconnect it and see if the issue persists. This can help you isolate whether the problem is with the TV or the device.

      LED Backlight Problem:

      Sometimes the LED backlights can fail, which can cause the picture to blink or flicker. This would likely require professional repair.

      Power Supply Issues:

      Problems with the power supply or the mainboard can cause flickering issues. These parts can sometimes be replaced.

      Panel Failure:

      If the TV’s panel is failing, the repair cost might be more than the TV is worth, making replacement a more viable option.

      Given that your TV is around 5 years old, you would need to consider the cost of repair versus the cost of buying a new TV. Generally, if the repair cost is more than 50% of the cost of a new TV, it’s better to go with a new purchase.

      Before deciding to repair or replace, you could get a professional technician to diagnose the problem. They can give you an estimate of the repair cost, which you can then compare with the price of a new model.

      It’s also worth considering the advances in technology that have occurred over the past 5 years. New TVs come with updated features, better energy efficiency, improved picture quality, and smart capabilities that might not have been available or as advanced in your current model.

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