Hisense TV Problems: What Are Those And How To Troubleshoot Them?

Hisense TV offers excellent service when it comes to enjoying TV at home but you may have to deal with some errors as well sometimes.

Like every smart TV brand out there, you need to be aware of some Hisense TV problems too. Below, we will discuss all such problems and their solutions for you.

Before you take it to the service center, why not give this article a shot?

Common Problems of Hisense TV & Solutions

Hisense TV problems

In short, let’s check its most common problems:

  • Brightness Problem
  • Backlight not Working
  • Screen Flickering Issue
  • Signal Problems
  • Remote Not Working
  • Sound Not Working
  • And many more 🙁

In this article, we are going to cover most of the problems that you may face. Have a glimpse below and find what’s troubling you and then get the solution.

  1. Hisense TV Brightness Problem

If you are uncomfortable with the brightness while watching something on your tv, you can adjust it manually. You can change the brightness from the settings and make it suitable for you.

Also, you can always reset the present settings to the previous factory settings if needed.

How To Change Brightness?

To change the brightness of your Hisense TV you need to press the settings from the remote first. Then you should see a side menu where you should press the right directional key.

It will bring up the full settings for you. Then you have to select the picture mood from there.

You can modify the values from there and make the brightness fitting for you. You may find the following values from below suitable for you.

  • Picture Mode – Theatre
  • Brightness – 51
  • Color – 49
  • Contrast – 47
  • Backlight – 52
  1. Hisense TV Backlight not Working

tv backlight not working

If your television has any problems with LED strips or the control board of LED strips it will cause backlight issues.

If that happens you will not be able to see any pictures. However, you could still hear the sounds.

How To Fix The Backlight Issue?

To solve this problem you have to replace the LED strips from your television. Therefore, if the warranty is still available you should contract with the shop immediately.

If the warranty period is over you can go for a professional electrician to get your problem fixed.

  1. Hisense TV Screen Flickering

Screen flickering is one of the most common problems in smart TVs. Many people have complaints about TVs from VIZIO, Samsung, Sony, etc. There are several reasons for that.

Such as failed motherboard, unsecured cables, signals interference, and electronic interference.

So, to solve Hisense Television problems with the picture you need to identify its cause first and take steps.

How To Fix Screen Flickering?

First, you should see whether any interfering source is close to your television. It could be any eclectic device like mobile phones, appliances, electric tools, or a fan.

So, if any of these things nearby your television you should put them a little away. If it fixes your problem then you should never keep them again close to your TV.

If nothing happens, you may put the plug into a different outlet. Besides, you can switch off the Energy Saving feature from the settings option.

It may be hard to believe but Samsung smart Tv has flickering issues too. Here is how you can turn it off:

  • Press Settings on your remote
  • Select Picture
  • Select Picture Mode.
  • Seven different options will come off.
  • Now can switch the Energy Saving mode there
  • Switch between the different options

If switching picture mode goes to vein you may perform a hard reset. However, if the problem is coming from failed motherboard you have to seek a professional’s help.

But before that, you should see whether it can be resolved under the warranty.

  1. Hisense Smart TV Has Backlight But No Picture

If you can’t see any pictures on your smart TV but the backlight is still lit it could be a major hardware problem.

Your motherboard or power board might get defected which is causing a black screen issue. In that time you may still hear sounds while changing the channels.

How To Fix The Backlight?

As it is a hardware issue it’s better to seek professionals help in the first place. But you may do this following procedure from below to try your luck.

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Press the power button & keep holding it for 10 seconds.
  • Wait two minutes before plugin the power cord.
  • Turn on the TV
  1. Hisense TV Remote Not Working

Hisense TV Remote Not Working

While you want to watch your favorite series on your smart tv suddenly your remote is not responding. What should you do? Well, there are some obvious reasons why your remote is not working all of a sudden.

Let us tell you the solution to that problem while you change the channel by the buttons this time.

How To Fix The Remote?

First, remember when was the last time you have changed the batteries from the back of the remote control. If it’s a long while ago then you should replace the batteries.

If it’s new enough turn off the TV and unplug the power cord. Then you should open the batteries from the back then give them a little shake and then put them back again.

Now, plug in the power cord again and turn on the TV.

If it does not help then put the batteries off and press all the buttons from your remote control then try again after putting the batteries on.

If your remote still does not respond then you have to order a replacement for it.

  1. Hisense TV Sound Not Working

Here is another issue you may face while using a smart television. You may see the pictures but not hear any sound.

So, what can you do to solve this problem?

