Problems With Samsung Refrigerators And Recommended Solutions

From smart TVs to smart refrigerators, Samsung is a trusted brand for any household appliances. Their refrigerators are undoubted of great quality and come with advanced features with the latest technology.

Sadly, people face some common problems with Samsung refrigerators every now and then like not cooling, frosting, and so on.

Yes, Samsung has come a long way and did some great improvements. I just want to talk about those problems people are talking about.

Samsung Refrigerator Problems Explained

problems with Samsung refrigerators

After categorizing all the complaints, here is a list of those issues:

  • Samsung fridge is not cooling
  • Ice maker not working
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Defrost problem
  • The trouble with getting a refund.
  • And some other issues

Let’s talk about those problems in more detail.

Samsung Fridge Is Not Cooling

This is similar to the black screen of death of TVs. When your refrigerator is not cooling, it’s completely useless. And it has already happened to a lot of people.

It happens due to ice build-up that ultimately restricts the air circulation and prevents the fridge from cooling. But ice build-up is just a consequence.

Here are some plausible reasons why it is not cooling enough or at all. Maybe you will find the solution as well!

  • Mistakes In Basics

Is the refrigerator plugged in? Don’t get me wrong but I like to start from the basics when it comes to problem-solving.  

I would remove the plug from the socket and re-insert it just to be sure if I were you. Also, you should make sure the circuit breaker of the socket is functional as well.

Another basic thing to ensure is to check whether the refrigerator door is properly closed or not. If not, it will leak out the cold air.

Notice the door seals too. Torn or dirty seals are part of the problem as they create gaps to let warm air in.

You should keep the seals clean always and if such seals are damaged, you need to replace them.

  • Demo Mode

Unless it is already out of the demo mode (which can be tricky for some people), your fridge won’t be cooling. 

This is something you should notice when you plugged it in right and there is electricity but it’s still not cooling because you have accidentally put it in demo mode.

You need to have a look at the display panel to put your fridge out of demo mode. 

As Samsung has plenty of models and each model is slightly different to handle this demo mode, here is a general overview for all the models.

Putting fridge out of demo mode
  • Keep It Away From Heat & Sunlight

Your refrigerator should not be sitting in the sun or nearby any heat source. Move it from the sunlight or heat source like a stove. 

If you can’t move it, lower the temperature of the fridge to compensate for the outside temperature. While we are on the subject, keep it away from the wall as well.

The fridge needs space around and behind it so that the air can move freely and cool the condenser. The free space between the wall and the fridge should be at least 1 inch apart. 

  • Temperature Settings

Another reason why the refrigerator is not cooling enough is because of the wrong temperature settings it currently has. Try to set a lower temperature setting.

As a reminder—the ideal temperature for the freezer should be -18°C (0°F) and for the refrigerator, it is 3°C (37°F).

  • Other Reasons

So far I have talked about the minor issues. But other serious issues like compressor malfunction or compressor inverter board failure also may lead to such a situation where your fridge won’t be cooling.

Due to the failed compressor inverter board, it won’t be sending any power to the compressor whenever needed. As the compressor is not functioning properly, the fridge won’t cool down.

Watch this video if the problem still persists.

Ice Maker Not Making Ice

There are some complaints about not making ice. Many factors may lead to this problem but a faulty water filter or low water pressure is usually the main culprit.

Another problem with its ice maker is that the ice looks dirty or cloudy. Again, this mainly happens due to a dirty water filter or the there are hard mineral deposits in the water.

As I have already written a dedicated article on such complaints about the ice maker of Samsung fridge, I recommend you have a look at that article if this is the main issue you are having.

Uneven Temperatures & Food Spoilage

The reason you are having food spoilage rapidly is because of the uneven temperature of your Samsung fridge. Apparently, many consumers have reported this problem already. 

Whenever the temperature reaches above 40℉, it leads to food spoilage and contamination. Usually, when such uneven temperature happens, you can guess there is something wrong with the thermostat of the fridge. 

Uneven temperature indicates something seriously wrong with the fridge. It may indicate a faulty air damper control that is allowing too much air into the fridge.

The thermistor may not be functional as well. If the resistance of the thermistor does not change with the change of temperature, you may need to replace the thermistor. 

