Portable Band Saw Uses – Tips and Tricks on Using the Tool

The band saw is one of the essential tools for cutting woods. It is quite versatile, particularly when it comes to irregular cuts. A portable band saw is easy to use regardless of your skill level.

A portable band saw is a versatile tool that you can use in cutting metal, wood, and other materials.

If this is your first time to use a portable band saw for your woodworking, you are in the right spot. You need to be very careful in using the saw to avoid accidentally cutting your hand.

This article will help you use the tool appropriately and provide essential information you need to know before using it.

Common Portable Band Saw Uses

As mentioned earlier, the band saw is one of the most versatile tools for cutting. It can handle any material when it requires intricate cuts and sizing down bigger pieces easily. Below are some of the popular uses of portable band saw:

  • Woodworking

band saw in woodworking

One of the essential tools for woodworking is the band saw since it can do many cuts to different materials. The band saw can do several cuts on wood. With a portable band saw, you can do crosscuts, straight cuts, miter cuts, and various freehand cuts.

You can use the saw in various ways for the same material. For instance, if you will cut a bigger piece of wood that you need several small pieces. You can start by making straight cuts in reducing the wood size and then cut it again to the required dimensions.

From the cut pieces of wood, you can curve them into different shapes accordingly. With the help of this tool, cutting the wood into smaller pieces is fast and easy. Actually, you can cut them further easily.

This shows how versatile the tool is, and the longer you use it, the more creative you become with all the various uses available.

  • Ripping

The band saw is famous for ripping lumber, and it is its primary purpose during the 1800s when it was first developed. For those who are not familiar with the term, ripping is the breaking down the large wood into smaller pieces. You can further refine the cut wood on the desired shapes.

For instance, you need to cut down a large piece of wood to be used as a fence. This means the pieces should be cut in the same sizes.

Cutting has been made easy, thanks to its large table size. Lining the pieces of wood to be cut continuously is not an issue at all. Pass it through a fence or miter guide, and cut it accurately into smaller pieces.

  • Metal Cutting

metal cutting with bandsaw

The band saw is also very helpful in cutting metal. With the use of the right blade, it can accurately and effectively cut different types of metals. Although intricate cuts are not easy, they are still possible in most instances.

Some of the metal materials you can cut using the band saw include metal tubing, planks, and sheets. The type of band saw you could use in cutting wood can also be used in metal and other materials.

You just need to change the blade and use the appropriate one before you start cutting. This is one of the reasons why the tool is considered a versatile saw.

  • Billet Shaping

It is commonly called as bar stocks. The raw form of a purified type of metal is known as billet. The material is used in producing various metal parts. Machine manufacturers use a band saw on cutting the billets to the shape required.

Using this tool can cut the bar stocks into square or rectangular shapes easily. One of the characteristics of billets is being hard and need a powerful device to cut.

The portable band saw is a handy device that you can use for this purpose. You are welcome to visit the Best Gear House to learn more about such handy tools.

  • Cutting a Tenon Joint

Tenon and mortice joints are needed in many woodworking jobs. The joints are used to connect two different parts of the wood. You can use the portable saw in crafting the tenon tongue.

The smoothen tongue is then attached to the mortise hole to create a strong bond.

  • Resawing Bigger Timbers into Smaller ones

The portable band saw can be used in cutting large woods to smaller sizes. It is a great help when the project requires cutting the timer into the tiniest size.

But make sure not to cut wood that exceeds 2 to 3 feet in height. It can damage the portable band saw blade.

  • Making Notches

Notches with purlins are vital in the woodworking market. It is the central part of a standard rooftop. A portable double-bladed saw is used by woodworkers when making the usual notches.

You need to use the blade set at a 30 degree angle for better operation in this situation.

  • Making Truss Circles

A portable band saw is very helpful in making truss circles. This is a difficult job that requires more time to complete. You need to be prepared, and you will be sweating a lot on this job.

But, after seeing the results, you will feel satisfied and relieved as the truss circles can make your roof look stunning and elegant.

  • In Butchering and Meat Industry

The butcher uses a unique portable band saw in cutting large pieces of bones and flesh of meat into smaller pieces. Thanks to this tool, you don’t have to exert too much effort and shorten your time in cutting.

Butchers use traditional meat cutting machines in the past, but everything has made it easy with portable saws.

  • Making Veneers

In the woodworking industry, thin veneers are usually needed in place of thick ones. The band saw will help you to get them.

The tool can slice the thick veneer boards according to the specific measurements. This is such a useful tool for making the veneers.

  • Decorative Cuts

One of the most popular uses of the portable saw is in making decorative cuts. Those intricate cuts that you see on wood furniture are done using the band saw. Creating a Pergola end and corbels with this tool is fast and easy.

All About Portable Band Saw

portable band saw uses

A band saw is a special type of long-bladed saw with a continuous band of metal with saw teeth stretched on the wheels. If you have seen a cassette tape, the portable band saw works similar to this. The blade is more of a ribbon. It is rotating on the wheels continuously.

A part of the blade is exposed in the cutting area. The blade is positioned on the flat surface where the material to be cut is moved. If you require more detailed, precise cuts, it has a small size blade.

The sawing enthusiast DANIYAL Wylie explains at Best Gear House, the band saws are used in woodworking. But it is also used in lumbering and metalworking. This tool is very helpful in cutting that requires uniformity.

The tooth load is distributed evenly and can cut curved and irregular shapes similar to a jigsaw, in a controlled manner.

A portable band saw is powered by a motor. Some models are easy to adjust and have more exposed saw blade. If you need to work on bigger workpieces, the speed is adjustable and enables you to cut on mitered and angled parts depending on the saw table surface.

Safety Precautions

Before you start cutting, you need to know the safety rules when using a band saw. You need to have industrial gloves to protect your hand. Accidents happen when you least expect it, so it is better to be safe.

Also, you need to wear your safety goggles. Since band saw is usually used in cutting woods. It is best to protect your eyes from flying wood saws. The band saw may produce an annoying sound, so you have to protect your ears from it.

Preparing the Saw and the Material

Before you start cutting, it is a must that you check your band saw first. Thoroughly inspect the saw for any issues. In case you notice something wrong, deal with it right away before you proceed.

If you think the tool is fine and working properly, then start preparing the material you need to cut.

If this is your first time using the tool, you need to familiarize yourself with it. You need to be very particular with the grip since it will help you keep yourself safe while operating it.

If you just rented the band saw, make sure the blade is new. Using a worn-out blade can result in poor cuts. So you have to test it or inspect it visually and determine if it needs a blade replacement.

Changing the blade is not easy, so make sure to ask someone who is an expert on this.

Make sure there are no loose parts in the tool. You can use a vice clamp to tighten them. Now that you have prepared your saw and the materials to be cut, the next step is to clear the working area.

Final Thoughts

If you are into woodworking that requires intricate and accurate cutting, the portable band saw is a must-have. It can help you complete a wide range of cutting jobs that involve not just wood but also metal.

This unique tool is handy, versatile, and user-friendly. To make your various wood and metal cutting portable band saw uses fast and easy, you should get one ASAP.

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