Unless it is hardware damage you can solve it by doing these following the steps below.

How To Fix Hisense TV Sound Problems?

While facing sound issues you should check if the Mute mode is on. This mode disables sounds from the TV.

So, if your device is in the Mute mood just set it off by pressing the Mute button from your remote. That should enable sounds for your TV.

If your device is not in the Mute mood you should see if there any external source attached to your TV. That may cause sound problems to your device.

So, if you want to connect an external source to your device you should input them in the correct slot.

If you can’t put them in the right order you should remove them all to get the sound back again.

Besides, you should also check whether the volume is too low. If it was too low then you should increase the volume by the remote or button from the TV.

If none of them works for you that might be a hardware problem. You should call the support team to solve the Hisense tv audio problems.

  1. Hisense TV Signal Problems

Hisense TV Signal Problems

Just like any other smart television, you may have signal issues with your Hisense TV. It is one of the most common problems when the weather is extreme.

Also, some other technical issues can cause the problem. Let’s see what you should do while having signal problems in your Hisense television.

How To Fix Signal Problems?

While troubleshooting no signal of Hisense TV you have to check all the sources first. They have to be in the right spot to bring clear pictures and sounds.

So, try replacing the source with the TV, AV, or Digital TV. That may fix the problem instantly.

If it’s not sorted out with the previous solution then it could be the antenna issues. You should turn off your smart tv and plug unplug a couple of times.

Have a look at the UHF aerial whether it is obstructed by something or aligned correctly. Also, the dish line should be examined in the same way.

If everything is okay but still you are having signal problems then you should check loose connections from the cables to your TV.

If there is any loose connection you need to fix them with a professional’s help.

  1. YouTube not Working on Hisense Smart TV

Nowadays, the YouTube app is a must for every smart television. Every smart TV comes with this feature. It offers millions of videos for free to watch.

So, if the YouTube app on your Hisense tv does not work it could be a big deal for you.

Below we provided some solutions that will help to reconnect your TV with the YouTube app.

How To Fix The Hisense TV Youtube Problem

If the YouTube app in your Hisense TV freezes or does not load you should check the internet connection first.

If you don’t have an active internet connection you could not see any videos on YouTube except the downloaded videos.

If you can restore the internet connection everything will be all right again.

If you have a stable internet connection but still YouTube freezes in your Hisense TV, you can try to fix it by updating the YouTube app.

It is one of the simplest ways to solve this issue. Here is how you can reinstall the updated version:

  • Select the YouTube app from the home screen.
  • Click on the Red switch to delete it.
  • Select OK to confirm.
  • Go to the Play Store.
  • Search for YouTube.
  • Select the app and then install it.

If still YouTube is not loading in your Hisense TV you should delete the caches from your device. It will clear all the internet memory data and solve your problem.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Press the Home button.
  • Choose Network.
  • Select Clear Internet Memory
  • Open the YouTube app

Finally, if nothing works out in your favor you should reset your Hisense Smart TV. It will fix everything for you and start fresh again.

To perform a reset you have to follow the following steps below:

  • Select Main Menu.
  • Go to Self-diagnosis.
  • Choose Reset.
  • Wait for a few moments.
  • Open the app again.
  1. Netflix Not Working On Hisense Smart TV

Netflix Not Working On Hisense Smart TV

Netflix is one of the best online video streaming platforms. It has soo many amazing shows and movies in it. You can watch Netflix through the App on your Hisense television.

However, sometimes you face some different issues with it. Let’s see how to solve the Hisense smart TV Netflix issue and enjoy leisure time peacefully.

How To Fix The Hisense Netflix Problem?

While troubleshooting Hisense Television problems with Netflix you need to check your internet connection first. Also, you should know whether the Netflix server is working or not.

If it’s down from Netflix’s side there is nothing you can do about it. You have to wait till the server gets active again.

Now, you should reload the Netflix app first. If it works for you then you don’t have to do any hassle. Here is how can reload it:

  • Select Netflix app from the Home screen
  • Load Netflix settings by clicking on More Details
  • Find the Get Help option
  • Select Reload Netflix
  • Press OK to confirm

If this method does not work you may reinstall the app again. You will get the updated version of the Netflix app after that.

So, here is how you should do it:

  • Select the Netflix app from the home screen.
  • Remove the application.
  • Select OK to confirm.
  • Go to the Play Store.
  • Search for Netflix.
  • Install it and log in to your ID.

If you are still having trouble with the Netflix app like having a black screen or no sound you should try a different method.