The damaged solder points of the temperature control board itself may be the main culprit here. So, it requires a thorough examination of the control board as well.

You can actually prove whether your fridge has an uneven temperature issue or not by putting a thermometer in a glass of water inside the fridge.

Now, check the thermometer once every hour. Do this for at least 24 hours before you come to any conclusion. If it goes above 40 degrees, you have an uneven temperature problem.

As you can see, this particular problem usually indicates malfunctional parts of the fridge. So, I would recommend contacting the nearby service center of Samsung.

If it’s already within the warranty period, they will replace those faulty parts free of cost. Even if the warranty expires, pay them to fix it. They will do it better than anyone else.

Fridge Not Defrosting

samsung fridge won't defrost

Lots of anger among a few customers of Samsung fridge regarding this issue. Some of them have reported their fridges are not defrosting at all.

Ice will build-up on the evaporator coils when your fridge is not defrosting. This will prohibit the cold air to circulate inside the fridge.

As I have talked earlier, this is a common reason why your fridge is not cooling enough or at all. To solve the problem, many had to use steam mops to melt the build-up ice down.

However, you can force defrost your fridge instead of using steam mops. I bet most people don’t know this trick.

It’s actually easy with a Samsung refrigerator. Just press the FREEZER & LIGHTING button at the same time and hold them for 8 seconds to initiate the force defrost.

Alternatively, you can press the FRIDGE & ENERGY SAVER buttons simultaneously and hold them down for 8 seconds to initiate force defrost as well.

Once you are done defrosting, you can simply unplug the fridge from the plug to get out of the defrost mode.

But what you really should do is to check the defrost heater with a multi-meter for a long-term solution. You need to replace the defrost heater if it does not provide enough heat to melt the ice build-up.

Trouble With Getting Refund

If you are within the warranty period and they can’t fix it for you, you obviously should have a refund to get a replacement.

I have spent a lot of time reading various blogs, forums, and review sections of major eCommerce sites to list all the complaints of Samsung fridge.

What I have gathered that some people have experienced delays and even no response from their customer support center when it comes getting a refund.

It can be frustrating. Just because of this issue, a few of the frustrated customers even call it the worst fridge brand!

Under normal circumstances, getting a refund is a long-term process and involves lots of paper works. Not having a little cooperation can make really angry and frustrated.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Samsung in the U.S. regarding the customer of the trouble faced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Samsung a reliable refrigerator?

Of course, it is. Samsung is among the most trusted refrigerator brands in the world.

Do Samsung refrigerators have compressor problems?

No, they don’t right now. Randomly, it may happen but it’s not a general problem. They use digital inverter compressors instead of linear compressors for better performance.

Why is my Samsung fridge warm?

Due to a malfunctioning defrost system of your fridge, it will be warm.

Why is my Samsung fridge running but not cooling?

Due to the faulty evaporator fan motor, it may run but won’t cool.

How do I know if my Samsung refrigerator is not cooling?

Noticing frost build-up around the gasket or dirty seals should tell you it’s not cooling properly.

Closing Remarks

After talking about all those complaints and problems with Samsung refrigerators, do I still recommend this brand? 

Yes, I do!

Those problems are nothing if you compare Samsung with other brands. Every major refrigerator brand has these issues. And to me, Samsung is far better than those brands.

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  1. We purchased a Samsung 3 door French style refrigerator with ice maker in 2015 .After warranty ran out 4 years, the ice maker stopped working. It would freeze up and no ice…We had about 6 service calls from a company Service Click which is replacing the ice machine each time over the years until this date Oct 24,2022. There was no charge to me for Samsung had a class action suit…The service was here again for same issue,however this time they could not fix this anymore..They stated that I could get a prorated amount of refund or 50 off new refrigerator. How is that fair ?? I still have to buy a new one and with the way prices are now its very hard. I’m a senior citizen and cant afford one now. They offered 591.36 and that is all. What a scam. Shame on Samsung for they knew there was a problem and still sold, and are selling this type of refrigerator…The service guy came this time and did nothing .Pulled out and said to call Samsung and give this code…No one knew when I called in. I explained and was on the phone one hour. I’m hoping my refund at least comes thru. I will never buy a Samsung product again. They should have replaced the whole refrigerator. They can easily write off at end of year.

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