Before solving the Hisense tv Netflix black screen problem you should know it could be a hardware problem as well. That being the case, you should contact a professional.

But before going to a professional try this method first.

  • Unplug the TV
  • Wait for 1 minute
  • Hold the power button for a while
  • plug it back.
  • Open the Netflix app again.

If the problem remains restart the TV and call customer support to upgrade to the latest firmware.

  1. Hisense Smart TV Won’t Turn On

Several issues might happen if an electronic device won’t turn on. All smart televisions need a stable power supply to be turned on. But there could be other issues as well. Let’s see how to solve them.

How To Fix Hisense TV That Won’t Turn On

First of all, you should check the power supply and shift it to a different AC outlet. That may solve the problem immediately if there was something faulty in the previous AC outlet.

Here is how you should do it:

  • Switch off the TV.
  • Unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for 1 minute.
  • Plug it back into a different AC outlet.

This method will reset the hardware of your smart tv. However, if this process does not change anything you should follow the next method below.

  • Remove both of the batteries from the remote.
  • Press the power button for a while.
  • Put the batteries back in the remote.
  • Press the turn-on button.

If these methods already solved your problem, however, you are facing this problem again you should do a factory reset. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Advanced System Settings.
  • Press ok on Factory Reset.

It will solve this problem and other minor problems as well. Watch this factory resetting video.

  1. HisenseTV Internet Connection Problems

This is another most common problem that happens with smart televisions. It could occur for the TV connectivity issue or the internet connection issue.

Let’s find below how to solve Hisense smart tv wifi connection problems.

How To Fix Hisense Tv Wifi Connection Issues?

Before starting the troubleshooting process first check whether an active internet connection is available.

If there is no working internet connection you can’t start the troubleshooting process.

So, now if you have a working internet connection you can start the procedure below.

  • Press the settings button on the remote
  • Select Network then go to network information
  • You can see the network status now

So, now if you don’t see any working internet connection you have to set up the connection manually from the Network configuration.

Follow the instruction below to set up an internet connection in your Hisense smart TV.

  • Press the settings button again.
  • Click on the network option.
  • GO to network configuration.
  • Press on wake on the wireless network option.
  • Click on the WiFi
  • Enter the user name and password

This method will make you connected to the internet and solve your Hisense TV Wi-Fi problem. However, if your Hisense TV is Connected To Wifi But showing No Internet then you should check the internet connection.

If you have a does not have an active internet connection you call your internet provider. Also, you can follow these steps below:

  • Turn off the Router
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Turn on the Router
  • Wait for a couple of moment
  • Connect your Tv again
  1. Hisense Smart TV Blinking Codes

While there are lots of premium quality smart televisions out there in the market, Hisense remains the best low-budget option.

Even though it has a lower rate but it comes with the latest technology and quality materials.

Thus, Hisense is a perfect substitute for its overpriced competitors.

But like every smart tv out there, you may face blinking problems. But fret not! Here comes the solutions!

If your Hisense Smart TV starts blinking it could be a hardware issue. Most probably the backlight, mainboard, power board, or inverter board wires are causing the problem.

How To Fix The Hisense TV Blinking Codes Issue?

You can try to solve it by the simple power-cycle method. But if it returns you should contract with the manufacturer. See the instruction below to perform a power cycle on your TV.

  • Press the power button.
  • Unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for 1 minute
  • Plug the power cord again.
  • switch on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is wrong with Hisense TVS?

Problems with the display and controls are the most common problems of Hisense TV. Although you should not face the problems during the first few years. Most of the time a simple reset or easy troubleshooting should fix the time.

Does a Hisense TV have a reset button?

Unfortunately not. But the new models of Hisense TV can be reset using the original remote control NOT the generic one.

Can Hisense TV be repaired?

Of course! You can Hisense will repair or repace the TV if it’s within the warranty period. They will still repair it but may charge you a fee if the warranty expires.

How do you unfreeze a Hisense TV?

It’s easy like unfreezing any TV. Turn off the TV, unplug it from the power source, wait for a few minutes. Plug the TV back to the power source. And lastly, turn it on!

Is Hisense a reliable brand?

It’s reliable and good brand.

Final Words

Most of the Hisense TV problems could be solved by simple troubleshooting at the first palace. We have covered most of the Hisense TV faults and their solutions for you in the simplest manner.

We hope you can fix your Hisense TV on your own now.

However, if have a complicated hardware issue you should contract with the manufacturer in the first place. If your warranty is still available you will get free service or a replacement from them.

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